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Disciplined Teens (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, BDSM, Roleplaying, Fantasy Sex

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC.

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 37 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: From the main menu forward this dvd follows TeamSkeet's signature quality. The main menu itself features easily accessible sub-menu listings, and an animated sneak peek of some film footage at the center of it all. The video quality definitely reflects an HD presentation, and is displayed in a widescreen ratio making the best viewing done on a modern HDTV. As far as sound goes it still is a roller coaster ride of sorts. The volume peaks at times, but is so hush-hush at other times that an increase in volume is required to properly hear certain conversations, and plot points. I think the fluctuation in volume comes from the fact that the studio records each scene differently, and with a different film crew.