Rating Guide

1) MUST HAVE!!! - A dvd with this rating will feature scenes of superb quality that you will likely not find elsewhere. The subject matter will most likely not be copy cat material. Female performers in a "Must Have!!!" dvd will be perfect in every sense of the word. Not only that, but they will be extremely sexy. Every move they make, and every sexual position they explore has to be truly professional. When it comes to parodies a dvd that warrants the "Must Have!!!" rating will have well acted scripts, and a plot that is clearly understandable. I believe that a porn parody can be just as good as the real thing if done properly.

2) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! - The standards for this rating are similar to that of a dvd that warrants a "Must Have!!!" rating. The only difference being that one, or two scenes may be mediocre, but the rest of the dvd is superb, and wholly uplifting. When it comes to parodies the acting can be slightly less professional, but there still needs to be an adequate amount of dialogue between the performers. At least 90% of the ladies in a "Highly Recommended!!!" dvd must act professional, and look stunning.

3) RECOMMENDED!!! - This rating refers to a film/dvd that is still worth buying, but that fails in some areas. Such a dvd might include some slightly less sexy ladies who put on a good show. If it's a parody dvd then the acting, and dialogue will probably be lacking a little. The sex will still have to be worth watching though. The dvd must contain at least some significant, and noteworthy content.

4) RENT IT!!! - When I say "Rent It!!!" then the dvd is good for viewing at a bachelor party, or for sharing with your guy/girlfriends. It's not a dvd that's worth adding to your dvd library though. Most of the time when I say "Rent It!!!" the dvd will at least have a couple of decent scenes that are worth a laugh, or are good for some quick enjoyment. The ladies in such a dvd are usually not the best looking, but they're also not the worst. When it comes to a parody as long as it has at least a couple of laughable, or noteworthy scenes it'll likely warrant such a rating.

5) SKIP IT!!! - This rating is the worst I'll ever give a dvd. If it sucks (in a bad way), and I feel it was a waste of my time it will get the "Skip It!!!" rating. There are a few significant factors that come into play when I'm giving a dvd the "Skip It!!!" rating. If the dvd contains only a few scenes, and they're all garbage then you can bet your bottom dollar I'll slap this rating on it. There's nothing I can't stand worse than a director/producer who tries to sell a three scene dvd for $20 that has the worst girls, and sex imaginable. Sexy girls are the key to a good porn production, and if they're not included then to hell with the dvd. If it's a porn parody that gets this rating then that means it was awful throughout. The scenes in the parody would have to feature the worst acting, and dialogue imaginable. The performers, and performances would also have to be the worst imaginable.

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