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First off I'd like to apologize to Dorcel, and my readers for getting this post out there late. I am very sorry for the delay, and sincerely so. I know time is of the essence, and my delay kind of hurt business. The only thing I can offer in the wake of this mistake is a proper showing off of the calendar, and some pricing info for those of you who have yet to get one ...

As it stands the Marc Dorcel desktop calendar is three months into 2016 with Valentina Nappi representing March, or 'Mars' in the French tongue. What a beauty she is! The calendar, as it were is currently marked down to 6.49 EUROs, and is still a Dorcel Store exclusive. If you don't mind importing said calendar, and going through the custom's shipping it's a nice deal at the current asking price ($7.05 US) even abroad. Normally, at launch these calendars would set you back 12.99 (EURO) which is the going price for a calendar of any sort these days. Even at that former price I think the quality is good enough to fork over that kind of money for one, from day one.

Before I share some snapped photos of the calendar I'd like to take the time to thank Marc Dorcel for the signed calendar, and continued support. It means a lot to me. Working with Dorcel on getting these reviews out to you guys these past few years has been a privilege, and an honor. Ever since my first Dorcel dvd review I've thought highly of the studio. They excel in quality, and offerings. Many thanks to them, their directors, and their staff for producing such sexy content for the world. Here's to hoping 2016 brings even more sexy feature films from Dorcel!

Glossed over, and shining with sexiness Marc Dorcel's 2016 desktop calendar outdoes it's previous incarnation, and does so with class. While there are some familiar faces, and return gals to grace you with their presence this calendar holds within it's pages some new images that are both tantalizing, and tempting in the utmost regards. Among the cast of female performers you'll find Anissa Kate, Valentina Nappi, Jessie Volt, Manon Martin, and many others who each have their own month to show off their goods upon your desk. The calendar is relatively small in size, but fits quite nicely on any desktop. Even those that might be a bit crowded. Trust me, I know.

If you've never seen a Dorcel calendar it basically acts as it's own stand, and has a folding bottom to allow for either a wall hanging, or a desktop display. I personally prefer the latter option as it allows me to gaze upon the nude beauties of Dorcel as I type up my reviews. As far as binding goes the calendar is spiral bound, but in a non-intrusive manner. If you wished to clip, and frame a calendar page you could do so without losing any significant part of the calendar image. I always keep my calendars intact though for collector's purposes as I truly believe Dorcel products will become highly sought after, and collectible one day.

With each depicted Dorcel performer also comes a listing of their name, and which film the photo was shot from. These details are kept to the side of the photo, and do not interfere with the sexiness of the photographic image at all. For those of you curious about the extent of the nudity it is mostly softcore in nature. Nothing intrusive, or hardcore is shown. It reflects the classiness that I often times associate with the Dorcel studio, and lets the girls be sexy without revealing every bodily detail. Valentina Nappi, for example is showing off a full frontal view, but she has her legs together as to not reveal her more intimate parts. You can see her signature bush though, and her voluptuous breasts are shown in full. The image of Valentina, like the other girls is captured in an artistic, and fashionable fashion. Again, this reflects the class and richness of Dorcel studios, and their film productions.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at this year's Marc Dorcel desktop calendar, and that it inspires you to possibly buy one for yourself. Like Dorcel's films these calendars are of the highest quality, and are very much worth any consenting adult's money. As of now the calendar discount looks like it is on a countdown, so you might want to get it while the getting is good!

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