Disciplined Teens (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, BDSM, Roleplaying, Fantasy Sex

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC.

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1758716/disciplined-teens-porn-movies.html)


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 37 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: From the main menu forward this dvd follows TeamSkeet's signature quality. The main menu itself features easily accessible sub-menu listings, and an animated sneak peek of some film footage at the center of it all. The video quality definitely reflects an HD presentation, and is displayed in a widescreen ratio making the best viewing done on a modern HDTV. As far as sound goes it still is a roller coaster ride of sorts. The volume peaks at times, but is so hush-hush at other times that an increase in volume is required to properly hear certain conversations, and plot points. I think the fluctuation in volume comes from the fact that the studio records each scene differently, and with a different film crew.

EXTRAS: Gallery, Trailers, Cumshots

CAST: Callie Calypso, Cassandra Nix, Jaye Summers, Lilli Dixon, Miko Dai



Are you a sadistic son of a bitch, or a malicious motherfucker who likes seeing the ladies treated like a piece of meat? If so then you might just find what Team Skeet is pitching here to be desirable. In this first film of a continued series the directors involved take you on some of the most depraved sexual journeys imaginable. It's hardcore BDSM to the extreme. When I say "extreme" I mean exactly that. Girls get fucked so hard they show their exorcism eyes in light of their orgasmic release. There's even projectile vomiting, rope play, hate fucking, and simulated rape. It covers all of the bases except perhaps latex fetishes, leather fetishes, pet play, and other odd BDSM favorites that are for the truly unique individuals of the porn community. Just be warned that if you have a weak stomach, or a guilty conscience when it comes to watching this type of thing you need not watch it at all. It is on level with what the darker side of the porn industry provides, and is by no means the cutesy legal teen sex that TeamSkeet is usually synonymous with. It's also definitely not female friendly unless you are the kind of female viewer who is into BDSM to begin with. I don't imagine that many of my readers are though considering the types of reviews I've provided in the past.

On with the show, shall we? ...

In scene one the fantasy starts out with what seems to be a young couple making out on a sofa. Things turn serious though when the boyfriend introduces a pair of handcuffs, and applies them to his lady friend. She acts like she doesn't know what's coming, and as soon as she lets down her defenses the boyfriend has at her. He immediately removes her blue jean shorts, and undies so that he can force his fingers where the sun doesn't shine. The finger banging itself is brutally intense, and is followed by the forcing of the guy's now dirty hand down the throat of Callie Calypso. She gags, of course and continues her squirming about as her lover bangs the ever loving fuck out of her. The exorcism eyes I spoke of a moment ago happen frequently. Despite being man handled, bitch slapped, choked, and face fucked so hard she projectile vomits Callie shows moments of enjoyment. Kind of like she reached a state of nirvana in the middle of all the physical abuse. By the end of it all she is rubbing spunk into her face like lotion with a pleased smile stretched across her stressed face.

Scene two features an intro that looks like it was ripped straight from a horror movie. It featured twitchy cinematography of Cassandra Nix in a goth getup, and added special effects to make it seem even more sinister. It's kind of like the thing you'd expect from 'Dark Castle Ent.', or a 'Silent Hill' video game from Hideo Kojima. I kid you not. As far as what Cassandra was wearing goes you'll find that her nipples, and pussy were taped up with electrical tape in true BDSM fashion. She was also sporting full-length fishnet stockings that left little to the imagination. Panties not included. When the fantasy actually began she was shown with a drool inducing ball gag, and heavy eye shadow that already looked wet from tears. The musclebound man with her showed no mercy as expected, and introduced Cassandra to things like skull duggery, and pulse pounding pussy penetrations from behind. To add some bonus intensity to the equation the man also twisted, and pinched her nipples as well bit her on the neck and breasts. Cassandra looked like a human train wreck by the time it was all said and done, and rightfully so. To finish things off on a proper BDSM note the man of the scene came on, and in her mouth and followed up said lewd act by forcing her to throw up what she had swallowed with some applied fingers down her throat. All while bent over the conveniently placed toilet. Ewww to the spew!!!

In scenario number three Jaye Summers finds herself playing the fantasy role of a wayward rape victim. As the scene opens up Jaye is shown walking a lonely dirt road with a sexy Sunday uniform on. The kind of uniform usually worn by naughty Catholic school girl wannabes. As she's trying to find her bearings out in the middle of nowhere she happens upon a house inhabited by a young Spanish gentleman. He greets Jaye, and welcomes her in to use his phone. Unexpectedly she gets gagged from behind after realizing the phone won't power on, and is dragged away, shackled, and systematically violated by her unusual captor. This torment includes name shaming, whipping, nipple clamping, and even some rope play. Jaye puts on a slightly convincing struggle, but does as the man says regardless. All while being handcuffed, and chained to various outside props. I suppose it's safe to say this is possibly the most disturbing of the five scenes in that it shows off a simulated rape, and torture fantasy. It's not something I could get my jollies off to.

Scenario four takes the slut shaming to the next level of extreme. As the scene comes into view an anxious hubby, or live-in boyfriend is shown watching as his wife or girlfriend makes her way up the balcony stairs to the front door of their shared house. The blonde haired cutie that is Lilli Dixon looks like a used street walker, and this becomes even more evident when her concerned partner confronts her inside the residence. As it turns out little Lilli is wearing nothing, but a borrowed jacket from some no named Joe that likely paid poorly for her services. Unfortunately for her, her lover has had enough, and beyond scolding her for her sexual misdeeds he goes the BDSM route, and bangs her six ways from Sunday right there in the kitchen area. The BDSM fantasy mostly plays out as rope play/bondage, and rough sex. Lilli is placed over the counter, and across some kitchen chairs as she's restrained by rope, and fucked hard. Still looking like the telltale signs of a whore she receives a thick facial frosting at the end of it all with rather a perplexed look on her face. Not quite looking like she enjoyed the sex, and not quite looking like she loathed it.

In the final scene pimping takes the plot position as an Asian tenant is accosted by her Spanish landlord or possibly pimp for not paying the rent. He basically pulls a dick move, and tosses out all of Miko Dai's clothes before she returns from wherever it is that she was. Upon arriving back at the house Miko finds the thrown out bags of clothing, and boldly confronts her pimp/landlord about the matter. This does not turn out in her favor, and instead of maintaining her spot in the household she is forced to pay her dues in an unorthodox manner. That unorthodox manner being through BDSM style sex. Again, rope play/bondage, and rough sex are the BDSM approaches on the menu. Miko gets fucked standing upright against the door while her wrists, and hands are roped together, and even gets missionary fucked on the piss stained bed. After the cumshot lands on her awaiting face and mouth the scene fades to black only to return with Miko having been tied to the bed, and left there by her landlord/pimp.


This type of film is not for everyone. It definitely was not the sort of thing I'm into. I hated seeing Callie Calypso being face fucked to the point of vomiting, I hated seeing Cassandra Nix forced to throw up the ingested sperm, I hated the hate fucking scenario in scene four with Lilli Dixon looking like a proper street whore, and I hated the mock rape/torture/bdsm scenario in scene three. I've established myself as a man who loves the "erotic" side of the industry, and that's exactly the way I am. That having been said I'm sure there's somebody out there that would find this collection of scenes entertaining, and arousing. It is properly done for what it is, and that is extreme BDSM. It lives up to that darker side of porn, and has a good visual quality about it, dare I say it. I will let you be the decision maker here. Just use my descriptions, and shared screenshots as a guide if you dare to do so.


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