Russian Institute 21: Punishments (DORCEL)

GENRE: 18+, Teens, All Sex, European, French

DIRECTOR: Franck Vicomte


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $39.17 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs + Bonus "Making of"

AUDIO/VIDEO: Both the audio, and video in this dvd presentation are of the signature Dorcel quality. The visuals are crisp, clear, and of a high resolution. It is presented in a widescreen ratio meant for newer HDTVs, but can be enjoyed on older televisions with the usual widescreen bars at the top, and bottom of the screen. The audio, which features a mix of music, spoken female narratives, and sexual moans is of clear quality. You'll also find that the dvd includes various language options that include different spoken languages (English, Deutsch, Portugeuse ...), and even subtitles in different languages for the hearing impaired. As far as editing goes it was professionally done with no noticeable flaws in the areas of audio capturing, splicing, lighting, or camera angles.

CAST: Tiffany Doll, Taylor Sands, Anna Polina, Lola Taylor, Diore



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Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Unbeknownst to some of you return readers the "Russian Institute" series isn't exactly a serial continuation meant to stick to any one plot. The girls involved, though sometimes the same each embody a different character going through a different sexual experience. Thus is the case of "Russian Institute 21: Punishments". In this latest installment director Franck Vicomte drives his Russian Institute vision home with an outside narrative detailed by the returning Tiffany Doll. The misadventure also includes a plot twist of sorts involving a sexually sadistic head mistress played by Anna Polina who punishes her pupils for their naughty misdeeds with equally naughty measures. While the narrative covers each instance of sexual deviancy through Tiffany Doll's character's perspective it also includes her own mainstay tale about enduring the punishments that she receives for misbehaving on school grounds with a certain secretly invited young man. Along with Anna, and Tiffany come a handful of other female cast members who each bring to your attention their own sexually sordid tales of teenage promiscuity, and the resulting punsihments. The variety of situations do vary, and for this first time in a while I've been pleasantly surprised by the director's unique interpretation of school ground events.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In "Russian Institute 21: Punishments" things start off with a bang. Like some of the previous installments though one of the female attendants schedules a nighttime rendezvous with a younger man who isn't supposed to be at the all girl establishment. This nighttime encounter which involves the lovely, 'Taylor Sands', and 'Lola Taylor' has them being joined by a guy named Steffan in their dorm room. Once inside through a window entry the young man entertains his secretive girlfriend, 'Taylor Sands' while Lola sits alone on her own bed enjoying the show. Eventually after some groping, sucking, and intimate kissing the two lovers invite the blonde haired Lola in on the action. This turns into one of the more hardcore starting threesomes I've ever seen in a Dorcel production. At first Lola rides Steffan's massive cock in both cowgirl positions via an anal penetration. This lasts for a while with Taylor offering up the occasional caress, kiss, or grope. Once Lola has had her fill of fun she dismounts, and lets Taylor enjoy some vaginal spooning. Again, Lola contributes to the threesome by attending to Taylor in a similar fashion as to how she was treated. The only difference being that Lola sucks the condom covered cock before re-inserting it into Taylor's pussy every once in a while. That, and the pussy licking which Lola provides to stimulate Taylor as she's being penetrated. Shortly after that round of excitement is spent Lola takes one of the nearby beer bottles, and begins penetrating her own pussy with it in a delightfully sexy display. While prodding Taylor's anus from behind in doggy Steffan helps Lola out a little with her odd masturbation technique by ramming the bottleneck in, and out of her pussy quickly. When Steffan pulls out of Taylor's bumhole afterwards he shoots his load all over her ass ending scene one, but not before Head mistress Anna Polina walks in to catch them all in the act.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Fast forward past the pantyless spanking that Miss Anna Polina dishes out to the previous two girls, and we find the hot an bothered male board member jerking off in the car after witnessing first hand Anna's unorthodox method of discipline. Luckily for him Anna discovers him performing his lewd act in the parking lot before he has the chance to finish. She leads him to the school's storage room, and there Anna lives up to her reputation by disciplining him much like a dominatrix would. Sure he has his turn penetrating Anna's tight ass, and pussy, but the man is at the mercy of this rather intimidating lady for the duration of the encounter. The sex that ensues is limited, position-wise due to the room that they are both fucking in, but remains entertaining throughout the sexual engagement. Most of the penetrations are spent with Anna leaning against a ladder with her leg hiked up in the air for ease-of-access purposes. This awkward position does allow for some up close footage, and sneak peeks at Anna's naughty bits for those of you who are curious. For the ladies you'll also find that the male performer endures some face sitting, and even has Anna's panties stuffed in his mouth while she tends to his erection. It's a sexy scenario, and one that's to be expected in the midst of all the student, and teacher intermingling.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Moving on ... It isn't long before one of the other girls has her turn with a lucky guy on school grounds. During a lesson in nude art Tiffany Doll excuses herself from the classroom presence in order to meet with Steffan in the ladies restroom. Previously, after the first girls had had their turn with Steffan, Tiffany gave the visiting lady's man her phone number hoping for a booty call later on. Having gotten that call during class she journeys into the bathroom, removes her panties, and anxiously awaits Steffan's entrance. Upon arrival Steffan, and Tiffany get right down to business without a moment's hesitation. At first Tiffany treats the young man to a deep blowjob which gets him hard enough for a proper penetration. Once he's hardened Tiffany faces the restroom sink, bends over slightly towards it with one leg hiked up, and gives willingly into some vaginal sex. It seems Tiffany loves the attention, and for the majority of the encounter that's exactly what she gets, penetration-wise. The only different penetration variations, or position changes being  missionary on the sink, and sort of improvised spooning. After being pounded from behind for a good while Steffan pulls out allowing Tiffany time to get down on her knees in front of him for the cumshot. This ends orally with Tiffany getting a mouthful of cum. As before though the two lovers are once again caught by Miss Anna. This time Tiffany endures a more harsh punishment by being stripped naked in the Head Mistress's office, and made to stand still for hours with her own panties in her mouth as she awaits the arrival of two unknown men.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
While Tiffany was doing her thing during the nude art study the chosen model, 'Diore', and the sketching artist-to-be 'Taylor Sands' were secretly invited that evening to a special art lesson from the male art teacher, Richard. When film returns attention to these other female classmates they are seemingly being tutored professionally in the ways of how to draw the proper female nude. The raven haired Diore is once again the nude example, and Taylor sits in a chair nearby trying her best to draw a realistic representation of the young classmate. Richard intently instructs the young artist on her technique, and gives a hands-on lesson about female curves. He even goes so far as to have Taylor strip down as well so that he can get his point across. As it turns out that "point" was sexually motivated all along, and once upon the table he makes a lewd advance with the two girls by pulling his cock out, and shoving it in Diore's open mouth. This, as one might guess leads to another threesome with both girls contributing to each other while the male teacher pokes, and penetrates their holes. Being an artist myself I found this scene to be extremely entertaining. It was well executed, and the chemistry was solid between all three performers. You could tell each of them were anxious to do the deed. Once over, past the anal, and vaginal penetrations the man of the scene spends his load all over Diore's now upside-down face landing some of the sperm in her mouth, and some on the tip of her tongue.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Returning attention to Tiffany, and the student character she embodies we find Anna inviting in two male headmasters to participate in the young girl's expected punishment. Anna positions her desk chair in the middle of the room, and orders the still nude Tiffany to get on all fours upon the chair's seat. She then loosens one of the men's cocks from his pants, and orders him to anally fuck Tiffany. He gladly obliges the Head Mistress, and pounds Tiffany from behind as the Head Mistress, and left out Head Master watch. After a rather lengthy, and brutal anal pounding Anna unzips the other man's pants, loosens his cock as well, and orders him to stuff his cock in the girl's mouth ultimately creating a Tiffany Doll spit roast. Pounding Tiffany from both ends the men continue on, and switch up at one point until Anna motions for Tiffany to get on top of her desk in the missionary position for the final portion of her punishment. This too is done anally, but with both men taking turns satisfying their lewd fantasies within her tight ass as she lay upon the flat of her back with her legs raised. After they've reach the climax of the encounter Anna lets the men shoot their wad in Tiffany's open mouth as she kneels down on the floor. Thus ending the fifth, and final scene.

Closing, Tiffany stays in character stating that now that she knows the punishment is so pleasurable she will be naughty more often. This leads into what looks to be an extra scene, but ends up being a sort of cliffhanger ending with Tiffany inviting Steffan into her dorm room at night.


MAKING OF: Like the "Making of" features of old this behind-the-scenes look into the production of Franck Vicomte's latest film includes documentary style interviews with both the cast, and the director as they do their thing, and explain their roles in the film making process. It's one of the better extra in that it gets you familiar with the porn industry, and the major role-players who contribute to the films that you love.

TRAILERS: These sneak previews of recently released Marc Dorcel films come complete with DVD cover images, respective titles, and brief sexual moments that you will see more of if you dare to buy the viewing experience. It's a good way for those of you without internet access to be able to see what else the studio is offering.


I have to say that this latest 'Russian Institute' adventure is by far my most favored yet. It has the ultimate set of sexual situations, it's directed superbly, and has a lovely cast of young ladies that really drive the point home. Anna Polina being one of them. During my viewing of the film I could not find one thing wrong with it outside of the anal leakage that did happen at one point during Tiffany's final threesome. If you weren't paying too much attention to the close-ups though you might be able to miss this detail as the performers did take notice, and did position Tiffany in a way so that it was less noticeable. Overall I absolutely loved Franck Vicomte's vision for the Russian Institute. I'm sure you will too, and that's why this dvd gets my highest rating of, "Must Have!!!". Do not miss out whatever you do! Just keep in mind there are paid streaming options available ( as well as the dvd itself.


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