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Paradise Triple X ~ Open For Business

In case you were curious as to why reviews stopped coming It has to do with a couple of factors. One factor being a lack of needed support, and the other factor dealing with my struggle to grow. In regards to the lack of support I could have sustained my mediocre presence, and continued to go nowhere for me and Dorcel or I could have sought to improve upon my reach. The latter of which I have done. I've worked on improving my SEO tool usage, and have gotten my blog to a grade of "A" through my applied efforts. I think where my efforts failed most of all though were in regards to Dorcel, and the studios I've done work for before due to a lack of exposure support. As talented a reviewer as I may be, and as knowledgeable of the adult film industry as I am I don't really know how to spread the word within the industry. Without Dorcel RT'ing links on social media, or any of the other studios doing the same I was missing out on huge growth potential. Growth that wo…