My 1st Cream Pie No.10 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: Cumshots, Cream Pies, 18+ Teens, Role Play

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC.

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 45 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: HD Visuals. Widescreen Display. Animated Menu. Studio Quality Sound (echoes, etc., ...). Was met with an abrupt end after scene three's finish where the finish of scene four immediately came into focus. Scene four was completely inaccessible from the main menu thus causing me to be unable to completely view the entire five scene compilation. The fault could be on my end though with my dvd player being at fault. I am not 100% sure about this as there are no marks or scratches on the disc, and the dvd came sealed. Could also be a screener issue.

EXTRAS: Gallery, Trailers, Cumshots

CAST: Nickey Huntsman, Anya Olsen, Hannah Reese, Mila Marx, Rachel James



First, and foremost I'd like to point out that this is only going to be a partial review including critiques on scenes one through three. For whatever reason (my dvd player overheating or a disc defect) the film glitched out completely at the finish of scene three, and as a result I was unable to even startup scene four from the scene selection sub-menu at the main menu. I did however gain a good understanding of the director's vision, and what he was doing with the young ladies involved in his scenes. For the most part it was all about skit inclusive sexual relationships, one of which was panned off as being a completely unexpected encounter between a male porn star, and some random female passerby at a railway station. As you can probably guess from the title included with this post the focus of all five scenes, regardless of their obvious differences, were about the risky cream pie cumshot at the end of said encounters, or rather the internal cumshots thereof. Most, if not all of which were shot into the pussies of the participating girls, and willingly so.

In scene one's encounter the viewer is privileged to a rocky relationship between a male apartment tenant, and his female co-renter. Apparently the female tenant who was played by the very sexy 'Anya Olsen' was a lazy asshole who had no intention of getting a job, or paying rent. When the male tenant got home to said apartment at the beginning of the scene, ready to settle down with some popcorn and a movie he noticed Anya listening to music on her mobile device. He attempted to get her attention several times, but failed in doing so with his shouting voice. In frustration he resorted to throwing popcorn at Anya. This only served to escalate his and her frustration in the situation even more. When he realized he was getting nowhere he demanded that Anya pack her belongings, and leave. So she did, or at least began to. In the middle of her worry about potential living arrangements, and her suitcase packing Anya had a eureka moment, and ended up seducing the male tenant into having sex with her instead of kicking her out, because of the owed one hundred dollars.

The sex between the "at odds" pair started off with a deep hardcore throating that was complimented by plenty of gagging, and all out skull duggery in a wild assortment of improvised positions. This lasted for at least a good ten minutes before the vaginal penetrations began. Once inside of Anya the male tenant pounded the living fuck out of her. By that I mean he had her exclaiming the word "fuck" more times than I've ever heard in a porno before. In fact I honestly think she broke a world's record with how many times she said "fuck" within the thirty minute sex scene. Her excitement was definitely there, and you could tell she was thoroughly enjoying the deep penetrations. As with the former face fucking Anya also got positioned by the male of the scene in a wide variety of makeshift positions that were definitely not cliche. By the end of the encounter Anya let the horny youthful man leave his load inside of her, and further push it in with his still hard cock before forcefully squirting it back out.

Scene two actually kept the sexual intensity that scene one had intact, but in a very different sort of way. This time the scenario setup was of a young couple awaiting the girlfriend's father's arrival. It opened up with the boyfriend lying lazily in bed as the girlfriend ('Hannah Reese') cleaned up the studio apartment. Hannah ended up confronting her partner about his laziness, and his obsession with the tablet he was both holding, and hiding early on into the skit. This ended with the male of the scene reluctantly agreeing to get up, and get ready for the father's visit. He eventually left to get some coffee, but in doing so also left his tablet out on the bed for his girl's discovery. When Hannah got back to the bedroom where the tablet lay she did as any curious lover would, and investigated the device. Upon doing so she found an interesting browsing history including porn websites about "cream pies". At first she's taken aback, but after contacting her girlfriend via cellphone regarding the unusual fetish she warmed up to the idea of having her man's cum inside her. This led to a short lived masturbation session as she browsed the tablet's contained cream pie porn. A lewd act which was ultimately followed up with the request that Hannah's lover do the same to her once he had returned to the apartment.

While Hannah was a bit more laid back with her sexual exclamations, and excitement the sex between the two onscreen lovers was no less enjoyable to watch than the previous scene. Both Hannah an the male performer did a bang up job with their foreplay, and fucking. They kept the position changes fresh, and like the previous scene nothing really ever fell into the basic position category. I loved seeing Hannah give fully into her lover's control, and take that brave cream pie cumshot at the end of it all. Being the petite young lady that she was I just could not figure out how she took the male performer's monster cock inside her so comfortably.

Following scene two the third unrelated encounter's plot has a sort of reality television vibe about it, and noticeably so. The male performer from scene one returns once again to the forefront of attention only to immediately spot a possible sex target across the way at a railway station in some undisclosed state, country, or continent. The two strangers exchange words, and flirt a little before 'Mila Marx' makes a bold advance by flashing her tits for the distant man in a public display. After some back and forth planning between the two the man decides to miss his train ride, and join Mila for a wild afternoon of sex. Before making it to the apartment destination though the man of the scene takes it upon himself to push the public sex envelope a little further, and taste Mila's twat in the view of cameras while going up the escalator. In return Mila shortly thereafter gives the male stranger an elevator blowjob which the outside world could have seen with ease. Once at the apartment things get heated and heavy quickly with the two supposed strangers going through a slightly routine fucking. To me their time spent together in the sexual sense was quite a bit less as exciting as the previous two scenes, and without that reality intro it kind of felt normal if I were to be honest. Sure Mila looked quite nice for the curvy and pierced blonde that she was, but she never really went beyond the standard position changes with her partner. Of course she too received an internal cumshot at the end of it all though which was also pushed in via cock, and forced out at will.

The remaining two scenes will forever remain a mystery to me, and unfortunately so ...


From the three scenes I watched I think it's safe to assume this dvd is worth the asking price. While I wasn't entirely impressed with scene three's position changes the plot setup was actually very interesting. Scenes one, and two also held good replay value as the girls involved were gorgeous, and fun to watch. I particularly loved the first two skits as they felt far superior to a lot of the porn productions out there, at least in regards to the American release standards. When it comes to the universal theme of cream pies I have to admit that I was not fond of seeing the gooey messes though. Nor was I impressed by the cover image which had Nickey Huntsman spread eagle with her hairy oozing pussy on full display. I suppose the actual sex more than makes up for my disgust with the type of cumshot though. To each their own!

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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