Interested In Reviews?

Paradise Triple X is currently in the process of building up it's SEO reputation for future PR prospects. As the only author and owner for the site I am open to review requests. Keep in mind I am a screener only kind of reviewer, meaning that I only accept dvds and Blu-rays for review. You must contact me for shipping details if interested. I may also be interested in any of the items listed below if you can ship them. In the meantime feel free to browse my past reviews as a reference to my work, and work capabilities.


- Female Performer Interviews (via email)
- Fantasy Art Books
- Adult Magazines
- Adult Manga 
- Hentai Figures
- Hentai DVDs
- Straight Sex DVDs
- Blowjob DVDs
- Bukkake & Gokkun DVDs
- Cum Play DVDs
- Adult Collectibles

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of these additional review opportunities.


- (

Twitter: @ParadiseTripleX

Email: otakudante1134(at)gmail(dot)com

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