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The Industry Stalemate

By this point you might think of me as irrelevant. A washed up has-been grasping for straws. I haven't posted anything review-wise in quite some time. Regardless of that fact I still keep in touch with a few favorite performers, and chat it up with newer performers when interesting social conversations arise. Recently while trying to inspire one such performer (Maci May) to pursue her adult film dreams despite her being turned down by studios who don't think she's the type they need we discussed the industry staleness, and how we wished the industry itself would improve in various areas. Our points clashed from time to time, but we mostly agreed with what each other said.

In regards to the industry "stalemate" that we spoke of it is obvious to me that provided content of the digital, and physical sort are no longer good enough to inspire former enthusiasts such as myself to fork over hard earned money for the SSDD smut the porn industry continues to churn out. Ev…