Dorcel Insignia Mousepad (Marc Dorcel)

Hello ladies, and gentlemen! It has been a while, and for that I humbly apologize. I actually got the latest batch of review material at the end of last week, but took the weekend off as I usually do. This week, and in the coming weeks I have some new stuff to type about including two new Dorcel dvds, the latest Dorcel Mag, and the insignia mouse pad which I'm going to discuss right now. I figured it would be neat to change things up, and offer a product review outside of the usual film, and magazine articles. While it's not going to be anything grand in scale (we are talking about a mouse pad here) it will give you an idea about what Marc has to offer on his French online store. I will also briefly discuss other available products from the store as well. Be sure to check out the link after reading my review, and gazing upon the provided photo images.

Upon first glance at the Dorcel store listing ( I had no idea about what materials the mouse pad was going to be made of. From the provided photo I had guessed it might be of a raised surface vinyl (which would have been awesome), but unfortunately was not. When it arrived I discovered that outside of it's design it was more, or less your basic mouse pad. It featured a glued on fabric image of the Dorcel insignia at a decent, and functional size for mouse movement. The bottom half was of a rubber gripping material that would keep the mouse pad from slipping on a smooth desk surface. As far as it's shape goes it was cut exactly like the shape of the Dorcel logo/insignia. Regardless of my disappointment about the material used to create the mouse pad the pad itself works quite well, and is affordable at the $9.99 price mark.

For those of you who are into Dorcel studio offerings, and want to show off your love for the company while at your office job this can be the perfect way to do so. The fabric material on top seems like it's made to resist spill stains, so those with a coffee addiction shouldn't be too worried if they splatter a little go juice on their newly purchased Dorcel mouse pad. I should also stress the fact that there is plenty enough room to move/swipe the mouse as needed. Keep in mind it is smaller in space though, so if you require some wider sweeps of the mouse for some reason having to pick it up, and replace said mouse on the pad is not out of the question. With a proper mouse that has a scrolling feature it should not be an issue though.

Supposing you buy this trademark insignia mouse pad it will arrive within a respectable amount of time at your doorstep via the method of delivery that you have chosen, and will be discreetly packaged despite the fact that it is a mouse pad. Dorcel's online store/distributor likes to keep your purchases as private as possible no matter what it is you buy from their store. It should also be noticed that this office based item will come in a simple plastic sleeve/bag that will cut down on unnecessary waste.

Aside from the Dorcel insignia mouse pad (Tapis de Souris Mouse Pad) you will find that the online store also carries other goodies outside of the normal film offerings. You'll find listings for novelty items such as a chocolate vibrator for the lady in your life. You'll find sexual stimulants in the form of various vibrating rubber ducks. You'll even find some sex guides for enhancing your sex techniques as well as some joke, and gag gifts for the clowns in your family. Recently I've also seen a new Dorcel logo/insignia ball cap that looks totally awesome! Most items are priced fairly, and sometimes at discount. It's always a good idea to check back at the store for new films/dvds, and items that might have piqued your interest upon browsing it. Dorcel tends to have sales frequently, and promotions that will sometimes score you an extra item for your patronage.


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