My Best Friend's Daughter 2 (New Sensations)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Older Men

DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest


MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2hrs 20mins

EXTRAS: Trailers & Bonus Scene (Sydney Cole)

CAST: Zoey Bloom, Britney Light, Emily Willis, Vanna Bardot, Sydney Cole



Copyright © New Sensations

In the world of porn there exists raunchy incest ridden taboo, and taboo that is somewhat more clean in context. If that's even possible. In the case of New Sensations' latest release of "My Best Friend's Daughter 2" we get to witness a total of five such tame taboo-ish scenes that each come complete with their own scenario, and full blown sexual encounter. The themes in each scene vary as do the casting of performers, but all seem to have the lovers making a B-line for the bedroom to do the deed after a brief confrontational conversation. The deed in question being a routine series of penetration types (cowgirl, missionary, doggy ...) done over a 30 minute span, additional cocksucking, and an ending cumshot that is usually a facial. The plots usually start off in midway fashion in the middle of a chat that seems to have always started without the viewer there. The soap opera-like dialogue delivery is decent, but in most cases it's the sex between the legal teens, and older men that shines through the most.

Copyright © New Sensations

Plot points, which are usually short lived, range from a father's friend who has the hots for his daughter to a neighborly female nympho seducing the much older male friend as well as a musclebound gardener who is oddly taken advantage of by a brunette teeny bopper at her father's residents among a couple others. Once each gal is situated on the bed the guys do their thing, as one might expect. By "thing" I mean some guys are rough fuckers doing the ass slapping, butthole fingering, face fucking, and choking while others have milder foot fetishes, and more straightforward approaches to sex. Where each scene really stands out though is with how the girls act, and react. Zoey Bloom, for example, is a brunette who has a lot of exaggerated facial expressions as she's being pussy pounded. Quite the serious "O" face. Britney Light, the blonde of the bunch, is that closet nympho I spoke about earlier. A buxom young lady who is very vocal, and not ashamed to express through expletives her enjoyment of her neighbor's massive erection. In the third scenario starlet Emily Willis steals the commanding role in topsy-turvy fashion, and puts the reluctant man of the scene in an awkward position as she tempts him on his way out of the house with a bold blowjob. Thus leading to all out fuckery. The fourth, and final encounter has a redhead with braces (Vanna Bardot) staying over at her father's friend's house only to be spied on by him during a changing of clothes, and ultimately found sharing the same lustful thoughts as the older gentleman in her company.

Copyright © New Sensations

That having been said the sex in each scene doesn't vary all that much in spite of the unique introductory plot and performer presence, but with the girls standing out in their own unique way, and with the plot material in mind it's still proper fapping material. Though a little overly extended, in my personal opinion. You have to understand that this is a five scene dvd that lasts over two hours in length. This means, that on average, every scene takes up about 30 minutes each. Give or take a little bit. Between the skit to the various routine position changes you'll get to see a lot of the girls at different artistically applied angles that accent the onscreen action quite nicely. The close-ups, which don't get too invasive, are kept to a minimum as are the abrupt transitions and cuts that were edited in.

Copyright © New Sensations

Visually the scenes are clear as day. True to life. They harbor a high definition presentation with expert lighting, and set setup to compliment everything else that is going on. Audibly, the scenes start off with low tone chat, but increase in volume once the girls start vocally expressing themselves during sexual intercourse. You'll also notice a static New Sensations watermark that is no doubt in place to ward off copyright infringement, or perhaps for reviewers like me to capture screenshots for our reviews. Overall, you are getting your money's worth when it comes to production value.


The casting call was on point with this particular production. The girls were all lovely, and the guys all handsome. The chemistry itself was good enough past the sometimes forced acting. That having been said some performers definitely acted better than others in the skits, and even performed better than others during sex. Truth be told a good portion of the acting was bad, but there were one or two occasions that were alright. The sexual encounters, which all seemed to follow some sort of unwritten guideline, were a bit routine, but as I said before the girls are what made each scene matter. The fapping material was there, but a little excessive at times. The lengthiness of each scene will likely be one of those side benefits where applied practicing on holding out for long periods of time before coming could be beneficial to the viewer. I think they call that "edging"? The only bad thing I could possibly think of is the fourth scene in which Vanna does this awkward orgasmic wailing. I don't think she can help it though. It seems to be a vocal impairment as her voice is kind of stuck at an awkward teen state. If you can get past that she looks hot, and takes the dick like a pro.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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