Teens Love Anal 7 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, Anal, Gonzo

DIRECTOR: Undisclosed

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media LLC.

MSRP: $23.99 (US) (https://www.adultdvdempire.com/1960237/teens-love-anal-7-porn-movies.html


LENGTH: 1hr 52mins

EXTRAS: Gallery, Trailers, Cumshots

CAST: Emily Cash, Amber Ivy, Lexy Bandera, Moka Mora 



Not to long ago I was dissing Team Skeet for making half baked productions that were slapped together without rhyme or reason outside of the given theme. I complained about their films being cliche, and not as richly made as other studio productions within the industry. While this particular film does house some cliches, and is limited in scenes (another pet peeve) I actually ended up enjoying all of it, regardless. The cast of legal age young ladies was hot to trot, and their performances equally as so. It had your tiny teens, curvy cuties, and foreign females all packaged together in separate scenarios that each allowed them to shine (at least somewhat) in the most hardcore of ways. Even the position changes were notable.

Starting off the show the director begins things by interviewing little miss Emily Cash. A bite sized brunette with an unexpected anal appetite. The cameraman/director drills her with the basic sorts of questions relating to her sex life, and what she is or is not willing to do. She mentions that her EX is who got her interested in anal via experimentation, and that she only wants to brave a medium sized cock this time around. Surprisingly for the amateur she is Emily takes it up the ass quite well. Could be the butt plug toying she did beforehand, or simply that she has a tolerance for pain. The young man of the scene who is partnered with her works her up, and down gently starting off with some slow moving doggy. Then moving on into some missionary, and finally some spooning. All of which was purely anal penetrations.

Emily's expressions were of the poughty sort, and were accompanied by low whimpers of enjoyment as the large cock plunged in, and out of her tight hole. She wore some make-up for the occasion including some reddish colored lipstick, and sparkly reddish eye shadow. It suited her, and wasn't over-the-top. As with most of the other girls in this collection Emily was also sporting several tattoos on various places across her body. I sensed a sort of rebellious vibe from her tinted red hair, piercings, and tattoos. As far as sexual personality goes she was strangely shy, and timid. Not the usual outgoing slut you'd expect to see in such a porno. In the end she did a bang up job for a beginner under the spotlight though.

From Emily we turn to Amber Ivy, an unnatural redhead who is REALLY into anal. Her scene like so many Team Skeet skits before hers centers around a man of business who ultimately gets seduced into doing the dirty deed. The scene starts off with Amber getting ready for a Yoga session with a male instructor in her company. She's dressed in hot pink yoga pants, and a matching hot pink sports bra. Her curves tightly pressing against all cloth surfaces, and fitting quite snuggly. She almost immediately tells the instructor about her interest in anal sex, and his reply is modest, to say the least. He suggests giving her a special workout to help ease the entry pains. They both work together in what appears to be a full-on, and professional yoga session complete with stretches, and massages. Eventually after rubbing Amber's tush, and planting his face in the crack of her yoga pants the man enacts his desperately hidden urges. He tears open the bottom of Amber's pants exposing her bare, and suspiciously already oiled bottom. She takes the hint as he rubs his exposed erection against the top of her downward arched ass.

From there it's hard pounding doggy anal into some deepthroating, and face fucking. The latter of which happens a couple of times throughout the tossing and turning of the sexual encounter. Also thrown into the mix is some spooning, and what can best be described as a sideways butt fucking. What makes it all so special is Amber's facial expressions. Nothing but pure joy as she's manhandled, and pumped with a massive cock. Even the deepthroating, and face fucking was exciting to watch. Out of all the four scenes this one definitely ranked on the top of my list of the best. Before I get ahead of myself though allow me to describe Amber. She's a slight plus sized model with big busty breasts, a big curvy butt, and dyed red hair. I noticed she was also sporting several tattoos, but the one that caught my attention was the tattoo on her side. It was of Castle Dracula from the Castlevania video game series. I thought it was pretty cool to see a porn star with such a decoration.

Now onto one of the cliche scenarios I spoke of. In scene number three Spanish hottie Lexy Bandera is anxiously awaiting a knock at her house door. Wearing nothing but a T-shirt, and black lace panties. When the man of the hour opens the door expecting Lexy's father he's met with quite the surprise. Noticing her revealing attire he turns to go back outside only to be jerked back inside by an excited, and mischievous young lady. She ushers him to the living room couch, sets him down, and says she has something she wants to show him. After plundering around through her room for that special something she returns with one of those paper fortune tellers. The kind that looks like a pyramid pac-man which opens up in four different ways in accordance to what ever number is picked from the face of the folded toy. She has the guy pick a couple of numbers leading to a first challenge, or act. That act being the flashing of Lexy's breasts. Which she flashes at him in a hilarious slowmo moment. Something that's to be repeated on the next two turns.The second turn scores the young man a deep, and crazy blowjob. Lexy blows him so excitedly he almost comes, but she stops just in time to let him enjoy some anal.

The anal sex, which wast the third fortune teller pick, starts off in doggy as usual. The entry takes Lexy by surprise, and there is actually a look of pain on her face for awhile before she eases up, and begins enjoying it along with some pussy rubbing. The position changes include missionary, reverse cowgirl, a sideways butt fucking, and if memory serves me well some spooning. In the middle of it all Lexy stops briefly for some ass to mouth cocksucking before continuing into the next position, and penetration. The sex throughout the scene is crazy wild. Very energetic, and Lexy puts on one hell of a performance. Sadly, the ending cumshot is pitiful, and lands on her eagerly awaiting face in a watery splatter. Nothing to do with Lexy's performance at all. My guess is the guy pulled out of her ass a little too late.

Lexy, for those of you wondering, is a big girl, but not fat. She's got some small breasts, a curvy butt, and a mouth that could swallow a big one, and that's exactly what she got in this scene, a big ass cock. Additionally Lexy is a long haired brunette with some tattoos. Her appearance is definitely Spanish in nature. Something else worth noting is that she was very vocal about the pleasure she was partaking of, and she seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Yet another stellar casting choice with promise to boot.

Lastly the director directs us to a scenario in which a guy pretends to be an on call psychiatrist in order to hook up with a very sexy sounding female patient who had phoned him at the doctor's home. That female patient being the tanned, and heavily accented older-young lady. Her name is Moka Mora, and it most certainly suits her as her skin is the color of mocha. Even her hair is tanned to match her skin complexion. Upon arrival at the doctor's residence, in her sexy school uniform and with a cherry sucker in hand, Moka enters in unaware of the doctor's replacement. As per the usual session she lets out all her inner sexual fantasies ridding herself of her naughty habits. This time she talks about having fantasized about a girl with a tight asshole getting anally fucked. As she talked about her lewd vision she played with herself using the previously sucked sucker as a toy. At one point sticking it in her butt, and back into her mouth. The impersonator sitting a little ways away from her boldly suggests he help her by performing some anal sex upon hearing of her issue. She gives in with little hesitance, but noting that he is a different doctor.

The anal sex here is actually a little different from the previous performances. It does include doggy, cowgirl, spooning, and missionary, but the icing on the cake is the standing "69" in which Moka gives a deep upside-down blowjob. Outside of that the scene did feel a little cliche, and a bit routine, but the performers involved did a good enough job. My only disappointment, if any, was that Moka's time to stand out was dimmed by the old schoolgirl setup. I kind of wish it would have been a little more original or creative. Seeing her anus get creamed was interesting in the end, and even more interesting still was that the man of the scene plunged said cum into her pussy hole with his penis. Thus ending the film.

The Verdict ...

I was truly, and thoroughly impressed by this four scene film. It was mostly cohesive. It featured four hot hotties, and the performances were each noteworthy. Even with Moka's last scene being run of the mill by oldschool porn standards, and Amber's as well as Lexy's equally as so the film as a whole still felt worth the asking price. Nothing to shrug at here. You won't find me bitching, and moaning about any of it ... this time. I just hope this is the new quality standard for all future Team skeet films. The hint of glamour porn definitely suits the studio.


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