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Hotesses de l'air / Stewardesses (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Roleplay, Threesomes, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Anal, DP, Group Sex, European, French

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $39.55 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs

AUDIO/VIDEO: This time around I decided to watch the dvd on my HDTV, and I'm somewhat glad that I did. The audio, while studio quality at early parts of the film did well for itself overall. The music was kept relevant for each scene with modern erotic music setting the pace for the encounters that were to unfold. The visuals on the other hand were even better in HD, and were damn near Blu-ray in quality. Skin details could be seen easily including some unsightly ones. The lighting, and editing was also nicely done. Viewing the film I actually felt as if the Claire, and the passengers were boarding, and taking off in the private jet at that respective part. The overhead sweep of the private airfield before flight also…

A Winner for the DVD & 1 Voucher Has Been Picked ...

You know guys, and girls I cannot understand why it is you would let such a prize slip through your grasp. I know for certain that there are more readers here than my at my gaming blog. Not one of you even lifted a finger to type out a simple message stating what I asked of you in order to win the prizes. I had to take my business elsewhere to the gaming side of things in hopes I could find somebody who was fit to win the dvd, and film vouchers. I went to the gaming side of my Twitter accounts, and found one guy who wanted the dvd, and one guy who appreciated getting a film voucher. What do you have to say for yourselves? Seriously? Anyways the winners so far are as follows ...

New Dorcel DVD & Voucher Giveaway Rules (21+ Only!!!)

You guys, and gals sure are a stubborn lot. I want to honor my word to Dorcel's PR, so I'm going to change the rule requirements a bit. Let it be known that the original entry rules still apply outside of the age verification requirements. Let it also be known that this is a giveaway only for those who are over 21 years of age. You have been warned, so I will not be held liable when some underage brat decides to enter this giveaway, and wins. Watch you children parents. There will be a total of six prizes. There will be 5 film viewing vouchers for the "Stewardesses", and a grand prize signed dvd for one US winner. Check the initial giveaway post on details about how to go about winning each type of prize. May the luck be with you!

Utter Disappointment & Giveaway

I'm not sure if my contest rules were to hard for peoples' fragile minds, or what, but not one person entered even though there was a signed Marc Dorcel dvd at stake. A dvd that I was willing to ship to a US resident on my own dime. I just don't get it. Anyways, I still have the prizes to give out, and I'm going to give them away one way, or another. All of you readers looking for an easy win here it is. The five streaming vouchers are for worldwide participants while the dvd is a US (United States) only prize. All you have to do to win is let me know you are entering by leaving a comment saying so. You must also include a twitter handle, or email address in the same comment for prize delivery purposes. Most importantly of all you have to be of age to enter (18+).

The first US reader to leave a comment entry gets the dvd prize supposing you can provide me with a US address when I contact you, and can verify your age. Be sure to let me know whether, or not you are a US …

Only 3 Days Left to Enter ...

I seriously do not know what is up with you guys, and gals. I come up with an Awesome contest, and no one has entered yet. Perhaps you are waiting on proof of some sort? Well, the dvd prize did come in the mail today, so I can give you a sneak peek at what the grand prize winner will be receiving. I hope this excites you enough to come up with something poetic for the Dorcel girls. I know my poem standards may have been a wee bit strict, so anything sexual (within good tastes) will be allowed in the poem entries. Just know that haiku's, and any other form of poetry will count. In all honesty it does not have to thoroughly rhyme, and can be like Shakespeare's work if you so desire. Just be creative, and get those poem entries in before it's too late! Best of luck to anyone who enters!

A Poem for My Favorite Dorcel Sweetheart

It seems you ladies, and gentlemen need some motivation, or inspiration for this contest. Allow me to take the first leap, and provide a poem example for you ...

Hotesses De L'Air/ Stewardesses Valentines Voucher & Signed DVD Contest

As promised five lucky winners are going to receive a code for a free viewing of "Hotesses De L'Air / Stewardesses" on the streaming website. The film ( has just recently been released, and will no doubt be an exciting experience for any Marc Dorcel fan. Keep in mind that there will be only five winners, and that those winners must be of age (21+) to view the film. As far as contest details go I'm going to make things a little interesting. Since it is February, and Valentine's Day is just around the bend I thought it would be nice for the readers to dote upon their favorite Dorcel male/female performer with a poem. The poem can be of any sort, but must be directed towards one of your favorite performers. I want you keep it within good taste though. Nothing abusive, or vulgar will be accepted. Something more along the lines of a romantic poem would be ideal. When February the 14th rolls a…