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Paradise's PornHub Picks ~ ThicciVelvet

Today we take a look at self-proclaimed sexpot ThicciVelvet, and her PornHub channel. Surprisingly this younger lady scored quite the respectable ratings across all of her videos. Her lowest rating being in the 80 percentile. This fiery redhead prides herself with her highly fuckable fun bags, and from what I've seen she definitely has a nice pair of tits. Her body, overall, is curvacious and "Thicc" if I dare say so myself. In a lot of her videos she is adorned with lacy black lingerie. It suits her well, and even the use of a blindfold helps to add that extra little bit of sex appeal.

Paradise's PornHub Picks ~ Miss Banana

As the title of this verified PornHub channel suggests the starlet of the show is a cock lover. She dabbles in the usual cock sucking, but does so with a modern twist. Her videos like "Gamer Girl Multitasks!", and "Netflix and chill: Blowjob" really drive that point home. While Miss Banana, a Swedish camgirl, does good enough to win the thousand dollar May 2018 prize in the eyes of the PornHub community I think she gets her views more out of curiosity, and pop-culture references than she does earn them in a truly sinsational sense. Sure, she takes cock and cumshots like a pro, but her enthusiasm onscreen is lacking in most scenes. Her video content, which is also somewhat limited, is best suited for younger perverts who are horny as fuck, and are only there for the excitement that the money shot brings. I know that's a fairly harsh critique, but Miss Banana's videos come off as being kind of cliche, and trend related. The same kind of thing a lot of stars …