Cassie Del Isla Shines In Liselle Bailey's Provocative Film "A 40 Year Old Widow"

GENRE: Milf, Mature, Threesomes, Group Sex, European, French, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Liselle Bailey


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $42.93 (US) (


LENGTH: 1 hr 50 mins + Making Of & Trailers

EXTRAS: Making Of  & Trailers

CAST: Alexis Fawx, Rebecca More, Cassie Del Isla, Tina Kay

CONDOMS: Oral (No) / Penetrations (Yes)


Copyright © Marc Dorcel

I don't think I've ever typed in detail about my thoughts on director Liselle Bailey. As one of Dorcel's only female directors Liselle does good to keep the content of her films entertaining for both women, and men alike. She incorporates modestly mature themes of the erotic, and sometimes romantic sort, but takes it up a notch with some hardcore sexual encounters. Her editing, and capturing of the film along with it's scenes is very artistic in nature with unique camera angles in both the stationary, and moving variety. Her sets are lavish as usual, and the casting complimentary in most cases. She always seems to include a spoken narrative that is done outside of any actual acting, and uses that narrative to speak on behalf of the main character. That is her formula at base level. She definitely seems to favor a more mature, and older casting as well.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel

In this particular film Liselle takes an old Dorcel theme, that of the 40 year old widow, and her signature style while adding in her own twist. A twist that involves a husband with a secretive love life outside of his marriage, and a wife who questions why it is he chose to live out his sexual fantasies without her. Upon his untimely departure from the land of the living via car wreck Dorian's wife Alexis, the widowed wife of this tale, meets his extramarital partner at the funeral, and through her delves into the land of the lustful while coming to terms with the liberating truth. Cassie Del Isla who plays the role of the secretive love interest of Alexis' late betrothed discloses early on her open relationship with Dorian, and how they met. She lets Alexis know all the sordid details of their affair, and later on helps Alexis come to terms with what she's been through while opening her eyes to a whole other world of love making. This ends with Alexis' becoming friends of Cassie, and carrying on with what she has learned from her.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel

The two ladies find through sexual discovery on common ground a gift that ultimately frees them both of the wrongdoings of Dorian. The misleading thereof. They find pleasure in the arms of other lovers as well as themselves, and in doing so live a much more respectable love life. The sexual encounters vary between the disjointed acquaintances, and come in the guise of several full blown engagements at less than cliche locations. The key themes in regards to the sex acts shown focuses mainly on group sex encounters on Cassie's side, and solo encounters on Alexis' side of the story with the odd exception towards the end. Voyeurism also plays a role both in the case of Dorian's character, and that of his onscreen wife's later on into the film. The sex definitely reaches the bounds of hardcore with graphic cumshots of the oral, and body type mainly attributed to Cassie's performances as well as invasive penetration, and oral angles that capture a more intimate side of their love making.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel

The chemistry, and casting is mostly on point though with Alexis it comes sometimes seemingly forced with her performances, especially early on. Cassie, and the other two girls maintain a physically compatible chemistry with their male partners, and even the early sex scenes with Dorian's actor holds solid chemistry. I think Cassie is the more natural of the two main female performers, and she definitely commands the scenes in a much more believable manner than Alexis did. Perhaps in the end that was the point of the director's vision. To portray Alexis as an awkward yet experienced amateur opening up to more pornographic ideals of sex.


In all honesty I only found part of this film intriguing. That part being the role Cassie Del Isla played, and portrayed. To me Cassie was the star of the show through her natural talent, and believable chemistry. Leaving Alexis' role to pad the story bits between. Alexis was pretty much out of place, and awkward throughout most of the film's telling. She only shined in certain moments outside of the sex when the camera captured a more emotional, and commanding visage of her character. Her sex scenes were equally as awkward as her acting in most cases. The other girls, and guys were mostly film fodder, but the guy who played Dorian was both a good male actor, and performer in his limited parts. It's a pity he got killed off so early on, and was only assigned as a reflective memory on the tale of the director's widow. Overall the film wasn't horrible, but it wasn't exceptionally great either. Only Cassie's scenes stood out to me, as I've said before, and for that reason I'm gonna suggest that you either stream this one via Dorcel's streaming service or rent it if you can. For Cassie's sake.


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