My Wife's First Blow Bang (New Sensations)

GENRE: All Sex, Blowbang, Blowjobs, Hotwife, Wives

DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest


MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2hrs 30mins

EXTRAS: Gallery, 2 Bonus Scenes, Trailers, Cumshot Recap, Behind the Scenes

CAST: Carolina Sweets, Blair Williams, Quinn Wilde, Kristen Scott



Copyright © New Sensations

While there are many ways this blow bang theme could have been taken director Paul Woodcrest opted to go the truly hardcore route. Something that some porn fans might shy away from if they were given a proper heads up. Something that's situated between glamour porn, and the filth you'd see at a German Bukkake show. It's an odd blend considering the fact that this dvd is titled "My Wife's First Blow Bang". With that title alone a potential viewer would no doubt think in the back of their mind that this might be a film about amateur wives being subjected to an abnormal dose of cock, but nothing that would lead them to believe the female performers had prior experience on the matter. Adversely though the ladies in the four given scenes handle themselves rather professionally in regards to the extreme facial abuse that they receive over an extended period of time. I'm talking exorcist eyes, snot, slobber everywhere as well as deepthroating, face fucking, major gagging and choking. There were points in some scenes that were spliced due to obvious issues taking place where the girl either couldn't catch her breath, inhaled copious amounts of saliva or nearly choked to death mid-act. It's definitely not the type of porn I expected from the New Sensations label, and it certainly doesn't fit the bill when it comes to the related title.

Copyright © New Sensations

When it comes to each of the absurdly lengthy, and rather tortuous scenes, the girls are once again the stand out points. That, and the different setup encounters between onscreen wife and husband that set the stage for the naughty marital adventure ahead. When it comes to the casting call itself a lot of the men were reused, and recycled throughout all four scenes. While I could complain about that very thing breaking immersion one could look past the lack of male variety due to the husband always being different. For the most part these husbands which included Tommy Pistol, and a few other household names were in it with a sexually obedient, or promiscuous wife. In the first scene with Carolina Sweets I think Tommy just wanted to watch her suck off other guys. When the scene first opened Tommy was being his usually crazy self sitting on the sofa in his mansion as his wife Carolina blew him. He did the old wild eyed look he often gives in more wacky porn scenarios before getting darkly serious, and prepping his wife for the four men who would be attending the occasion.

Copyright ©New Sensations

Before things got started Tommy had Carolina pleasure him first in their bedroom doorway. After the deed was done he ushered in the guests, whom he had told he previously that he did not want to know by name, to the bedroom where Carolina lie in wait in the nude. Almost immediately Carolina went into submissive mode sucking the five cocks before her. Four including her hubby's cock. The sucking was constantly deep, and extremely messy with Carolina's saliva going all over her face, and all the men. Some of the participants would take turns thrusting away at her throat in rapid succession with their cocks as she lay upon her back with her head hanging slightly off the bed for advantageous effect. The sexual nature of the encounter was mostly that of oral sex, but at times Tommy did get behind her to do some slightly off screen doggy. Through all the crazy cocksucking, and final facial cumshots the lady of the scene ended the event with an ecstatic smile.

Copyright © New Sensations

As the first scene ended on such an extremely high note the second scene entered the picture more calmly with an older husband who likes to cater to his wife's lewd sexual desires. In their private bedroom conversation he recounts the time in Europe where he let a stranger fuck her (Blair Williams) in the ass. He asks if she's nervous this time, and she replies in such a way as to let him know she's more than ready. When finally confronted with four able bodied men after having sampled her husband's erection Blair commands the scene going balls deep of her own free will, and to the point of an absolute mess. Unlike the first scene Blair forces herself on the men's massive members time, and time again. Never once shortchanging the length. With her mouth, throat, and tongue she's able to take in multiple cocks at once, and even take in Tommy's cock and balls completely. To me it was a more pleasing spectacle in that Blair was less of a fuck toy, and more of a fucker doing the fucking ... or rather sucking.

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Admittedly Blair's scene is where I began to notice director Paul's habit of following a given formula fall into place. The formula this time came in a routine blow bang setup where the girls' attention would be divided by her husband, and four other men. Said setup also followed a basic pattern of deepthroating leading into contortionist level face fucking, and even double cocksucking at times. This happened in practically every scene with little variation. I'm not trying to steal from Blair's spotlight, because she put on a hell of a show, and looked hot doing what she did, but Paul really does have this routine habit that seems to extend into every one of his productions in some form or fashion. Despite that fact Blair did good, and like Carolina she soldiered up at the end taking several facials before the camera cut out.

Copyright © New Sensations

Taking a more tame approach the teeny wife that is Kristen Scott had her fill of cock after being convinced by her husband, who had a heavy European accent, that her worries about being identified as the town slut were unfounded. Her blow bang, which followed the pleasing of her husband had the four guys showing up to be treated. As with Blair, Kristen commanded the scene more than she allowed the men to have their way. It was an off kilter balance of facial abuse, and Kristen going cocksucker commando. Out of all the scenes this particular one did feel slightly more tame, and definitely less messy. I think Kristen was perhaps the only real amateur of the lot. It showed in her sometimes awkward mannerisms. The things such as out of place giggling, and wannabe dirty talk that obviously are not fitting of someone of Kristen's seemingly lacking experience, or shy appearance. I'm in no way saying she didn't go the extra mile, cause she did, but her scene felt a little less serious than the others. Even with her taking a five guy facial things just seemed a bit forced, and slightly faked.

Copyright © New Sensations

Last, but not least, is what I like to call the Fifty Shades inspired scenario starring Quinn Wilde. This younger looking lady plays the closet nympho stereotype somewhat believably while participating submissively in what amounts to some light BDSM. With her paired older husband she is ultimately subjected to some light bondage complete with chair shackles, and a blindfold. All of which were removed from her arms, legs, and her centerpiece chair so she could better handle the surprise gentlemen who were invited in. Having been situated in a chair with a high back though a lot of the sucking, and face fucking was limited due to Quinn's inability to adjust, and turn to properly accommodate each guy's cock. That is until they situated her comfortably on her knees upon the floor, and surrounded her as guys in a blow bang tend to do. It was an interesting enough circle jerk and blowjob session, but like Kristen's situation, Quinn's demeanor during the nearly 40 minute also seemed a little less than genuine. Overall it wasn't a horrible performance though, and as with the other blow bangs Quinn left with a well earned facial glazing of noteworthy proportions

The Extras ...

Looking into this dvd's extras listing they have quite the robust offering. Not only do they include a BTS (Behind the Scenes) feature, but also two bonus scenes that tie-in with the film's wife and blow bang theme. I watched them, and they were quite good for bonus scenes. They definitely add to the value of the dvd as a whole. Other than those extras there's a photo gallery of still shots from the set, a popshot reel with enough time to fap given, and some sort of music video/advertisement about "Fantasy Lingerie" featuring sexy ladies in designer lingerie. Most of the time studios don't include nearly this much stuff, and at the given price it feels kind of like a good deal ...

The Conclusion ...

Despite the routine nature of the blow bangs, the sometimes awkward and seemingly forced performances, and the extreme nature of each given scenario I can see this porno being worthwhile to some porn lover. I wouldn't suggest it to glamour porn enthusiasts, but guys who like the truly hardcore stuff might get a kick out of it. It's got it's hot moments, and some WTF moments as well. Definitely go into this knowing what you are getting into otherwise you might leave the viewing shocked.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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