Sodomise-Moi Je N'Attends Que Ca! (Dorcel)

GENRE: Anal, Amateurs, European, Straight

DIRECTOR: Phillipe Soine


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / 38.41 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 35 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: The picture presentation in this film comes in the usual vivid, and near Blu-ray quality display locked down in a slight widescreen format. The director's approach is an artistic one that incorporates various digital camera screens, webcam footage, and voyeuristic points of view from the director's perspective. Each scene is more, or less shown in a reality television sort of way that keeps things real, and less edited than what you'd usually find in Dorcel's glamor porn features. Location shots of Paris, and possibly even the Red Light District are shown to enhance the real feel of each encounter. As far as soundtrack goes it is edited nicely enough, but does keep a realistic on location sound quality about it with natural environmental ambiance thrown in. There are no voice-over, or subtitle options in this particular film as Philippe Soine is one of Dorcel's French only director. Thankfully the film is still playable on NTSC, and PAL dvd players though.

CAST: Lucy, Ashley, Anastasia



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Philippe Soine is a director who loves a hands-on approach. In most of his films he captures himself, and other gentlemen having sex with ladies whom he has stalked, or whom he has been watching from a close distance. In the case of this latest sexual film adventure the premise stays pretty much the same as it has always been. The only difference being the selection of girls, and the scenarios in which Philippe, and one other lucky gentleman get to partake of their onscreen subjects. The scenarios included range from a webcam prostitution rendezvous within the Red Light District to a hook-up with a cleaning lady at hotel suite, and even a cliche encounter with a Parisian shopper who is shopping for some of the latest fashions. In each, and every case Philippe, and his team of photographers captures the action in an artistic way that features mock digital camera screens, voyeuristic views, and actual webcam footage from the Red Light District sex shop. Nothing ever really gets dull in that respect, and with only three scenes for show the director does pretty darn good for himself, this time.

In scene one Philippe casually walks the outside sidewalks of a few Red Light District sex shops before pausing at his final destination which happens to be a sort of webcam brothel. Once inside the darkly lit cafe-like interior Philippe sits at a booth awaiting his girl of choice to secretively sit down at the booth across from him, so that he can pick up her message with the meeting arrangements scribbled down upon them. Once she discreetly poses, and flaunts her goods for Philippe to judge she abruptly leaves with the note left in her stead. Philippe picks up the crimson colored note, briefly reads it, and makes his way towards the appropriate interior room within the luxurious establishment. Once inside he removes all of his clothing, and awaits for his paid prize to emerge from the inside bathroom stall. As a customary greeting, and deal sealer the prostitute searches Philippe's pants pocket for the payment, and secures the euro notes in her black bra.

The raven haired beauty is dolled up in a simple yet elegant selection of black lingerie, and dark brown waist high nylons, or leggings. She has some heavy eye shadow on as well as some brightly colored lipstick indicative of her profession. To get the man worked up, and on his way as quickly as possible the girl takes control of the situation grabbing at Philippe's cock, and teasing his body in various aggressive, and dominatrix-like mannerisms. She even licks his nipples, and kisses his neck getting him harder than a rock in less than a minute's time. Of course Philippe doesn't want the ordeal to last a brief moment, and pauses to loosen up a bit before the girl goes down for some cock sucking.

The teasing, and oral treatment provided by the paid prostitute really escalates the action fast, and almost has Philippe spending his load early. Thankfully he decided to return the favor with some followed up pussy, and anal finger probing which the girl of the scene seemed to enjoy rather intently. Once both participants had had their fill of foreplay Philippe, and the object of his desire opted for some protected penetrations. This mainly included vaginal, and anal penetrations in an improvised missionary position as well as in the doggystyle position. During the penetrative sex the camera view would switch focus from the view provided by the webcam within the small room, and the footage captured through Philippe's handheld smartphone. In the end the raven haired beauty got down upon her knees one last time to suck off Philippe's swollen cock, and took his entire load into her mouth. After the gooey mess was spat back out the prostitute demanded that Philippe take his clothes, and leave, and greeted the webcam gleefully with a satisfied, and messy smile upon her face. I assume that these supposedly secret meetings are shown through each of the prostitute's webcam accounts, and that they possibly get paid on the side for that as well. Who knows though ...

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Scene two takes an entirely different turn, and seems to be a follow-up of the first encounter. In the scene Philippe awakes to spy a cleaning girl working through the interior of his current hotel room. The camera which Philippe is obviously holding captures the brunette's actions in a voyeuristic manner from a bedroom in which the door is slightly ajar. He sees the young lady stop in the laundry room, and remove her blue jean min-skirt as well as her high heel sandals before doing some living room area vacuuming, and dusting. Surprisingly the bold, and half-naked Philippe emerges shortly after the start of his peepshow experience, and makes himself known to the girl who doesn't seem to mind his awkward presence at all. My guess is that she showed up for some screen time, and knew exactly whom she was cleaning for. Either way Philippe, and his cleaning lady get it on right there in the midst of the hotel room.

The two engage, initially in some fetish foreplay including a sexy nylon footjob. In a similar approach as the first encounter Philippe also treats the younger lady to some finger banging, and intrusive anal probing via his fingers. The sex this time seems to be more aggressive on Philippe's behalf though as he does get more forceful with the submissive girl, jerking her blouse loose, and man handling her on occasion. It was definitely an interesting change of pace in that the girl of the scene gave into everything that Philippe did unto her. He plowed her ass with his huge cock in a similar fashion as before, and even rammed her pussy a bit in the missionary, and doggystyle positions. To add an extra salty finish to the shoot Philippe also allowed an offscreen gentleman to briefly butt fuck, and glaze the girl's ass crack with cum. The really good portion of this scene though was the intense, and lengthy blowjob that was given by the girl. It included some serious cock to face rubbing, some dick in cheek fucking, and some wet deepthroating. As far as female performers go this little lady definitely knew how to give a proper show. The only thing I hate about it all is that her name was not given onscreen. In fact none of the girls were ever really given credit. It is a shame.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In the third, and final scene of the dvd Philippe returns to his roots to offer up one of his signature shopping experiences in which he tries to entice the girl he's stalking with something she could not afford in exchange for sex. The lucky young lass this time happens to be the only blonde of the scene, and has her eyes set on a pink knitted sweater which she tried on at a small clothing retailer. Unknowing to her Philippe has been following her closely throughout the small Parisian shop, and has been recording various views of her petite, and curvy figure. Philippe even gets so bold as to peep over the opposite changing stall to capture some footage of the young lady partially undressing herself.

It isn't until she exits the place of business though that Philippe acts on his urge, and confronts the girl with his usual proposal. After agreeing to the terms the girl meets Philippe at a local hotel room, and engages him in some idle admiration, and a brief clothes on photo shoot that seems harmless. Of course the girl does know why she is there, and when Philippe whips out his cock it is not a surprise to her. The sex that follows plays out in a pattern not unlike the two scenes before it. There's foreplay involving some foot fetish material, some cock teasing, cock sucking, and some finger banging. While it's all a little cliche in nature the locale, and girl more than make up for the mundane approach. Surprisingly the girl of the scene, which I had pegged for a more shy type was a sexual deviant in her own right, and gave into Philippe's wanton desires more than willingly. In fact she was often times show with her orgasm expression on, and a satisfied smile upon her face. Something as equally as surprising as the fact that the girl was as kinky as she was was the fact that she opted to finish on a hardcore note by taking Philippe's thick load on her outstretched tongue. Ending the scene on a proper note Philippe presents the young lady with a jeweled heart-shaped box which more than likely housed her pay for her participation in the dirty deed.


TRAILERS (8) - Included in this dvd's trailer listing are eight more recent releases, most of which I've reviewed here on this very blog. There's a student nurses film, a film starring Anissa Kate in her maid attire, and others that you'll probably recognize if you've read my reviews, or visited one of Dorcel's sites. As always it's definitely the lesser form of the bonus offerings, but it does give the viewer a proper sneak peek into the studio's latest releases.


In all honesty I had forgotten who Phillipe Soine was as a director. I didn't recall his past works which showcased similar scenes, and approaches. What you'll find interesting in regards to this is that Philippe Soine is not one of my favorite Dorcel directors. His approach usually doesn't appeal to my glamor sex favoritism, and usually shows a more humble side to the sex industry. For some reason though I did find each one of the three scenes contained in this dvd to be of good quality, noteworthy quality. Maybe it was the girls, or even the interesting artistic approach, but whatever it was it worked to impress me. I only wish that the girls were given more credit than they were, and that their names were disclosed within each scene for future reference. I was at a loss not being able to tell which girl was Lucy, Ashley, or Anastasia. Despite all of that I think Philippe's latest film deserves a "Must Have!" recommendation as he hit the nail on the head with what I've been preaching to all the three scene directors out there. I always say that you have to go all out with each scene if you are only going to have a few, and Philippe Soine did exactly that. Props to the director!

VERDICT: Must Have!


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