Lea Guerlin First Night in the Girls' Dormitory (DORCEL)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, Older Men, Threesomes, Orgies, Lesbian, European, French

DIRECTOR: Franck Vicomte


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $39.12 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/dvd/marketing/nouveautes/lea-guerlin-au-dortoir-des-filles.html)


LENGTH: 1 hr 55 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio, or soundtrack in this particular feature film is what I'd call fun loving. It features musical tracks that compliment the girly onscreen action. The film itself has an innocent yet sinful nature about it in which the girls often times prance about in their summer clothes, and frolic as they do their thing on, and outside of campus grounds. Just as those moments are lively so are the tunes that play out before, and after each given sexual encounter. There are some instances where the same music repeats though just as there are some moments where the editor rehashed used intro footage for added effect. Speaking of which the intro starts off with the girls doing exactly as I said on campus grounds followed by an extended take of the same thing to help build upon the story being told. While I'd normally frown upon reused, and recycled material, because it screams laziness it did little to detract from the sexiness that took place.

CAST: Candee Licious, Anita Bellini, Lea Guerlin, Gina Gerson, Lola Taylor



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
I made a couple of unwarranted assumptions going into the viewing of this film. I had assumed upon seeing the cover image and title that it would be mostly girl-on-girl sex, and that due to the casting call it wouldn't be all that great. As far as the girl only sex assumption goes I was wrong, very wrong. While there was an initial lesbian orgy in which Lea properly introduced herself as the storyteller, and active participant most of the scenes ended up being about younger campus girls entertaining older men. There were some shared moments along the way to build upon that initial bond of female friendship, but most of the girls separated to do their own thing with male staff, and guys who were camping out on school grounds. When it comes to my assumption regarding the casting call of young ladies I was still slightly disappointed though not appalled by what I saw. Both Lea Guerlin, and Gina Gerson strike me as being a little too thin in comparison to other Dorcel performers, and in a way it steals from their potential charm, in my personal opinion. To be fair they do perform quite well though, and stand out as proper actresses even though there really is no scripted dialogue outside of the added narrative.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
The scenes in this particular film, regardless of arrangement, and pairing are each profoundly done in their own unique ways. The initial lesbian orgy between the four female classmates, which I just mentioned was definitely sexy. It stepped out of bounds of pornographic mediocrity to tackle some of the more risque girl-on-girl engagements. There was zoomed in butthole fingering, and anal probing via a studded glass dildo among other naughty things. While this instance of teasing was short lived it made way for an all out reverse gangbang between the four girls, and the intruding housemaster known as Mr.Richards. Watching the girls taking turns riding, and sucking on the elder man's cock was enjoyable. The playfulness between them stayed true to the pre-summer frolicking, and prancing that took place just a few minutes before. I also enjoyed seeing one of the blonde haired girls (Candee Licious) get facially blasted by semen after Lea gave the cock in her hand a quick jerk at the end. It was a laughable moment, but sexy at the same time.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Past that amazing startup the girls branch off one by one during their daily routines as Lea's voice-actor narrates what is taking place in regards to each of them. One of the brunettes in the cast (Anita Bellini) ends up tending to three musclebound volleyball players while out doing physical education with her classmates. She stays behind, and follows one of the seduced gentlemen to a tent where they proceed to do the dirty deed. At first this petite young gal entertains only that one man, but as the scene unfolds his sports buddies join in to tag team her, and leave her with a thick oral frosting afterwards. This scene in particular was my favorite out of all of the scenes. It featured a lovely brunette, and a hardcore performance that went above, and beyond what the previous reverse gangbang did. There was even a moment where Anita took on a double penetration for later bragging rights.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In the third scenario, past the school day activities of the four female friends Lola Taylor, another curvy blonde, set out to distract one of the teachers so that her friend Lea could rendezvous with her boyfriend on the outskirts of town. Lola not only distracted this older gentleman who had an eye for younger girls, but she became his plaything, and took his massive erection in all holes, willingly. The initial deepthroat blowjob was hot as hell as was Lola's submissiveness as she lay upon a laboratory table in an abandoned classroom. The fact that she too soldiered up, and took a cumshot to the mouth spoke worlds for her willingness to please, and her enjoyment of the moment. This scene, like the one with Anita Bellini was one of my favorites.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
After Lola entertained the male staff member, and fulfilled her part of the bargain the film focused back upon Lea who had bicycled all the way out to the countryside for a sexual moment with the man she loved. Like the other men of the film Lea's boyfriend was definitely older, but did not shy away from the chance at having sex with a younger female. He definitely fit in with the provided cast coordination in that sense. As the scene unfolded, and Lea awaited her lover's arrival under a shaded grove the director built tension by having Lea's narrator speak about the fact that Lea thought she was being watched while further adding that someone was approaching her from behind. To build upon this questionable suspense a hand quickly reaches out grabbing at Lea in an aggressive manner, instilling shock upon her already worried face. Once she realizes who it is though she lets him continue stripping her bare, and having his way with her under the grove's shaded tree.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
The sex that follows is one that is akin to a lover's scene that takes place at a picnic in an open, and secluded field. It's all about the outdoors, and the scenery really spices up the erotic nature of the sex that is shown. Most of the time the couple huddles together upon the ground connecting as a girl, and man does when it comes to sex. This scene is definitely more heartfelt, and with the complimentary chemistry between the two participating performers the scene heats things up quite nicely. As the encounter comes to an end Lea takes a load to the mouth, dresses back up, and heads back towards campus the way she came.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Wrapping things up the girls of the dormitory gather together for one last nighttime escape in which they aim to visit three on campus campers who are busy partying by a small lit campfire. Upon arrival at the campsite the girls dance to one of the guy's guitar playing, and give each of the men a proper tease before scurrying off into the night. Halfway back to their intended destination that is the dormitory Gina, the master pleasure seeker of the foursome strips off her panties, and doubles back to the camp to live out her fantasy of having sex with multiple men. As expected Gina goes all out, and displays her signature spastic enjoyment as the men fill her holes with cock. Beyond the campsite cowgirl riding, the fireside spit roasting, and the blowjobs Gina finds her mouth, and face plastered with man goo. It's not the ending scene I'd hoped for, but for a Gina Gerson scenario it was alright.


Without beating around the bush I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Franck Vicomte's vision in this film. From start to finish each scene built upon, and emphasized the sexual situations shown before it. There was not one dull moment, and despite my issues with lesbian porn I loved seeing the girls having fun throughout the film's entirety. I know I also mentioned the fact that I was concerned about the casting, but in the end that too was outweighed by the quality of the performances, and the gooey finishes that took place after each sexual encounter was lived down. If I did have one gripe though it would be that Gina Gerson isn't exactly who I would have chosen as a film's ending performer. I understand she has her skills, and that she's REALLY into what she's doing, but I think it would have been more appropriate to see Lea make one final return, even if it was in the company of Gina. Other than that I think this film earns a "4 out of 5" in comparison to it's "5 out of 5" Dorcel store subscriber rating. It's definitely worth adding to your collection regardless of my less than perfect scoring. I simply took the score down a notch due to the inclusion of recycled music, and intro material. As mentioned in the "AUDIO/VIDEO" description.

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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