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Ben Newman is an artist whose art caught my attention a while back. I do recall asking him about art books, and whether or not he compiled any. His art, for a lack of a better description is kind of what you would have seen in the older "Heavy Metal" magazines. It's a mixture of science fiction, and fantasy with a lot of sexiness added into the mix. He features some of the most gorgeous female characters both in the nude, and partially dressed. This talented artist has also done an illustrated book which is up for pre-order now. Since I'm so attracted to his art I reached out to Ben in hopes I could do something similar to what I'm doing for another UK artist on my gaming blog, and that is a monthly rotation and display of his latest works. Before I get into that though I'd like to share with you a brief interview I did with Ben. It will give you a little more insight on him, and what it is that he does. I hope you enjoy this new mainstay feature for what it is, and that you return monthly to view Ben's latest masterpieces!


BRAD: "As an artist we all have our origin stories. The circumstances, or inspirations that made us into the creators that we are today. If you would please give us an introduction to who you are as an artist, and what inspired you to pursue a career in the art field. Perhaps some background info as well. Feel free to type as many details as you wish."

BEN: I loved drawing from an early age, and basically never stopped! I studied hand drawn animation at art college and then ended up designing and building characters for computer games, which is still my full time job. Around 2008 I started doing more fully painted pictures, and producing them as prints. Everything inspires me; art, movies, every day life.

BRAD: "In my Twitter browsing, and following of your account I noticed that you have a more mature style of art. A somewhat sexier portrayal of female characters. What made you decide to go with such an artistic presentation?"

BEN: You mean why do I draw sexy women? I just like to, they're fun to draw. It wasn't really a decision, that's just normally what comes out when I put pen to paper!

BRAD: "I know as an artist that some of us use actual models for our work. Do you use live models, or do you dream up your characters straight from your imagination?"

BEN: No, no live models. I've done A LOT of life drawing from live models, but if I'm making something up I use a combination of reference images and just winging it.

BRAD: "If a person were interested in paying for commissioned work would you be willing to offer such a service, and what would be your asking prices?"

BEN: I've done commissions in the past, but I'm having an extended break from them at the minute; I'm too busy with my own stuff!

BRAD: "Before I get too far ahead of myself would you please tell us about the type of art that you do. What art mediums do you use (Acrylics, Oil, etc., ...) when painting your masterpieces?"

BEN: I use all sorts; pencil, pen, oil paints, coloured pencils etc. Most of my colour images are painted digitally in Photoshop though, it's just more convenient for me.

BRAD: "If you were to give advice to an apprenticing artist what would be some tips & tricks you'd share?"

BEN: If you are drawing mostly people, learn your anatomy! Not the names of the bones and muscles, that's irrelevant, but where all the muscles sit, how they attach to the skeleton and how they move in different poses.

BRAD: "Being an artist is no doubt one of the more iffy professions when it comes to sales, and distribution. How do you go about marketing yourself, and are there any sites, or links you'd wish to share with the readers that would point them to a possible purchase of some of your work?"

BEN: marketing my art is something I'm not very good at unfortunately. I mostly use social media to get my pictures out there; I've got a Facebook page that my wife keeps updated, and a blog that I still post on, even though no one else seems to use blogger any more. I've got twitter and instagram  accounts as well, but I'm more of a lurker than a regular poster.

 BRAD: "You shared with me briefly that you also have done some story related work, and that you do have a book somewhere out there? Would you mind sharing a little bit of info on this book, and where one might be able to obtain a copy?"BEN: Yeah, at the end of last year I drew a book that's published through Clandestine Republic; it's 30 full colour pages telling the story of a band of adventurers in a battle against the ultimate evil! It's largely wordless, more of a storyboard for a non-existent movie. The only place you can buy the book is direct from the publisher:

BRAD: "This is gonna be one of those non-related, and more personal questions. As an individual, and an artist what are some hobbies, or entertainment interests that you have? What sort of things do you enjoy in your spare time?"

BEN: I watch a lot of movies, all types, genres, decades and languages! Plus I read a lot of books and try and fit in a bit of console gaming when I have the time, which is rarely.

BRAD: "Lastly, this is a question most artists can relate to. We all seem to draw our art direction from other artistic sources. Who are some of the artists you admire? Are there any you take influence, or inspiration from?"

BEN: Ah, there are loads! Too many to mention really, the list would go on forever.

BRAD: "Ben, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to share this interview, and your art with my readers. It's not often that I cross paths with a person of such talent even if it is only through social media. Thanks!"

BEN: No worries! Hopefully I don't come across as too much of a knob. Thanks for featuring me on your site!

BRAD: You are quite welcome. I'm glad you allowed me to share your work with my readers, and no you didn't come off as being a knob.

Copyright © Ben Newman
Copyright © Ben Newman
Copyright © Ben Newman
Copyright © Ben Newman

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