Slutty Times At Innocent High #6 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Teachers

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs 35 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: This is your standard high quality Team Skeet presentation. It comes complete with clear visuals done up in a widescreen ratio. While the dvd cover doesn't boast being in HD it still is nearly that good visually. Even on an old tube style television it still looks great, but does have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. I will say however that the scene editing does become crude at one point, especially with the way one scene was spliced together. It's almost like that scene had some mistakes happen between the performers, and caused the editor to have to cut some positions short. In splicing it the scene in question definitely looked sloppy. As far as the sound goes I did have to turn the volume up past the midway mark to better hear what was going on, and what was being said. Considering past experiences that's not too bad though. I also noticed that some of the scenes had an onset ambiance with an echo fitting of being in a mostly empty classroom. It kind of makes the sound quality seem less than professional.

CAST: Natalie Monroe, Alexia Gold, Elektra Rose, Maci Winslett, Allison Rey, Shelby Good



Teen, and teacher sex scenes are a dime a dozen these days, and are one of the more frequently used setups in the world of legal teen porn. I think the sort of taboo theme that it encompasses really adds a sort of sexy edge to the older teacher, and younger student relationships which take place onscreen. I also think that's why directors often times try to give their take on the age old school plot. While I initially had my doubts about this particular teacher, and teen themed dvd being an original, and wholly enjoyable viewing experience I felt it really hit a home run with every scenario that was shown. In Team Skeet's "Slutty Times At Innocent High #6" the skirt wearing mischief makers that are the female students will do anything to get out of a sticky situation, and by "anything" I mean that they will fuck the musclebound male teachers without thinking twice about it. Some girls in the classroom are even so horny they'll seduce the teacher into doing the unthinkable after class has dismissed. All of the sex, as one might imagine does take place within the classroom, and behind it's closed doors. The teachers usually succumb to the teenagers' wiles without much resistance, and girls who use their bodies to persuade said teachers not to punish them for their misbehavior really know how to work their charm. The sex included in the scene compilation is a sort of graduation, or evolution in that the film begins with the most basics of position changes gradually working up the intensity, and variety with each following scene. The girls who were cast are absolutely gorgeous, and their performances truly a sight to behold.

The dazed, and ditzy reddish blonde haired 'Alexia Gold' is the first girl you'll encounter on this skit ridden journey through Innocent High. She's petite, pretty in the face, and is blessed with the most perfect of bodily assets. When the scene opens up we catch Alexia sitting love struck with a gaze set dead upon her male teacher, Mr. Torres. This teacher is busy closing his lesson for the day, and getting ready to excuse the class when he glances over at Alexia noticing that her legs are spread, and her shaven pussy is exposed. Acting slightly shocked, and a little anxious he quickly dismisses class, but has Alexia stay behind for obvious reasons. Once alone he asks her what she was doing, and Alexia replies by lifting her school uniform skirt once again showing off her goods. The hot blooded male teacher is hesitant at first to give into temptation, but it only takes a moment's time for him to accept Alexia's lewd advances.

At first Alexia treats Mr. Torres with a lengthy, and super sexy blowjob that is deep in delivery. Despite deepthroating the massive cock before her to the balls Alexia never gags, and never gets sloppy. This is followed up by some pussy pleasuring later on, compliments of the teacher. When the foreplay takes it's course the oral treats are followed up by a couple of penetrations on the teacher's desk. At first the teacher pounds Alexia's ass in the doggystyle position, and continues said pounding with some folow-up missionary. Seeing the couple use the desk top to their advantage really sent the sensations downstairs (if you know what I mean?). The chemistry was definitely there, and the excited cries from Alexia really made for a good show. I will say that the sex did seem a bit one-sided though as Alexia basically let Mr.Torres do as he pleased with her body. I also got the impression that the massive penetration in her tiny body might have been painful to a certain degree. She definitely cried out a lot, and only smiled back at her onscreen lover a couple of times during the ordeal. Thankfully Alexia did brave the cumshot though, and asked Mr.Torres to come in her mouth. He attempted to do so, but most of the thick cum landed around her mouth. It was still a heck of a way to start the dvd off.

Scene two has my recently praised, and newly favorite female performer 'Elektra Rose' looking hotter than ever before. Her body no longer has the blemishes I spoke of, and her shy awkwardness is no longer a dominant feature of her personality. In her scene setup, which starts off like an aged film with a special screen filter applied the director showcases Elektra walking the streets trying to hand out flyers for some reason. Hidden among the cars in a parking lot that she passes is an older man who stealthily records her actions using his smartphone. It isn't until she later makes her way inside the classroom that it is made clear that the peeping Tom was her teacher, and that the passing out of flyers was a punishment. Being called in, and caught red handed Elektra tries to worm her way out of the situation by flashing her breasts at the teacher. The sexual advance works surprisingly well as he doesn't waste too much time before groping, and sucking Elektra's bare breasts.

The sex that follows, like in the last scene begins with a fantastic oral display on both performer's behalf. Elektra once again shows off her natural deepthroating skills in full, and does that signature shy sideways glance that I caught her doing in the previous dvd I reviewed. The fact that she does not gag, and gives head for a good while makes the starting moment all the more fap worthy. Of course the teacher does also go down on her when he has her spread eagle in the missionary position on top of his desk. The position changes in this scene which follow behind the routine foreplay feature are more plentiful, and include some cowgirl riding outside of the missionary, and doggystyle penetrations. The sex in general gets a bit rough at times with some hardcore pussy pounding, some choking, and even some hair pulling. I do get the impression that Elektra likes the rough stuff as she cries out in delight often while taking the harsh treatment. Sadly the ending cumshot which ended the show landed on Elektra's breasts instead of her face. It's not the worst of finishes in my opinion, but facials on the girls are my favorite.

Following Elektra's impressive lead 'Maci Winslett' tries to take on some written work for her teacher. When he pulls out several folders worth of it though she offers up sex in place of the educational torture. Taking a hint from a previous scene Maci unbuttons her blouse, and flashes her breasts at the teacher suggesting the obvious. This teacher also takes the bait damn near immediately, and gives Maci a more unique pounding than that which the girls before her experienced. Sex does start off with the mutually beneficial foreplay though including a decently deep blowjob on Maci's behalf, and some return pussy licking attention compliments of the teacher. The highlights of the scene, or the different positions include a standing cradled penetration. There's also some cowgirl done as the man of the scene sits in the teacher's chair. Missionary, and doggystyle on top of the teacher's desk is also a thing. Maci really did put on a good show with her onscreen partner, but I feel it was a little more generic compared to the last two scenes of the film which you'll read about shortly. As far as the cumshot goes Maci does take the cumshot to her face, and mouth, and even sucks the cock dry afterwards.

Plot-wise the fourth scene takes the cake as being one of the most original classroom porn skits I've ever seen. In it naughty girl 'Natalie Monroe' tries to steal the test answers from her teacher's desk during the nighttime hours. She goes full-on thief complete with a ski mask, and a toolkit for breaking in. Once inside the vacant classroom, and with the sought after prize in her hand Natalie is abruptly startled when her teacher also walks into the room. In a panic she darts under the desk hoping to not be seen, but as the teacher sits down, and tries to roll his chair under his desk he discovers the young lady. Giving her a stern lecture, and threatening to call the cops to deal with the problem his intentions are quickly offset by Natalie's titty flashing, as well as her offering to do the dirty deed. As with the previous teachers this musclebound male also caves in, and bangs the ever loving fuck out of his student.

Sex between the couple is pretty hardcore considering the fact that Natalie is one of the most innocent looking teens I've ever seen in porn. That, and the fact that the male performer does not go easy on her at all makes for some truly rough fucking. Natalie definitely has that youthful look, and her braces really dumb down her visual age significantly. Regardless of her appearance though it is obvious that she doesn't mind losing her inhibitions to get out of a predicament, and that she's old enough to entertain such an idea. For those of you curious about the physical details Natalie is kind of tall with a big butt, and some fairly large all natural breasts. Her hair color is brunette,and everything about her is sexy. As far as the performance goes the onscreen couple has an alright chemistry going on though the man of the scene does look rather odd at times, especially with his smaller size, and distorted muscular build. Thankfully the camera focuses mostly on Natalie, and the penetrations for a majority of the scene. The sex itself takes a similar direction as the previous scene in that there's standing penetrations, some cowgirl in an office chair, and the routine doggystyle, and missionary on the desk. I think the hottest part of the scene was when Natalie got into a face down planking position on top of the desk to suck cock, and the teacher followed up by attempting to do a planking doggystyle penetration. For whatever reason Natalie kept arching up during that time, and eventually got the guy to do a proper doggy pounding. The spooning on the desk top was also hot. In regards to the cumshot it was a long time coming due to the inability for the guy to get himself ready. It ended up on Natalie's face, and partially on her breasts. It wasn't as impressive as the previous facials, but it was alright for a finish.

The fifth, and final scene has the lovely duo that is 'Allison Rey', and 'Shelby Good' plotting in detention a party filled with booze of all sorts. Unluckily for them the teacher was listening in on their conversation, and had his own plans in mind. Basically using the possibility of further suspension as a blackmail tool He persuades the girls, against their will to give into his sexual intentions. What happens as a result is one of the sexiest threesomes in the history of porn. Using the desk as a prop the threesome often times piles up in various positions to better enjoy their physical company. Sometimes the girls stack up so that the teacher can switch between their pussies, and other times the girls ride on the teacher's cock, and face. There's plenty of titty suckling, and pussy licking between the trio as well. I think the sexiest moments included the tag team blowjobs that happened on a few different occasions, and the badass standing penetration with 'Shelby Good' in the forward, and backwards facing variety. Even the ending facial cumshot which leaves Shelby with a dissatisfied grimace, and Allison with a satisfied look on her face is hot to trot!

The girls themselves were of the sexiest teenage specimens, and each had a sort of cute and classy look going on. Sort of like a classic pin-up. Both girls were brunette, but of different body builds as well. Shelby was thin, and had a perky pair of breasts while Allison was more filled out, and with larger natural breasts. They each contributed equally to the performance, and looked absolutely stunning doing what they did. I've personally never seen them perform before, but after having watched them I can safely say that they are two bi-sexual young ladies worth watching. What they did in the way of a performance was the proper way to end a dvd!


GALLERY: This constantly changing, and automatically playing collection of photographic images includes a sort of play-by-play account of each scene. All images are as explicit as the sexual acts in the scenes themselves. Each image varies in shape, and size.

TRAILERS: Complete with title, performer credits, and sneak peeks of the sexy action within select Team Skeet films these provided trailers will clue you into what's available for purchase from the studio. The trailers do seem to be of more recent releases, some of which I've already reviewed.

CUMSHOTS: This feature showcase the cumshots of each scene in order, and in full. From the final jerk to the final suck, and the gooey aftermath that is to follow you will get to enjoy it all through this extra feature. It is decent fapping material, but at the same time is limited, because there are only five scenes on this dvd.


I think this is the first time in a long time that I got to watch a thoroughly enjoyable Team Skeet dvd production. It was literally good from start to finish. The performers that were chosen were all perfect in their own unique ways, and the sex that was shown was hotter than hell in the summer time. I was glad to see 'Elektra Rose' polished to perfection, and less timid than she was before. Her acting showed a sort of sexual confidence, and her performance was once again noteworthy. I think all of the young ladies in this particular film compilation impressed me on some level whether physical, or performance-wise. In fact I found favorites in nearly all of them. The only one I didn't really favor was 'Maci Winslett', but in all honesty she did put on a heck of a show. I also loved the route the director took with the time spent on oral sex, and the mostly facial finishes. Rarely ever do directors focus that much time on the oral sex, so it was a true treat to see the girls suck cock for as long as they did. I'm sure my lady readers will also love the attention the girls got from the guys as well. In closing I'm gonna say this is a "Must Have!!!", and "Must Own" title. The asking price is definitely on par with the product.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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