Special Thanks

I would like to dedicate this "Special Thanks" page to those who have contributed, or influenced my success as an adult DVD reviewer. I'm still learning as I go, but these studios and website owners have paved the way for the review site you see here. My thanks goes out to all of them, because without their support I would ultimately fail.


Adeline Anfray/C. Clouvel/Marc Dorcel - In my never-ending quest to gain review material for my cause I was able to contact Marc Dorcel's PR, Adeline Anfray. Without hesitation both Marc Dorcel, and his PR Adeline Anfray sent me a DVD directly from France to allow me to prove my worth as an adult DVD reviewer. Since that first review I have done a numerous other reviews from Marc Dorcel's collection. Without support from Marc Dorcel's studio I would have failed long ago. I'm very thankful for the PR's trust in me, and the studio's willingness to provide me with the review material I need. I hope to continue to work with Marc Dorcel/Adeline Anfray/C. Clouvel for as long as I can. My thanks goes out to Marc Dorcel, Adeline Anfray, and C. Clouvel for their support.

Kendo & Max Candy - Sometimes in life we make friends with the most unlikely of people. Through twitter I gained two of the most supportive friends from the adult entertainment industry. Both of these awesome gentlemen are actually directors who found my blog tweets, and appreciated the reviews that I provided. Kendo is an amazing man with one of the most rich, and artistic visions the world of adult entertainment has ever seen. He even has his own blog where he shares his photographs, and daily wisdom. I actually ended up reviewing one of Kendo's dvds (MILF Mayhem) after he sent it to me. Max Candy is another awesome director who has also been very supportive of my work. I had reviewed one of his Marc Dorcel dvd productions here on this blog (Inglorious Bitches). Since then we keep in constant contact via twitter talking about life in general as well as porn. Both men are truly awesome, and are great friends to have. Thanks guys for being there for me!

Houstondon (Xcritic) - Back in my days as an Xcritic reviewer I had the pleasure of meeting Houstondon through the Xcritic's forum. This man of many talents definitely knows how to deliver a noteworthy critique. In early 2013 Houstondon offered me some guidance, and suggestions to use for improvements upon my adult reviews. At first I was a little reluctant to hear him out, but I realized that he had some wisdom to share that was definitely worth listening to. I'm currently adding the suggested improvements to my reviews. I think it's always a good idea to listen to such advice as that which Houstondon has shared with me. That is the reason I've mentioned him here in this "Special Thanks" section of my blog. Thank you much Houstondon for your wisdom!

ArtfulPorn/AndrewBlakeFilm/Ariel Rebel/LoupRival/MelodyKush -

Sometimes some of the best support & connections come from social media acquaintances. The simple social media greeting, bit of advice, well wishes, comment, or decently involved conversation goes a long way to inspire one to stay connected to a particular community. Patrick (ArtfulPorn), Andrew Blake Film, Ariel Rebel, Loup Rival, and Meldoy Kush have been my inspiration, my connections. My go to guys & gals for social media shenanigans. Sometimes the sharing of a sexy pic, a kind reply, and talk about the industry rekindles that fan flame that flickers on and off in my absence from work. Thank all of you whom I've listed for making my day on adult Twitter brighter! I appreciate it!

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