19 ans ... Jeune Escorte (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Teens, Escort, Prostitutes, Group Sex, Threesomes, Public

DIRECTOR: Philippe Soine


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $39.15 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/dvd/marketing/nouveautes/19-ans-jeune-escorte.html)


LENGTH: 1 hr 35 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: This time around I played the dvd on my HDTV for a more accurate, and current presentation critique. The film, from the main menu forward looked excellent, and functioned as it should with the exception of some slightly grainy screens that were no doubt caused by the camera that was being used in the shoot. Both the scenes, and the menus were displayed in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that in no way took away from the intended viewing experience. The lighting therein was stunning, and up to par with films by Dorcel's more noteworthy directors. The fleshly details of performers were more visually enhanced, and flaws on their skin could easily be seen. Compared to a viewing on a tube television this effect was greatly enhanced. As far as the sound goes it was done well for the most part. The narrative featured a younger voice actress that matched the physique of the onscreen Daniella, and could be heard in various languages via the audio setup in the main menu. English being one of them. Along with the accompanying narratives there were also what I like to call Godzilla-like orgasms/vocal expression. By that I mean the sexual moans of ecstasy were like the mismatched audio from a Godzilla movie. It did hurt the quality of the presentation somewhat. Other than that I think Philippe Soine, and his crew did alright for themselves.

CAST: Daniella Rose, Vanda Lust, Scarlett Hope, Gina Blond, Pascal St. James, Tom Crusio, Pascal White, Jean Pallett



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Surprisingly director Philippe Soine abandons his routine porn formula in this latest amateurish flesh flick, and instead brings to us a narrative guided story about a few young girls who are openly exploring their sexuality as fake escorts. Unfortunately as the given plot begins things within the film become haphazardly organized with the trio of Daniella Rose, Vanda Lust, and Scarlett Hope working together to please others at times while separating at other times to do their own thing. Philippe places emphasis on the friendship bond between the girls at the start, but at times abandons the premise completely to bring separate scenes that only showcase Daniella Rose's, and Scarlett Hope's talents. In the end it becomes a film that's more about Daniella's character due to her playing the narrative part, and her involvement in the more prominent performances of the feature presentation. While I could easily hark on the film about that it still holds up to the higher quality standards that most Dorcel directors set with the presentation of their similar story driven feature films.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In the first scene, which gets into the sexual nature of the situation right off the bat we find Daniella Rose, and her best friend Vanda Lust getting physically acquainted with an older university bar patron whom they decided to hook up with. This older gentleman (Pascal St. James) who was peeping at the girls' naughty bits underneath their stationed table leaves with the girls to engage in some threesome activities at his residence. For most of the duration of the encounter Vanda willingly accepts the penetrations which come in both the anal, and vaginal variety. Daniella only steps in on occasion to be more of a supporter, and a cock tease. She helps tag team Pascal's cock with her mouth, and studded tongue alongside her friend, and receives only one, or two penetrations in a couple of generic position changes on a bed within the apartment bedroom. The sex is sexy as are the participating girls, but certain things do offset the experience. Pascal's exaggerated facial expressions, and stroke-like appearance really make for some laughable moments if I were to be honest. Thankfully the scene ends on a good note with a shared cumshot that slightly hits the tongues of the two girls before landing on Pascal's ripped abdomen.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Following the first two girls' introductions, and dual performances we find Daniella out on her own indulging her sexual fantasies even more while hooking up with different strangers for a thrill. In this instance, after being gifted some expensive jewelry from the first guy to enhance her sex appeal she sets up a meeting with two men for yet another threesome encounter. This time it's all about two older men, and her though. Trying to act confident she enters the men's apartment room, and begins playing with her pussy while standing in front of them. She discloses that she's nervous via the provided audio narration, but still maintains her composure as the two men have their way with her. The threesome sex is your typical threesome engagement with one guy satisfying Daniella's mouth with his cock while the other pokes, and prods her asshole, and pussy. The positions which are also typical do offer different views of Daniella's body, and orifices. At times the bearded man of the bunch also licks, and tongues Daniella's asshole before placing his cock deep inside. In the end Daniella once again receives the oral finish with the majority of both men's cumshots entering her open mouth.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
After some more plot material unfolds involving the university pub the newly gathered trio of Daniella, Vanda, and Scarlett ready themselves in the bar bathroom. While Scarlett is taking her turn dressing one of the constantly observing male patrons follows behind her into the unisex bathroom hoping to score a free blowjob. To his surprise Scarlett takes the hint, and immediately goes down on his cock giving him the deepest blowjob of the entire film. The scene lasts for a short while, but ends on a good note with Scarlett taking his full thick load into her mouth. Gloating about her naughty deed she rejoins her friends, and parts ways along with Daniella for another threesome rendezvous with the previously met Pascal St. James.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In scene four's second encounter with the aged Pascal St. James, Scarlett leads the show taking up most of the attention much like the previous encounter involving Daniella, and Vanda. The encounter begins with some heavy cocksucking, and cock sharing attention between the two girls later leading into the anal, and vaginal penetrations of both. For a majority of the scene Scarlett commands the action along with Pascal in all of her glorified awkwardness. Like Pascal, Scarlett makes some very unusual facial expressions that kind of lessen the sexiness of the conjoined performances. That coupled with the Godzilla-like sexual moaning, and mismatched facial expressions only acts to hurt the performance even more. I was glad to see the cumshot go oral again though, and the fact that the two girls shared a lingering intimate kiss afterwards really made things hot.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Scene number five butts into the picture like undeniable filler material. In it Philippe Soine's signature perversion rears it's ugly head in the form of yet another bar outing. This time around Daniella is once again by herself, and decides to check out a local champagne bar that she passes as she strolls down the nighttime Parisian streets. After entering the establishment, and ordering a glass of champagne she notices older women leading older men back into a corridor of curtained off areas. She inquires to the bar owner about it, and he willingly offers to give her a guided tour. Along the way Daniella spies upon the patrons engaging in various sex acts, and stops only to watch a blonde prostitute do her thing in full. As Daniella spies in on this lady of the night, and her paying customer she constantly offers up flirtatious glances, and sexy smiles. When the couple finally notices her standing there their faces turn towards hers showcasing a creepy expression after which they finish up their deed with some cock riding, and missionary style penetrations before a cumshot lands on the lady's tongue.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Drawing the film to a close the sixth scene follows Daniella, and the bar owner on an outing outside of the establishment they were just inside. Daniella said she wanted to take her sexual experience to the next level, and in that request the bar owner devises the perfect plan. After arriving at an empty yet busy nighttime garage parking lot it becomes obvious that our lovely Daniella is in for her first dogging encounter. There are cars parked, and plenty of men at the ready as the bar owner parks the vehicle he is driving in the midst of it all. For the most part Daniella stays inside the car only to lean out for some cocksucking, and handjobs. At one point she even lets a couple of men penetrate her in the missionary position as she lay spread eagle in the backseat of the car with the car door left ajar. Unlike the previous scenes though this one does not end with oral cumshots, and only sees Daniella getting her small breasts coated in thick man goo. After pushing the final man away, and abruptly closing the car door Daniella, and the bar owner speed off down a busy highway where Daniella is dropped off to continue her nightly stroll home. Before leaving the vehicle though the bar owner attempts to pay her for her time only to have his euros thrown back in his face. Looking proud, and liberated Daniella walks down the sidewalk of the busy highway sporting that sexy satisfied grin that she has sported so often throughout the film.


TRAILERS (8): This is your typical dvd/film trailer extra in which you can view previews of previously, and recently released Marc Dorcel films. The previews/trailers are separated, and selectable by cover image, and do contain some spoiler material.


If I were to be totally honest this film's plot was so poorly organized, and so all over the place that it really didn't make a whole lot of sense collectively. With that having been said though every scene I watched in it, outside of the champagne bar scene was top notch in delivery. The main trio of girls really offered their best performances, and Daniella went above, and beyond to impress. I ended up falling in love with Daniella as a performer after having viewed the film in it's entirety. Like I said in the intro paragraph though this film was more about Daniella's sexual exploits, and less about everyone else. Not that that's a bad thing. With everything considered I found this film to be worthy of the "4 out of 5 star" rating it received on the official Dorcel store. Mainly because the champagne bar sex scene was included in the mix. Had that scene been left out this film could have easily earned that "5 out of 5 star" rating.

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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