Dorcel Mag No45 (DORCEL)

GENRE: Adult Publication, MILF, Cougars

PUBLISHER: Marc Dorcel

COVER GIRL: Claire Castel

MSRP: 6.00 (EURO) / $6.35 (US) ( *Currently Marked down 40% from the usual $9.99 price tag*

The Marc Dorcel magazine is a French only publication that can be bought only through the official Marc Dorcel online store. It is larger than most porn magazine publications, and houses a 50/50 mix of gorgeous plus sized photo images as well as full blown articles pertaining to the latest French, and worldwide industry happenings. It comes in discreet packaging upon delivery, and houses two PAL region bonus dvds, one of which is a double feature. The other dvd is a compilation of sorts that must be unlocked for a small fee to view, and enjoy. It usually contains 18 scenes from various French adult films. All of the included content comes sealed inside a larger plastic bag with an insert that gives additional hints as to what's inside, and as to what's to come.

In issue number 45 you'll find that the cover girl, Claire Castel finds her own double page spread along with an in-depth article about her career, and her latest works. Aside from Claire Castel the magazine focuses heavily on the MILF genre with articles about cougars, why men prefer cougars, and a "Top 10" list of the editor's picks of the industry's hottest mature ladies. Among the list you'll find some popular names including Julie Valmont, Ania Kinski, and Dorothy Black amongst others. Even director Kendo's latest film "La Vie Secrete D'une Cougar" gets an article update with a preview of what the film entails. If you know me, and my reviews I'm a diehard fan of Kendo's, and absolutely love his films, especially those that feature the more mature women.

Aside from those mainstay features you'll find that the magazine starts off with the usual note from the editor, ushering the reader in properly. After that greeting new film sneak peeks, and details what the included dvd compilation has in store for the readers. Other articles thrown in to the mix include an intimate interview with the Asian porn star Asa Akira. This one one one interview with the journalist includes large photographs, and a back, and forth conversation between the pair regarding Asa's career, and things that you may, or may not know about her. The article goes on for a few pages, or more as Dorcel magazine exclusives tend to do.

Further on into the magazine is an article, and photo heavy spread about Manuel Ferrara sexually pleasing a lovely female performer. The photo's included have text upon them detailing the erotic action that is taking place in said photos. Another performer that is disclosed in intrusive detail is the lovely Scarlett Red who get's all of her age, measurement, and sexual preferences listed in a prelude to the informational article about her. You could say that it's a sort of spotlight article for those looking to discover new favorites from the porn industry.

In Dorcel's latest "Shoot" section anal queen Jada Stevens gets a proper mention with revealing photos, and an article regarding her inclusion in a 100% anal HardX film. This film which is produced by HardX is also one of the many films you can stream over at for a paid subscription fee. I find it interesting, and rather enticing that Marc Dorcel is willing to bring films outside of the studio to his dedicated subscribers. If you like girls who like anal, particularly girls with large round asses that like anal then this film, and article about Jada Stevens might be to your liking. Of course it goes without saying that all text is in French, so unless you can read French you might just want to pick it up for the exclusive photos.

One thing I've yet to mention about the Dorcel magazine is that it is divided by section with text tabs at the upper left-hand corner letting you know what section you are currently reading, or viewing. Sections include a 'Dossier' like the MILF/Cougar mentions that I talked about earlier. There's also a 'Tournage/Shooting', and 'Studio' highlight. Often times you'll find a few articles focusing on performers, and even directors. The magazine itself is pretty hefty in size, and with it's larger build it can house much more of the visual, and intellectual content that the reader desires. Photos are usually large to medium in size, and the text, while in French can be briefly translated via online services like Google Translate to gain an understanding of what the editor, and performers were speaking about. This minor inconvenience regarding the language barrier is offset by the overall quality of the magazine. That, and the affordable pricing makes this a good collector's item for porn enthusiasts, especially those who are into magazine publications. The added fact that advertisements are kept to a minimum makes this one of the better, and more content heavy porn magazines available in the world. I particularly like the preview articles that showcase released, and yet to be released films as they clue me in as to what might be good for my next review. In a similar way it will also clue you into what's hot in the incoming, and currently available Dorcel dvd library.

If you like MILFs, and Cougars, and don't mind reading up on some new industry gals then I think this latest issue of the Dorcel mag would be ideal for you. At 40% off it is a steal! Keep in mind though that Dorcel store sales don't last forever, so be sure to get it while the getting is good! Also for those of you PAL region followers, or those with region free dvd players who are tuning into this latest review the double feature dvd that is included includes both "Vacances chez mes parents", a film that features the lovely miss Ariel Rebel, and "Secretaire de Direction", which features the stunning miss Anna Polina! There's even a behind-the-scenes featurette included on the same dvd!


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