Liselle Bailey's "Military Misconduct" Takes Military Realtionships To Hardcore Heights!

GENRE: Roleplay, Military, All Sex, Milf, Threesomes, Lesbian, European

DIRECTOR: Liselle Bailey


MSRP: 12.00 (EURO) / $14.73 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs

EXTRAS: Making Of & Trailer

CAST: Brandi Love, Cassie Del Isla, Rebecca Moore, Valentina Ricci, Vanessa Decker

CONDOMS: Oral (No) / Penetrations (Yes)


Copyright © Marc Dorcel

Seasoned female director Liselle Bailey chooses to forego the routine narrative driven story line in her latest film "Military Misconduct", and instead goes with a more acted yet simplified script. A scripted series of sexually motivated scenarios in which the resident officers of a secretive Polish military base, and the horny hierarchy therein force themselves upon one another. From the opening moment when two lusting male cadets (reading the latest Dorcel mag) become the leading, and leaving female colonel's boy toys to the ending scene where one of the originally disgruntled male sergeants has his way with the latest female colonel in command things get very heated, and at a pace that is oddly disproportionate to all of the added plot points. Though it starts off at a slow burn, midway into the film's presentation various military exercises and activities are abruptly thrown in, in a rushed manner only to return once again to the slow burning sexual encounters making for an ultimately haphazard collection of events. Some of which add to the sexual encounter foreshadowing, and others that seem to just be there as filler material for filler material sake. All in all though it's not as bad as you might suppose ...

Copyright © Marc Dorcel

The plot, which is mostly explained away on the dvd case's back cover in both French and English languages discloses the fact that the secretive bunker, and the accompanying 90 day timeline that unfolds onscreen is a part of an experiment to see how military bunk mates handle the gender mixed isolation. Of course with this being a pornographic film things escalate sexually, and in a variety of different ways. In some instances the military personnel force themselves on their underlings, and in some cases the underlings engage in mutually secretive affairs. The film actually starts off with a swapping of the guards (so-to-speak) in which a busty blonde colonel played by Rebecca Moore enacts one final fantasy before heading off to other matters, elsewhere. Taking her place upon departure is a look-alike colonel played by Brandi Love who has a similar lustful personality as her predecessor. Through a set of TV monitors Brandi watches over her staff, and intervenes in their off duty activities from time to time.

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For a five scene film things are kept interesting enough. The first encounter, for example, with colonel Rebecca and the younger submissive male cadet is kind of awkward, but portrays the cliche military milf in a believable way. Rebecca commands the scene as a higher up would, and literally has her way with the younger man. Scene two of the feature film shows off in erotic detail a lesbian twosome starring both Cassie Del Isla and Valentina Ricci. Cassie is ordered by colonel Brandi to help Valentina with her military exercises, and after jogging into a wooded area Cassie takes full advantage of Valentina in a very sexy girl on girl moment. The third encounter has colonel Brandi returning to the spotlight and interrupting a couple's coupling. In this particular scene Brandi takes full advantage of the two lovers making them treat her. By the end of it all Brandi, with a mouth full of spunk, cum swaps with Vanessa Decker leaving the couple perplexed by what had just taken place.

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The following fourth encounter takes a kind of dark turn in that it borderlines on staged sexual assault. In it Cassie is finally confronted by a male stalker who was showcased a few times before during her lone jogging outings. He grabs her, and forcefully manhandles her before she takes control of the situation allowing for a deep face fucking blowjob. When the man finally spills his seed in Cassie's mouth she is surprised by a hidden onlooker who gives her some aggressive anal treatment. Again, it is borderline depicted as asexual assault, but Cassie soldiers up and takes it all like a trooper. In the final part of the film, the end of it all, the one male sergeant who was continuously ordered to do grunt work during most of the plot took advantage of colonel Brandi in her office after it had been announced that the 90 experiment was done. Unlike the first awkward military milf engagement this one actually stood out as sexy, and less of a parody. Brandi ended up taking on the submissive role, and the sergeant a more commanding role.

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When it comes down to the casting call Liselle was on point in featuring both men and women who were suitable for the roles they took on. Despite not really favoring Rebecca as a performer I have to admit she played her role perfectly. Even Valentina, whose role was short lived, was played in such a fashion as to be intriguing. I think the stand out performances were definitely Cassie's, and Brandi's though. Cassie took on the film's most hardcore roles, and looked damn sexy doing it. Brandi, the milf of the lot, commanded the short plot movement scenarios well, and didn't do bad at all in that final scene. The only lacking performer would have to be Vanessa, but in saying that I think she did fairly well looking all hurt by Brandi interrupting her love making. The look on Vanessa's face was priceless, and true to the plot. Overall I think this film was interesting enough to warrant recommending. Both for the performances, and the presentation plot points. I was kind of put off by the pacing at some points, but it's a minor gripe with everything else factored in as good. At the end of the day I know the dvd is one year old already, but you can buy it on sale at the moment making it a must have addition to any Dorcel fan's porno library, in my opinion. Definitely take advantage of the sale!

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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