Juene, Jolie & Perverse Libertinages (MARC DORCEL)

GENRE: Libertine, Amateurs, European, French, Straight Sex, Public, Group Sex

DIRECTOR: Philippe Soine


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / 39.48 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/dvd/marketing/nouveautes/jeune-jolie-et-perverse.html)


LENGTH: 1 hr 10 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: I ended up playing this dvd on my 20 inch tube television for the nostalgia feel, and strangely I got the same mismatched menu screen that I've talked about before. I figure Dorcel has started gearing the films towards an HDTV viewing, and has forsaken the old full screen tube television format. If that's the case then it's not really an issue as mostly everyone who owns a television has upgraded to an HDTV at this point. The good news in regards to this worrisome news is that once the film starts (and it does so automatically) it plays out perfectly on a tube television.

When it comes to a visual presentation the film's scenes are mostly edited in a professional manner, and do contain that high quality look that I always praise Dorcel Studios for. The only exception is the poorly cut final scene in which the action abruptly switches up from the sex shop footage to an apartment scenario. As far as the sound is concerned you'll find that it is alright considering the more amateurish video capturing style that was used. There's plenty of environmental sounds, and the film as a whole seems to be more of a homemade porn experience with a slight professional twist. I should also note that I find the fact that the film immediately starts without initial access to the main menu makes the film seem to be sloppy to a certain extent. The menu is not going to matter to everyone, but as a journalist who has seen what a perfected Dorcel dvd can be like I find it to be a little lazy on the editor's behalf.

*NOTE*: After starting the dvd up on my PC to capture screenshots the main menu popped up first. My dvd player could be on the fritz so disregard the menu accusations.

CAST: Laure, Lusy, Lula



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Regardless of it's short presentation, and three scene limit director Philippe Soine does partially alright with the scenes that he has provided this time around. Unlike previous voyeuristic installments by the same director, Philippe only participates visibly in one scene, and leaves the rest to some amateurs who happen to be taking the libertine lifestyle to an entirely new level. For those of you who are unaware the "libertine" trend amongst the women of Europe is all about sexual freedom, and exhibitionism. The libertine ladies love to go all out, and enjoy sex to it's fullest. In this particular film they are no different, and thankfully so. Aside from that info I should probably also mention that the scene scenarios in this latest film are vastly different from previous encounters filmed by Phillipe Soine in that he doesn't do the routine window shopping for sex partners at local clothing outlets, or out on the streets. You'll find that a special sauna/spa encounter as well as a dogging outing with a couple in a corn field, and a threesome meeting at a sex store are the main focal points for this naughty misadventure.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Wasting no time at all the dvd skips immediately past the setup, and selection screen taking the viewer right into the narrative action of the scene's intro. As it turns out Philippe has taken a trip to a sort of spa type brothel, and has begun inquiring about the establishment's offerings. After squaring away the details with the resident madame he makes his way down a sectional corridor of saunas in which older men are being entertained by younger female prostitutes. The perversion is definitely there as Philippe sets his attention to a particular blonde haired girl who is finishing up with her current two customers. Peeping in like a proper pervert Philippe captures some of the sexy action on his camcorder before taking a brief leave to wait for his turn with the youthful lass.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
When there is only one man left lingering alongside the girl Philippe makes his move, and his entrance hoping to score some one-on-one time for himself. For a good while the scene becomes a touchy-feely experience between Philippe, and the girl with plenty of kissing, breast caressing, pussy fingering, and cock teasing as it's main point of interest. Once the lingering man leaves though Philippe gets his groove on, and delves deeper into sexual territory after the girl warms up to his advances. The cocksucking that ensues is truly sexy, and deep. The camera angles that capture said act of fellatio keep the action interesting, and make it one of the better moments of the encounter. Once Philippe is hard enough he follows up by putting on a condom (offscreen), and popping his cock right into the girl's pink pussy as she lays spread eagle in the missionary position. He pounds away for a while, and only pulls out to keep from cumming, and to switch up to a doggystyle penetration later on. Most of the penetrations are vaginal, and the only time Philippe seems to go anal is when the girl is on all fours in the doggystyle position. Eventually the girl rests upon her back on top of the sauna's bench letting Philippe spend his thick load of semen all over her face. Thus ending scene one.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In scene two things take a super exciting turn as the traveling Philippe spies a roadside couple engaging in an 'open to the public' sex act. What makes him stop, and return to the spot where they are parked is the fact that the buxom redheaded girl inside the vehicle is mostly nude with a 'Miss Libertine 2012" award ribbon wrapped diagonally across her naturally large breasts. Upon engaging in a conversation with the interesting couple Philippe finds out that they are into "dogging". Somehow after finding this out, and chatting with the openly sexual couple he is invited to tag along to a secluded location in a corn field for a dogging event. For most of the scene's duration Philippe surprisingly stays hidden from view only allowing Miss Libertine 2012, and the participating male strangers to be captured on camera. The sex, which is basically a gang bang in the couple's car compliments of said couple is very exciting to watch. There's plenty of cocksucking, vaginal penetrations, and anal penetrations to be seen. At the end of it all two men end up plastering the girl's face, and mouth with some of the thickest loads that I've ever seen in a porno while the boyfriend comes all over her bare pussy. Thus ending scene two.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
The final scene, which is likely the least interesting of the lot includes a sex shop sexual romp, and an at home gang bang involving some strangers, and another sharing couple. In the sex shop encounter a guy who keeps his face hidden behind his long hair, and his girlfriend's mostly exposed body gropes said girlfriend while a stranger stops boldly by to get in on the action. A condom is provided to the onlooker, and after putting it on the brunette sucks his cock for a moment's time. Abruptly cutting this unique encounter short the scene intro cuts out, and focuses immediately back in on the same couple, and some strangers who seem to be gathered at the couple's apartment/home. As one might guess the group sex event has already begun, and the libertine lady is now the center of attention. Oddly the boyfriend only gropes his girlfriend as the strangers poke, and prod the girl's holes with their erections. For the duration of the encounter the girl's mouth, pussy, and anus are constantly satisfied by cock in various positions including missionary, and spooning. Like the girl in the scene before this one she ends up getting a face full of cum once the men reach their boiling point.


This is one of those hard to critique films. It was a mixture of an alright scene, an awesome scene, and a scene that wasn't all that impressive. Seeing as these three scenes alone made up the film's entirety a lot is riding on the quality of said scenes. In the case of scene one I found it to be alright. It contained the usual Philippe Soine perversion complete with exaggerated/perverted close-ups, and onscreen action. The girl was gorgeous, but acted like she was high as a kite. I loved the blowjob sequence as it was definitely impressive. Other than that though it contained routine penetrations, and position changes with a good facial finish. Looking back at scene number two I find that it was the star scene of this particular film. For a public sex (dogging) outing it was a truly sexy feat, and sexually entertaining throughout. The redhead was beautiful, and the thought of her giving into strangers' lustful desires really did wonders for the effectiveness of the scene. As far as the last scene goes it was a bit of a let down. I did like the idea of sex in a sex shop, but the couple involved looked rather worse for the wear. Even the participating strangers had a sort of creepiness about them that was beyond perverse. The added fact that we get a full in-your-face view of the girl's pimple covered ass really puts a damper on things. I will say that I did enjoy watching her willingly take a face full of man goo at the end of it though. Taking all of these after thoughts into consideration I'd say, "Rent this one". The second scene definitely makes it worth a rent, if nothing else. If you are a subscriber to 'dorcelvision.com' you can even stream it there along with any other films you want to see for the duration of your paid subscription.



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