Interracial Surrender (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: Interracial, All Sex, Big Cocks

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs 35 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: This Team Skeet presentation reflects a decent quality presentation. By "decent" I mean that the visuals along with the editing are good. I didn't really notice any bad splicing, or any visual issues as I watched the dvd. The soundtrack, however did suffer from some lower sound output issues that required a higher volume setting, and some of the audio/spoken dialogue had a sort of unpolished studio echo that made what was being said harder to understand without cranking the volume up.

CAST: Keisha Grey, Yhivi, Elektra Rose, Jay Taylor, Miley May



When it comes to BBC (Big Black Cock) interracial porn there's something attention getting about seeing petite white girls trying to do their thing professionally while being penetrated by a cock of massive proportions. The girth, and length of black men's cocks are notorious for being some of the biggest in the industry, and to pair the men who have said monster cocks up with inexperienced newcomers of a smaller size makes for some of the more interesting situations in porn. Such is the case of Team Skeet's recent release of "Interracial Surrender". In the case of this particular "black & white" flesh flick you'll find some of the most original role-playing scenarios you've ever seen involving musclebound black males, and their diverse selection of onscreen female partners who each bring something vastly different to the performance. The men, for the most part fulfill their role as being the more dominant role player while the girls in question play a more submissive part. The only exception involving Jay Taylor, and a lucky guy named "Dante".

In the first scenario 'Elektra Rose' makes a triumphant, and somewhat awkward return as a school girl who is visiting a girlfriend. While at the girlfriend's house Elektra discusses the daily mishaps of the educational kind. Shortly into the conversation her girlfriend's father enters the house, greets the two girls, and heads directly to his bedroom with a smartphone in hand. Seeing that the bathroom is in the same direction Elektra informs her friend that she needs to use the restroom, and as expected the girl points Elektra in a similar direction as her father. Instead of making her way to the bathroom though Elektra peeps in on the unsuspecting father to find him beating his meat to some smartphone porn. She quietly lets herself in, and begins stripping of clothing articles at a distance with him unaware of her presence. Once he does notice her the father acts like a proper gentlemen trying to get Elektra to leave, but lust soon kicks in, and through some initial breast groping the sexual encounter begins.

For those of you who do not know it, and have not read my previous reviews Elektra has a sort of awkward insanity about her. She's constantly glancing to the side in a shy mannerism while sucking cock, and even makes some of the most awkward facial expressions as her pussy is being poked by penis. In this particular scene it's the same thing, but to an awkwardly cringe worthy degree. Elektra has a tight pussy, and I knew the male performer's cock was going to wreck her just from seeing her try to suck it. Sure enough when penetrated in a select variety of positions (Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning) she cried out in pain, and tried frantically to adjust so the pressure would not be too great. During the missionary penetrations, when you could see her face in full she made some of the most insane faces I have ever seen in a porno. I knew she was off her rocker (crazy) as a sexual performer, but her performance here drove that fact home. I kind of felt sorry for her, because I've grown to admire Elektra's unique style, and to see her displayed like this for the world to see didn't do her sexiness justice. Even the oral cumshot she took at the end could not redeem her from the awkwardness that ensued so early on.

Jay Taylor, the more mature acting female performer of scene two plays the role of a unorthodox Massuese. Through word of mouth she snags Dante as a customer for her full body contact massage technique. Basically, as a Masseuse Jay strips down to nothing, and rubs her oiled down, and naked body against the paying customers' also naked body. In this case Dante, who was well endowed in the nether regions got the special treatment that not only included the special massage, but also a shower, and a full-on fuck session. To begin with Jay stripped off all of her clothing casually (so serious), oiled her small, but perky breasts, and began rubbing up against Dante. She even handled his cock when she got closer to his upper leg region. While all of this is going on Jay not once indicates that she's being less than professional. She definitely seems to be taking the unusual method of therapy seriously, and does her thing for a good long while. The full body contact massage itself is sexy to watch, but it isn't until they get into the open door shower stall that things really begin to heat up.

In the shower Dante gets bathed much like a vehicle would at a car wash. Jay hoses him down with a shower wand while often times stopping to adjust the water temperature. She even lathers him up with soap, and tugs at his massive cock with a double handed motion. Eventually Jay does what one would obviously expect her to do, and gives into her sexual desires by allowing Dante to penetrate her in the doggystyle position as she leaned against the glass shower door. Beyond the short lived doggystyle bang Jay sits atop the bathroom counter next to the sink with her legs spread wide apart. Dante takes the hint, and bangs away at her exposed pussy in the missionary position enjoying the welcoming opportunity. Using the floor afterwards the two enjoy some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl. It is in the return sink missionary that she really shines though. I can't recall her really crying out in pain like Elektra did, but she did make faces at times scrunching up her nose as the massive black cock inserted into her pussy. Despite ending with a cumshot to the pussy, and abdomen this scenario, in full was pretty darn impressive. I liked the plot setup, and the performers definitely had good chemistry.

Scenario three was by far the worst of the five scene collection. In it we have 'Miley May' who is looking to be in Troy's music video. Troy is of course the black male performer of the scene, and is playing the role of a well known rapper in this particular plot setup. Looking like her namesake implies Miley makes her way to Troy's front door appearing like a proper slut. Neon colors, heavy make-up, and short cut clothing accent her pale as the moon body. Once inside the rapper's residence Miley stands amusingly in front of Troy giggling as he sizes her up. There's plenty of ass grabbing, and groping as Troy feels Miley up, and down with, and without her clothing on. The sex that should have started quicker was painfully slow to begin though. The cocksucking that eventually started things off was interesting, but seeing Miley on all fours in the doggy position facing the camera while she was getting pounded from the rear was even better. It showed some of the best angles of Miley to be seen in the entirety of this scene, and that's the reason I mentioned it. Like the other scenes there were different positions explored including cowgirl ,and reverse cowgirl, but for the most part none of it was really noteworthy as Miley wasn't that impressive of a performer. As far as the ending cumshot goes it landed in Miley's mouth, and was quickly spat back out. At least the scene did end on a good note.

Scene number four, which is titled "I got it from momma" has 'Keisha Grey' taking her black boyfriend home to meet her mother. Once they arrive though they notice good old mum laying face down upon the couch drunk from too much alcohol consumption. Keisha leaves the room to try to do something (???), and leaves her new boyfriend with her mother. The boyfriend decides that the best course of action is to lift mum's skirt, and have a peek at her goods. Guess what? She wasn't wearing any panties!!! As Keisha continues doing what she's doing in the kitchen area the boyfriend caresses her mother's butt, and pussy like a lewd, rude, and crude pervert. When Keisha finally returns to the living room area she catches him in the act, and for some unknown reason gets turned on about it. She abruptly asks her boyfriend if he's hard, and things go on from there. Sex takes place on, and around mum upon the couch that she passed out on. The two lovers use the back rest of the couch for a prop, and when the mother finally rolls off onto the floor they use the couch seats. The missionary on the couch arms, and back was very sexy, and showed off Keisha in her best light. Even the doggy, and spooning was fun to watch. I think, if I were to be honest that Keisha was the glamour model of the collective female performers, and definitely looked like a more fit porn starlet for this feature film. Like some of the previous girls Keisha soldiered up at the end, and took a cumshot to the face, and mouth. In a hilarious final moment Keisha's onscreen mom pops up saying something incoherently, and passes back out upon the floor. Keisha laughs it off with a face full of man goo.

The fifth, and final scene of the nearly three hour presentation introduces one of the most unusual female performers I have ever seen. I say that with the utmost respect. The first thing to come to mind when I saw 'Yhivi' was that she looked a lot like a modern age Shirley Temple. Only older, and slightly taller. I still can't figure out what ethnicity she is though. All I know is that she appears to be a white girl like the rest of them, and definitely seems to follow that teenage stereotype. As far as the scene setup goes the scenario in question focuses on Yhivi as she's sunning by the pool of a luxurious estate. As she lays there in her reclining patio chair a handsome black stud waltzes right up to her in a to the point sort of way. He points to his tool belt, and mentions the fact that he was called out for a fountain repair. Yhivi remembers that her mother had called the man for the job. After getting off of her butt she slowly makes her way with the half-dressed man to the fountain in question showing him the possible problems only to notice him checking out her phat ass as she did so. She confronts the man asking him what he's doing, and if he likes what he sees. Your typical porno one-liners. When he answers back, and shows interest in her small, but curvy body Yhivi leads him back to the pool area where they fuck to their heart's content.

The sex, for the most part takes place on and around the the patio furniture. It showcases some impressively deep cocksucking on Yhivi's behalf, and even has her doing the routine basic position changes. Watching her facial reactions hinted towards the fact that the massive cock before her was definitely a little more than what she was used to. Like Elektra she was very expressive both physically, and vocally. I'd have to say that Yhivi's performance wasn't awkward though, and seemed like a natural thing despite the odd size match-up. I didn't mention it earlier in this paragraph, but Yhivi is the shortest of all the female performers, and compared to the black man she was paired with it made her seem even smaller. I don't know how she took that massive cock up in her tight pussy in the missionary position, but she did. Ending the dvd on a good point she also took a facial cumshot before the screen faded out to the credits.


GALLERY: This is your usual Team Skeet digital photo inclusive extra. In it you'll watch as image after image of the girls play out in an automatic fashion to some applied background music. The images come in smaller sizes, and showcase some safe for work subject matter as well as some NSFW material.

TRAILERS: These automatically playing preview trailers showcase newer Team Skeet dvd/film releases with accompanying performer credits, and titles to let you know exactly what it is that you are previewing. It's a good resource for those wondering about what other dvds Team Skeet has in store for it's fans.

CUMSHOTS: Like the other extras these gooey finishes play out automatically, and in order according to the scene that contained them. You'll get to see the girls' bodies get plastered with cum in a sort of to the point fashion. All the foreplay, and position penetrations are left out only leaving the final jerk off, and cumshot to be enjoyed. Always good for fapping .... if you like the girls, of course.


This collection of interracial scenes wasn't perfect. The scene with Elektra Rose as the main performer showed her off in a way that made her seem awkward. It really did her a disservice as a female performer. Even the Miley May scenario left a lot to be desired due the dragging ass nature of the presentation. On a more positive note I did find two really impressive scenes, and one decent scene in the mix though. Three out of two isn't all that bad. Among the more impressive scenes I found Jay Taylor's, and Keisha Grey's white pussy versus BBC scenarios to be worth watching. They offered something less than cliche plot-wise, and performance-wise the girls and men involved did a hell of a job. The decent scene on the other hand was that of Yhivi's which had a sort of undeniable fun factor about it. Some viewers might be turned off by her unusually young appearance though. With everything weighed, and accounted for I'm gonna have to say that this dvd is more rent worthy than anything. Luckily AdultDVDEmpire does have some VOD rental options which include scene specific streaming. Do take advantage of that if you even want to bother.

VERDICT: Rent It!!!


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