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Sodomise-Moi Je N'Attends Que Ca! (Dorcel)

GENRE: Anal, Amateurs, European, Straight

DIRECTOR: Phillipe Soine


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / 38.41 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 35 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: The picture presentation in this film comes in the usual vivid, and near Blu-ray quality display locked down in a slight widescreen format. The director's approach is an artistic one that incorporates various digital camera screens, webcam footage, and voyeuristic points of view from the director's perspective. Each scene is more, or less shown in a reality television sort of way that keeps things real, and less edited than what you'd usually find in Dorcel's glamor porn features. Location shots of Paris, and possibly even the Red Light District are shown to enhance the real feel of each encounter. As far as soundtrack goes it is edited nicely enough, but does keep a realistic on location sound quality about it with natura…

Pornochic 25: Anissa (Dorcel)

GENRE: Libertine, Mature, Erotica, European, Group Sex, Threesomes

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 12.00 (EURO) / $12.91 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs (5 Scenes) + Bonus "Making Of"

AUDIO/VIDEO: As usual Herve Bodilis does good to provide a quality feature with a superb audio, and video presentation. Nothing seems half-assed other than the fact that there is an "Audio" menu included for no good reason at all. The picture is vivid, the lighting is good, and all the performers' flaws can be seen in absolute uncensored clarity. The screen size, or ratio is widescreen, but not in a letterbox format. There is more picture than widescreen in this particular film. As far as the soundtrack goes it is a combination of nicely edited performance sounds, and erotic instrumental music that builds upon the nature of each sexual encounter.

CAST: Anissa Kate, Liza Del Sierra, Angell Sum…

Dorcel Mag No45 (DORCEL)

GENRE: Adult Publication, MILF, Cougars

PUBLISHER: Marc Dorcel

COVER GIRL: Claire Castel

MSRP: 6.00 (EURO) / $6.35 (US) ( *Currently Marked down 40% from the usual $9.99 price tag*

Dorcel Insignia Mousepad (Marc Dorcel)

Hello ladies, and gentlemen! It has been a while, and for that I humbly apologize. I actually got the latest batch of review material at the end of last week, but took the weekend off as I usually do. This week, and in the coming weeks I have some new stuff to type about including two new Dorcel dvds, the latest Dorcel Mag, and the insignia mouse pad which I'm going to discuss right now. I figured it would be neat to change things up, and offer a product review outside of the usual film, and magazine articles. While it's not going to be anything grand in scale (we are talking about a mouse pad here) it will give you an idea about what Marc has to offer on his French online store. I will also briefly discuss other available products from the store as well. Be sure to check out the link after reading my review, and gazing upon the provided photo images.