Latinas Like it Big #2 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: Latin, Spanish, 18+ Teens, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Not Credited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC

MSRP: $21.99 (


LENGTH: 219 mins / 3 hrs 38 mins 59 secs

EXTRAS: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Cumshots

CAST: Chanel Collins, Liz Rainbow, Nikki Litte, Lucia Nieto, Penelope Cum



Imagine if you will a nearly four hour long collection of five individual scenes. Now imagine that time being taken up by average looking young ladies, poor editing, and a language barrier that is Spanish in nature. That is "Latinas Like it Big #2" in a nutshell. I personally found the viewing experience to be stretched out unusually long on a per scene basis. It's as if the directors were trying their best to appeal to a female audience as that sort of audience could easily get off to such a lengthy viewing experience without being totally spent early on. There's no way in hell a guy would last the entirety of each scene fapping it off to the sex therein. There's just no way. I kind of think it was the male talent's fault more than anything though. To me it seemed the male performers included were having issues sealing the deal. Often times you'd see them go limp midway into the scene, and have to be sucked off just to get hard again. Even after that, and the insane amount of position oriented vaginal penetrations each guy ended up having to spend an extra minute at the end jerking off just to be able to come. I don't get it. I really don't.

When it comes to the lady talent the girls were each visually average at best. Some having an additional cute factor. All of which was flawed with poor grooming, and acne issues on the bottom side of things. I noticed most of the girls were small breasted, and big assed. I'm not complaining about that, mind you, but just noting the obvious. Out of all the girls, which were in their 18's to 20's, I only found a few to be eye candy. Chanel Collins, the first Latina in the spotlight, for example was the most glamorous of the lot. She was dolled up Miami Beach/Hollywood style, but looking like a proper streetwalker. Her skit setup involved being dumped in an empty parking lot by her asshole boyfriend who caught her snooping on his cellphone. Needless to say two of Team Skeet's brand name boys showed up to save the day, and fuck. They did the usual acting like they care routine only to take advantage of the girl at an apartment at some lavish location. The sex dragged on for what seemed like forever. The American dude positioning her all over a white leather sofa as he inserted his long dong into her vagina. Eventually after tons of fucking, sucking, blowing, and fapping the dude let Chanel have it right in the mouth. It's a decent ending that should have come sooner than later. Just saying.

Following Chanel's time in the spotlight Liz Rainbow got her turn. Liz's scene was interesting, and unique with a sort of "Rock-a-Billy" twist. It had her doing the dirty work as a call-in maid in what looked to be a Barcelona high rise apartment. The guy who hired her watched her do every chore throughout the apartment as he paid her to strip off articles of clothing in each room. Ending up completely naked at about 30 minutes in the short guy let his intentions accidentally known by being caught fapping to the sight of Liz's bent over booty. While reluctant at first Liz gives into the man's following sexual request, but only because he flashes a handsome amount of cash for the act. Once agreed on the terms Liz blows the dude's massive cock following up with vaginal penetrations in a variety of different positions. With Liz being taller than her male lover it made for some oddly looking arrangements. Liz also had a few awkward moments where her "O" face made her look somewhat comical. The only good part about it (in my opinion) was the ending where after an oral cumshot Liz just would not stop licking, and sucking the dude's cock. It must have tasted good, eh?

Scene three with Lucia Nieto is perhaps the most "Latin" scene in the whole dvd. In it she lures a male dance instructor to her residence only to seduce him with her curvy body, and a follow-up lap dance. Lucia's performance was genuinely lustful throughout the encounter. I think out of all the female casting she was the horniest, and it showed. Her cock grinding was full of intent, and demand. You could tell she obviously wanted the guy to pound her deeper, and harder as she often times took the initiative to force herself violently on the guy's cock from time to time. She did most of this when the male performer slowed his pace. The parts in which Lucia pushed for more were kind of humorous, but kind of sexy in a way. The passion, and chemistry was definitely there regardless. While Lucia wasn't exactly a glamor model she had her charm about her, and nice body to boot. In the end she too took a facial, and oral cumshot after what seemed like a long drawn out session of skit, and sex. A theme that's all too common in this film production.

Keeping up with the creative skit setups Team Skeet's director, and the camera crew follow closely the near roadside robbery of a young Latina girl dining at a restaurant's outside service area. The dance instructor from before appears at the moment of the girl's purse snatching incident, and confronts the thief getting back the stolen goods. He returns said item to Nikki Litte with the heroic deed not going unrewarded. Nikki leads the musclebound Spanish man back to her place where they chat, share a drink, and pet a cat before engaging in balcony sex. As with the other scenes sex follows a similar pattern of flipping, and flopping position changes with penetrations of only the vaginal sort. We get to see Nikki shake her fat ass on cock in the standing cradle position, and also get a full view of her freshly shaved pussy on several occasions. Nikki's performance wasn't the best, but I did find it interesting that they allowed the frisky feline companion to position itself near the lovers as they were fucking. The added fact that Nikki ended up with a massive spewing creampie was also something different. I'm not particularly fond of creampie finishes though, if I were to be honest.

In the last scene of the dvd compilation we find Penelope Cum meeting up with a realtor about renting an apartment. The realtor goes through the motions showing Penelope the ins and outs of the property. This includes a look at the outside pool as well as various rooms of the apartment interior. It becomes obvious when Penelope finally inquires about the costs that she was intending on offering a different sort of payment for a stay at the residence. She boldly seduces the male realtor with her suggestive groping, and sexual advances. The man of course takes the bait, and lets Penelope go to work on his cock. The initial blowjob that ensues is very sloppy, and deep with tons of spit, and slobber. It gives the viewer a hint of just how sexually promiscuous Penelope is. It also shows how exceptionally horny she is. As the scene continues on in a dragging fashion Penelope's "O" faces shine through making for some awkward moments. Penelope, like some of the other Latinas, isn't a glamor model by any means, and despite her performance being on point her awkwardness does show more. Those wild eyes definitely stood out as did her constant exagerrated moaning. Only a few angles captured this dvd cover girl's more beautiful moments. Namely the doggystyle angle, and missionary.

Now for the verdict ...

First off I'm not entirely sure why it is I'm covering an old 2016 release. Why not send me something more new?

Moving on ...

This dvd compilation/collection is way too drawn out. I feel Team Skeet would have been better off including shorter scenes with more girls than stretching out five scenes over a three plus hours. It's ridiculous. The performers included were also not the best of picks, in my opinion. They had an average look, and their performances outside of the male casting were awkward at times. I wasn't really impressed with any of it other than with Chanel's, and Lucia Nieto's roles. That of course was in part due to Chanel's appearance, and Lucia's insatiable lust. The rest were ho-hum encounters that left a lot to be desired.

As far as my complaints with editing go. There were instances in the first scene where the picture would get out of focus and blurry. In Penelope Cum's scene the action cut out abruptly, and noticeably at one point reverting to an older doggy style positioning. It was a sloppy splicing that only added to the other editing flaws included in the viewing. Let me also not forget Lucia's scene which had poor lighting filters which dulled the picture significantly at times. In that particular scene the audio was also lacking in that it was of less than raw studio quality.

With the lacking talent, and the poor editing I cannot really promote this dvd as a worthy buy. It falls short of being the hot and spicy experience the cover boasts about. Not only that but it was way too drawn out for a five scene dvd of three plus hours length. I cannot recommend it.

Verdict: Pass


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