Pornochic 25: Anissa (Dorcel)

GENRE: Libertine, Mature, Erotica, European, Group Sex, Threesomes

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 12.00 (EURO) / $12.91 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs (5 Scenes) + Bonus "Making Of"

AUDIO/VIDEO: As usual Herve Bodilis does good to provide a quality feature with a superb audio, and video presentation. Nothing seems half-assed other than the fact that there is an "Audio" menu included for no good reason at all. The picture is vivid, the lighting is good, and all the performers' flaws can be seen in absolute uncensored clarity. The screen size, or ratio is widescreen, but not in a letterbox format. There is more picture than widescreen in this particular film. As far as the soundtrack goes it is a combination of nicely edited performance sounds, and erotic instrumental music that builds upon the nature of each sexual encounter.

CAST: Anissa Kate, Liza Del Sierra, Angell Summers, Alexis Crystal, Vanda Lust



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Surprisingly 'Pornochic 25' takes the series in an entirely new direction with freshly made scenes that go beyond the cover girl's appearance/s. Herve Bodilis bravely avoids the traditional compilation format, and introduces five new scenes that have some Dorcel nostalgia thrown in. By "nostalgia" I simply mean that some scenes are oddly reminiscent of previously shown scenes by other directors who used similar locations, and performers for their shoot. Even with the occasional nod to intros, and setups the film still holds up amazingly well, and really pushes the "Pornochic" feel. For those of you who are unaware the "Pornochic" genre, or series was created to show off the more liberated side of the female cast, and do so with the absence of vocal vulgarities spoken through shared dialogue. There are no voice-overs, narratives, or original French dialogue based encounters to cloud the sexy action, and visions that the director has in store for his audience. It's pure adulterated fun shown off in an erotic, and truly hardcore way.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In 'Pornochic 25: Anissa' we find that the cover girl, 'Anissa Kate' is the frontrunner in an all out performance that paves the way for the scenes to come. While her first scene is cliche in that it features the group sex encounter in front of a parked vehicle it is still unique to the Dorcel film library, and really showcases that "Pornochic" theme that Herve Bodilis was pushing for. Anissa arrives with her husband at a dark location in which anxious males are awaiting outside their parked BMW for Anissa to be gifted unto them. Anissa's husband disrobes his wife inside the vehicle, and lets three man have at her in front of the car's headlights as he watches them do their dirty deed. The sex features mostly a spit roast style sex with one man penetrating Anissa from behind while the second man occupies her mouth with his throbbing erection. The men take turns willingly, and finish with a cumshot on an individual basis. Some of the cum is spent on Anissa's butt cheek at the end of the performance while the last man to finish spends his load all over her face, and tongue. Each man does the gentlemanly thing by taking a napkin/handkerchief, and wiping the gooey deposit clean. It is a respectful way to finish, and adds a sexy touch to the amazing performance by Anissa, and her male partners. Sadly in this first scene though the husband sits idly by, and does not participate with his betrothed.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
As expected from a film that is not the traditional compilation collection, scene number two shows a casting of performers that has nothing at all to do with Anissa Kate. In her stead the seemingly lesbian couple of 'Liza Del Sierra', and 'Angell Summers' start off the show in a kinky way that is borderline domination in delivery. Liza takes it upon herself to grope, spank, tease, and slap the tits of the now red haired Angell. Nothing really "Lesbian" in nature happens in this scene intro outside of the heavy teasing. It isn't until Liza steps outside of the room to greet, and offer foreplay to the awaiting Mike Angelo that things begin to make sense. As it turns out Angell is a participating sex object for the sexy couple, and between the both of them the couple aims to make the most of Angell's voluptuous body. This of course is done through a sort of bi-sexual encounter in which all performers pleasure each other in a turn-based fashion. Mike gets the best of both worlds in that he has the opportunity to make the most out of each girls' holes, both separately, and together. At times Liza lets him have his way with Angell, and at other times she joins in with her strap-on to amplify the sex that is taking place. There's a variety of penetrations, and position changes explored including spooning, and cowgirl. Angell even takes on a DP from her two masters at one point during the all out performance. In the end Liza sits atop Mike's abdomen with her butt facing his face while she jerks his hardened cock until he comes all over Angell's mouth. It's an unexpectedly pleasant scene that definitely does it's job in getting the viewers' fluids flowing to the right places.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Scene three follows a similar formula as the second one in that Anissa Kate is once more nowhere to be found. In her place is a threesome comprised of 'Yanick Shaft', 'Alexis Crystal', and 'Vanda Lust'. Like another scene I've reviewed before I found that this one starts of showing the performers riding down the road with the backseat occupant (Alexis Crystal) standing up with her arms outstretched in the wind. They arrive at a locale that was used before in a very similar scene, if not the same exact scene. This location which is a lavish house with sliding patio doors, and an outdoor pool is the playground for the trio, and is where the shoot unfolds. After arriving at their destination the two ladies of the scene head out on the patio to enjoy the scenery, and wait for Yanick to bring them some champagne. Once Yannick arrives with three wine goblets, and some champagne the trio indulges themselves for a moment before Alexis initiates the occasion with some teasing, and mouth-to-cock foreplay. From the foreplay forward the sex is a mixture of girl-on-girl time, and shared threesome sex. Highlights of the scene included the pussy licking foreplay between Alexis, and Vanda in which Alexis licks Vanda's exposed pussy while Vanda pours champagne down her crotch into Alexis' open mouth. The shared cocksucking, and the straight penetrations mixed with girl-on-girl action really heated up the sex between the three performers quite nicely. Even the finish which included a cumshot to both girls' mouths really spiced things up.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Returning for her final scene Anissa, and her hubby make a more intimate appearance in their homestead. The scene starts off with Anissa bathing herself in a shower that has a glass wall for onlookers to gaze in on. Her hubby which was previously shown preparing some bubbly in the kitchen area stops to peek in on his wife, and she notices. Playing the proper tease Anissa gropes her body, and plays with her breasts in his view. After cleaning up Anissa joins her husband in their bedroom and quickly gets dressed in some sexy black lingerie with matching jeweled high heel shoes. When she's finished dressing she shares a quick drink with her hubby as they toast the occasion, and abruptly whips out a laptop in which she puts on a webcam show for the audience at home upon her bed. At this point it is made apparent that Anissa's husband likes to watch men have their way with his wife, and enjoy her as he does. This act of voyeurism sets the proper mood for him to enjoy his wife for himself, and spices up the sex between them. Once the hubby is content with Anissa's worldwide webcam performance he joins her only to close the laptop, and engage her in their natural environment. The sex that follows is intimate, and really emphasizes the marital nature of the duo. There's plenty of intercourse, and foreplay enjoyed before the husband seals the deal, and decides to spill his seed all over Anissa's exposed pussy.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Last, but not least 'Cayenne Klein' gets to show off her libertine roots by playfully showering herself with a hose on an enclosed lakeside balcony. While one would assume that she's alone due to the camera only following her this scantily clad blonde is anything, but that. She is joined by two off screen gentleman who are each more than willing to have fun with her. One man (Mike Angelo) joins her on the balcony, teasing, and kissing her body while a man on the inside of the apartment looks onward at the her from just behind the balcony's sliding glass door. Cayenne, being the liberated individual that she is takes full advantage of her two lovers' cocks, and lets them have their way with her as she lies with them, and is pressed against the sliding glass door for from behind penetrations. The threesome is complimented by blow bang style cocksucking, shared penetrations, and a more erotic selection of position changes that maintain the hardcore nature that has been displayed in each, and every scene throughout the film. At the end Cayenne gets down on her knees upon the balcony, and soldiers up to take one cumshot to her face, and one to her bare breasts. Thus ending the film on a complimentary, and well rounded note.


MAKING OF: In this film's making of Herve Bodilis (The director) makes it a point to explain the point of the 'Pornochic' series while sharing his vision for this film. He includes plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, and even goes out of his way to let the performers talk about their experience, and their thoughts on their roles within the film. The "Making Of" extra is always a gem in that it helps the viewer to better understand the point of the film as well as the director, and his chosen performers. If you buy this dvd, or stream the film through Dorcel's online streaming service I highly suggest that you take the time to watch the "Making Of" extra.

TRAILERS (8): This extra is fairly self-explanatory. It's a collection of 8 Dorcel dvd/film trailers that are divided by digital dvd cover. The video previews contain explicit footage from past, and more recent film offerings. It's a handy extra in that it affords the viewer a look at films that they might find interesting.


There are two things that puzzle me about this film. First off I was surprised to find the film marked down so low in the online store, and secondly I was stunned that Anissa Kate was not in every scene. Pornochic 25 is currently 66% off. While that's a hell of a good deal for those of you looking to get a five star film I feel that the studio is losing out on the deal. I personally feel that this film was worth the initial asking price. To me it was perfection, and was one of the best Dorcel/Herve Bodilis films I've had the pleasure of viewing, and reviewing this year. I could not find anything wrong with it. All of the scenes were super sexy, and the performers equally as so. I could, however see someone being upset about Anissa not being the main focus, but in the two scenes that she was in she truly shone as an adult actress. If you don't mind seeing some amazing performances involving other Dorcel greats then the absence of Anissa in all scenes should not be a deal breaker. I'm going to close in saying that this dvd is a "Must Buy!". It's perfect for adding to your growing porn collection. Be sure to get it while it's on sale as it will save you a heck of a lot of money. I remember seeing it listed (the English version) on AdultDVDEmpire for $25.99, so Dorcel's store definitely has the better price as of now!

VERDICT: Must Buy!!! / Must Have!!!


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