Check Out That Girl's Big Ass Curves Vol.9 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: Big Butts, Role Play, All Sex, 18+ Teens

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC.

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 15 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: HD (High Definition), Widescreen, Animated Menus

EXTRAS: Gallery, Trailers, Cumshots

CAST: Harley Jade, Brittany Shae, Sophia Leone, Mandy Muse, Kate Alton



This 9th entry into the "Big Ass Curves" series brings with it a mixed bag of tricks. By "mixed bag of tricks" I mean you get the title's self-proclaimed ass focus, but in a haphazard sort of way. Like many of TeamSkeet's previous films this one is also unevenly divided with it's single skit inclusive scene, several music video montages, and multiple backdoor penetrations of the vaginal sort involving some sexy younger ladies. The first scene in particular starts the show off strong, and heavy in it's own unique way with leading lady 'Brittany Shae' taking on the role of a modern-day sexual teenage hipster. She begins by showing off her barely clothed self to her smartphone for an unknown audience, and continues twerking for no apparent reason in a frisky sort of way after she's already caught the perfect arched back pose for an "Arched Back Challenge". Surprisingly things get a bit taboo when step-dad returns home shortly after Brittany's sexy show has begun. After some online investigation in his at home office regarding Brittany's "Arched Back Challenge", and a blunt suggestion of adding oil to Brittany's bum for a better photo opportunity good old Dad gets things awkwardly touchy ultimately escalating the encounter into a full blown taboo-ish sex scenario. First comes a sexy blowjob compliments of Brittany, and later several POV shots of the step-dad banging the heck out of his step-daughter from behind in various positions.

While the skit in this first scene is damn near laughable due to it's poor delivery Brittany does play the ditsy daughter quite well, and does a hell of a job with her performance. The only thing that really bothered me was the fourth wall breaking that happened several times over throughout the scene's entirety. What I'm referring to when I say "fourth wall breaking" is the eye contact made by Brittany with the off set camera crew. It kind of kills the pseudo-reality of the situation, and makes it seem less believable than it already is. If you know porn most of the enjoyment comes from being able to fantasize about the fantasy that is playing out. If that fantasy isn't as true to itself as it can be, and reveals things as a noticeably staged performance then it kind of puts a damper on the situation. At least for some of us, that is. I think that's what Brittany did, but perhaps indirectly so. Thankfully she made up for it all by taking a huge facial cum blast at the end of the scene.

After Brittany had her turn wowing the at home audience with her sexual prowess, and healthy big buns the remainder of the cast took it upon themselves to conform to a copycat music montage type of intro in which they each showcased their prominent assets by some poolside scenery. In all four of the remaining scenes the girls would shake their asses while oil was squirted on them from an off screen source. They'd do this, and strip down further briefly showing off their tits as well. When it came to looks, and differences the casting call was fairly on point. Harley Jade however suffered from what I call the Hollywood MILF syndrome. She had so much makeup on that she looked years older than she obviously was. This kind of detracted from her scene, and effectively turned it into something it wasn't, a MILF fuck session.

The other girls looked their age, and brought to the dvd their own brand of sexiness. Admittedly though that "sexiness" was mostly about their looks, and less about their performance. What you have to understand is that each of the four remaining female performers banged the same guy, and did pretty much the same routine in each given scene. That routine being mostly about 'from behind' vaginal penetrations in a very limited selection of positions. You had your cowgirl variations, your doggystle, and even some sideways entries. On occasion you'd also see some missionary too. It's your basic/cliche setup, more or less. Even the cumshot finishes were all the same. Every girl in this film got a facial frosting at the end. Every single one of them. I'm not really complaining though as I prefer facials on the girls instead of creampies, and body shots. I'm merely stating that the variety wasn't as there as it should have, or could have been. Having four scenes show fairly much the same thing, but with different girls definitely hurt my opinion of  this dvd. That and the very similar performances gave the girls little room to shine further taking away from something that could have been much better.


Being this is my re-entry point into reviews it saddens me that I have to nag about this as much as I'm going to have to. As I mentioned earlier on this dvd was an odd mixture of scenes. It started off good enough with a skit based performance, but resorted to four copycat scenes afterwards. The last four girls never really got a chance to shine outside of their onscreen physical appearance. By the director having them to bang the same guy, and do so in very similar ways it really did not make for much variety, or difference. When I say this I'm not slagging off any of the girls, but I am critically blaming the director for choosing to include so many similar scenarios. The female cast is actually quite nice, and beautiful regardless of the setup they were given.

If I were to even recommend this after all my criticism it would be for the first scene, and only through a rental. Do not pay for this one unless you have a hardcore hard-on for the performers that are included.

VERDICT: Rent It!!!


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