Homewrecking Babysitters (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, Babysitter, Gonzo

DIRECTOR: Not Credited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Team Skeet / Paper Street Media, LLC

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1774158/homewrecking-babysitters-porn-movies.html)


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 9 mins

EXTRAS: Trailers, Photo Gallery, Cumshots

AUDIO/VIDEO: Full HD. That's what it says on the dvd slip cover. While that's a given I need to address some things about the visuals, and audio that caught my attention. The first thing that bothered me was the surveillance camera footage of the first scene which was used as it's intro. It was so distant, and vocally muffled that it kind of ruined that portion of the scene. I respect the director, and editor trying to think outside of the box in that instance, but it was a failed attempt, in my opinion. Aside from that the reused, and recycled POV fucking kind of obstructed the view of what was going on with some of the girls. I personally want to see the whole girl, and not several five minute intervals of her ass, and pussy being pounded in an up close perspective. I get it. The dick is going in the fucking hole. Just let us see the ladies in all their natural glory. They are the main event.

The dvd is not only shown in full HD, but it's also shown in a widescreen presentation. The main menu showcases uncensored, and animated sex footage from the film as well.

CAST: Henley Hart, Jaye Austin, Kylie Nicole, Miranda Miller, Rachel James



Babysitter porn is one of those tried and true adult film genres that just will not fade from existence. Older porn lovers, and some newcomers to this form of entertainment seem to like the idea of legal teen babysitters who are willing to commit to some extramarital affairs. It's just one of those fantasies that some would wish to be a reality, I guess. Not only does the genre not fade away, but some directors providing the content also go out of their way to build upon the genre's foundations, and in doing so they tend to keep things interesting in a time relevant manner. In the case of "Homewrecking Babysitters" the formulas of old pretty much remain the same as they always have, but as I just mentioned it includes some modern-day twists to keep the newly educated porn loving generations interested. You have a few scenarios of babysitters being caught in some sexually deviant act via surveillance camera, or by the man of the house as he is arriving home. A couple of other instances stray from said path though to provide a couple of horny young ladies who take a different sort of payment for their services, or who opt to take advantage of the man of the household for no legitimate reason at all. The men, while vocally reluctant of the advances at times willingly allow the young ladies to loose their cocks from their pants prisons, and pleasure them until they are satisfied enough to let the girls' naughty actions pass by with a warning. Either that, or they give into the young ladies' desires after not being able to pay, or after seeing they are willing to commit such an act. Among the five scenes that were shown I did end up finding some quality performances, and sexy moments. For the most part things still seemed a bit cliche, and crude in delivery at times though.

In the first scenario 'Miranda Miller', the starlet of the scene, is given instructions on what she can and cannot do while the man of the house is out on business. This conversation, in all of it's entirety is captured on a ceiling mounted surveillance camera which not only provides a poor view of the initial situation, but also muffles the audio to a point that you can't really understand what is being said. Past the artistic approach that is the mounted camera instructional we get to see the man of the household leave, and the camera continuing to record Miranda as she sits upon the couch. Surprisingly, not long after the guy has left the premises Miranda strips off her shorts and panties, and gives a boyfriend some sexting pics/video footage with her smartphone while she masturbates. Of course the mounted camera captures the entire lewd incident, and the homeowner who obviously expected that she might be up to no good returns later to quiz her about it.

Miranda initially weaves some lies about having watched television all day, and tells the man that she is alright with babysitting whenever he wishes to call her. The man of the house beats around the bush a bit before he finally confronts Miranda about what he saw in the recorded cam footage, and after she owns up to her naughty deeds he threatens to call her babysitting agency, and report her. This is met with the on the knees begging, and swearing I'll do anything if you don't report me cliche. The dude attempts to make out that that's not the type of guy he is, and even mentions that he's married, but like most men in porn he gives in once Miranda grabs at his cock.

The sex that follows leaves Miranda subject to highly intrusive close-up angles, and body shots that do not capture her full beauty. All you really get to see is penetrations shown in first-person POV (Point of View) from the man's perspective. Only on rare occasion is Miranda's face shown. While I don't mind close-ups of a girl's butt, or frontal shots of her chest, and pussy while she's riding cock I would have preferred seeing Miranda more in full than she was shown. Miranda Miller, for those of you who don't know of her is a lovely, and petite raven haired young lady with small breasts. Her ass is huge, and her face is pretty. As far as her performance goes it was just above amateur, and had her taking an internal cumshot at the end of it all.

Following scene one we find another babysitter for hire who is a part of a babysitter squad, or agency. Her name is 'Henley Hart', and she arrives at the designated house only to be given a full tour of it, and a vocally delivered listing of the usual rules that apply when you are a guest in someone's house. She is also told that the kids are asleep upstairs, and not to bother them. After the guy leaves the modest young lady sits upon the guest bedroom's bed doing much of nothing. Hours later the man of the house returns to check up on her, and pay her for her services only to find that his wallet is missing (I know. It sounds like a setup, right?). After threatening to call the agency to report the guy for scamming her, and following up on that threat Henley decides to solve the problem her own way, and let's her employer go. She abruptly tells the guy that she's heard he has a big cock, and proceeds to inform him that she's never seen a penis before.

The guy entertains her idea while acting dumb about what it is that she wants, and baits her into confessing that she wants him to fuck her. Thus the deal is sealed, and the deed unfolds. The sex that takes place on the bed is made up of the same type of first person POV shots which were captured in scene one, and in being presented that way they obscure Henley's full body from view on many occasions. The POV angles mostly offer close-up shots of the pussy penetrations, and mid body shots of Henley's front and back side as she rides the man's cock in both cowgirl positions. The cowgirl penetrations in particular are kind of hard to watch in that they were awkwardly done by Henley, and didn't look as sexy as people might expect. She barely went up and down on the cock, and was doing crazy jerking motions with her arms. I will say that Henley was the sexiest female performer of the lot though, and very deserving of the cover shot she got. She's one of the more beautiful blonde performers I've had the privilege of viewing, and her acting was believable. For those of you curious about her cumshot it landed from her pussy region up to her underboobs.

Scenario three introduces a closet nymphomaniac that comes in the guise of a for hire babysitter. That closet nympho being, 'Kylie Nicole'. This time around the provided plot has Kylie getting caught in the act. As with the scene setups before Kylie is given stern instructions by the male homeowner as to what she is, and isn't to do. She's told to have no friends over, and not to smoke among other things. Despite his warnings she ends up inviting a male acquaintance over, and proceeds to give him a blowjob. Unbeknownst to the two lovers the man of the house returns sooner than expected, and catches them on the spot. He scares the younger gentleman off, and confronts Kylie about what she did. He reminds her of the instructions he gave, and while doing so she begs him not to report her to the babysitting agency. Unlike the previous husbands this guy refuses Kylie's advances several times over, and with a sort of maturity. Her persistence eventually pays off though, and she bribes the man with sex.

This sex in this scene was highly amateurish on Kylie's part. She seemed extremely inexperienced, but for whatever reason this scene ended up being the longest in length regardless of that fact. The camera, thankfully captured both of the main performers in third-person though, and showed them in full as they shifted around on the living room area furniture while trying to get into some comfortable penetration positions. Between the two performers they covered all of the basic positions including doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and even spooning. The highlight for me was when Kylie got away from the guy, laid upon a couch in the missionary position, and began masturbating. I think the sex was kind of painful for the thin, and petite performer before she made that move. She had arched her back during the doggy, and was constantly moving her body about as the man's large cock penetrated her pussy. I figure she got up, and moved to give herself a break. The burly man of the scene wouldn't have it though, and let Kylie suck his cock some more before pounding her pussy in missionary, and spooning alongside her. The ending cumshot, which happened shortly after was equally as awkward as the rest of the scene, and had Kylie forcefully spun around to take a cumshot to the open mouth. She even throated the man's cock afterwards.

Rachel James of scene four is the epitome of what one pictures as a babysitter in porn. She has those signature blonde pigtails, and a young appearance that almost screams taboo. Though she isn't formally introduced at the beginning of the scene through the usual house tour guide, or given instructions Rachel does come into focus fairly quickly as one of the unlucky babysitters getting caught doing something naughty on the job. When the scene opens up the man of the house is on the way back to his home in his car. He seems to be in a rush, and is anxious to see if Rachel took care of things. A sign of a good parent. Upon arrival, and entry of the house he calls out for Rachel with no response. He searches the rooms, but to no avail. It isn't until he approaches the back patio's screen door that he realizes what Rachel is up to. It seems she's into sexting like someone else we know, and has stripped off her clothes so that she can reveal her private parts to whomever is on the receiving end of the smartphone. The homeowner watches her, whispering under his breath as he does so. You can tell from his reactions that he wants in on the action, but in an attempt to play his proper role he storms out confronting the younger lady.

Rachel, acts slightly alarmed at first, but like every other performer in this dvd decides to warm up to the idea of getting out of the situation through sex. She's on her knees in no time flat, and proposing what one might expect at this point. She tells the man he can do whatever he wants so long as he doesn't rat her out to her babysitter group. The man gives in letting Rachel begin with a blowjob. What follows the foreplay is the usual setup of POV cock riding, and basic penetrations. The only thing different is that after spending his load once the man of the scene goes at it again with Rachel, but this time on his own marital bed. Rachel seems to love the attention regardless of the situation, and receives two cumshots for her misdeeds.

Last, but not least we happen upon an interracial babysitting situation which differs greatly from the scenes before it. In this scenario 'Jaye Austin' starts off by trying to wake the slumbering man who hired her. She rubs his upper thighs to try to wake him up, and let him know that she needs to be paid so she can get to her next job. The rubbing is futile though, and eventually it leads to Jaye touching the man's cock through his exercise pants. After she notices what she's done she has a sort of eureka moment, and decides to see what the older man is packing. She pulls out his cock, and sucks on it without thinking twice. The man wakes up surprised, but not offended by the girl's actions. He gives in, and after Jaye agrees not to tell his wife they continue what was started.

The sex includes some from behind POV doggy, some missionary in the same first-person perspective, and even some impressive cocksucking with trained eye contact. Unlike the scene before it the cumshot ends up on Jaye's face after a final blowjob. Thus ending the scene, and thus ending the film.


As I mentioned so briefly on Twitter I found this dvd presentation to be alright. It wasn't without it's flaws, but it did have it's moments of sexiness. In the way of flaws I found that the lazy POV recording kind of took away from the scenes' quality in that it didn't capture the young ladies in the best of ways. The cameras were obviously fixed to the male performers' heads, and as they pounded about the camera shook noticeably while only capturing up close angles of the girls' body parts. The only exception to this was the scene with Kylie Nicole in it. Another complaint I had was that the first scene, though artistic in nature, was poorly done. The camera that captured the conversation between Miranda Miller, and the male performer early on was so distant, and so vocally muffled that I had to guess what the setup was about. I know it's easy to understand that it's a babysitting scenario, but the editor and director should have known better.

I also want to point out that Kylie Nicole's extended scene was so awkward it was almost not enjoyable. You could tell she was uncomfortable with the penetrations, and that she was new to porn. I think her tiny, and thin body didn't fit well with the male performer's massive cock. I kind of felt bad for her, but at least she took it like a pro when it was all said and done. Other than those things I happened to enjoy the girls' performances. They looked beautiful (even Kylie), and sexy. They definitely fit the role of a fantasy babysitter. In saying that here is my verdict ... If you like the babysitter porn genre, and don't mind watching the younger looking ladies getting pounded by older guys you might find this one good enough to rent, or purchase. The thing about TeamSkeet dvds is that they are the same price as Hollywood movies sold on dvd at launch. They are affordable, and unless they are a total flop they aren't a bad deal ... most of the time. I think it's safe to say this dvd gets a "Recommended!!!" rating by me. It's alright.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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