Very Best of Claire Castel INFINITY (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Straight Sex, All Sex, Compilation, Hardcore, European

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $41.25 (US) (

LENGTH: 3 hrs 30 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: This is your typical Marc Dorcel dvd experience with all it's beautiful glitz, and glamor. It has that signature Dorcel video quality about it that I've spoken about many times over, and features sound that is equivalent to that of other single disc releases. The videos each come in the usual widescreen format, and are made easily accessible through each discs' multiple menu system. The video quality itself is mostly up to par with non-compilation Dorcel dvds, but do have the occasional, slight hint of some slow-mo blur effects added in for that extra emphasis on certain performed sex acts. The fleshly bits that are shown are displayed in uncensored perfection on an HDTV should you have such a television to view the dvds on. Even on the tube style televisions of yesteryear the quality still holds true to the signature Dorcel quality, but on a slightly lesser scale. For all those worrying about provided language options Dorcel Studio did go out of their way to include an English track option along with the scenes' original French audio.

CAST: Claire Castel, Aleska Diamond, Anissa Kate, Phil Hollyday, JPX, James Brossman, Renato



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Whether you like her blonde, or brunette the hardcore vixen known as 'Claire Castel' returns to your at home television screen in all her former uncensored glory. In two discs worth of content you'll find over three hours worth of video, and fifteen scenes shown off in no particular order. While this INFINITY tribute is listed as a 2015 release the date of production on either disc reflects a 2007 date when started up. On disc one you'll find seven menu accessible scenes filled with mostly multiple partners, and a Claire that is sporting her earlier shoulder length blonde hairstyle more than her brunette one. There's a threesome between Claire, her lover, and her lover's friend to start things off as well as several other encounters that harken back to reviews I've completed here on this very blog. Some scenes however are new to even me like the one in which Claire is tethered to a tree, and forced to watch Aleska Diamond bang her pussy hole with a long dildo. Fans of the "Fuck V.I.P.", "Initiation", and "French Maid" series in particular will feel pleasantly surprised with what this set includes on both disc one, and disc two. Each widescreen scene therein starts of with a brief showing of the dvd cover at the bottom of the screen, and dvd title alongside it in a fashion similar to what you'd find on other Marc Dorcel compilations. The difference this time is that all the content shown is about Claire Castel, and her many performances. Along with the English, and French audio options you'll also find in place a bonus on disc one showing of a feature length "Making Of" video of "Claire Castel: The Chambermaid".

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
On disc two of the single cover set you'll find a total of eight scenes in similar accessible orientation as the first disc, each of which show Claire in her latter brunette days. The sex, like that of the first set of scenes is hardcore featuring sexier than normal position changes done with groups of men, single men, and the occasional female participant. You might recall seeing the night time parking lot gang bang that I reviewed a while back. You might even recall the French chambermaid scene in which Claire is dolled up in her sexy maid uniform while taking proper care of her master within the kitchen area of his mansion. In each, and every scene Claire goes all out taking cumshots on multiple parts of her curvy body, and even takes a double penetration on a few occasions like a seasoned pro. It should also be noted that disc two's bonus menu also house another "Making of" video. This time it's "Claire Castel: Becoming a Whore" though.

While Claire Castel may have that innocent appearance about her, her naughty nature does not reflect such an innocence. In every scene, and with every group of men, or individual Claire gives an unflinching performance filled with relentless penetrations, throat banging, and even double penetrations. At one point on disc one she even takes a massive jeweled butt plug up the arse with hardly showing the hurt on that beautiful face of her's. For those of you who don't know of Claire, and her work she is a tall slender built girl with decent sized breasts, and legs for days. Her pussy is that of perfection, and her bum is a rounded cushion of delightful proportions. She has a pale skin complexion, and flawless skin that makes her one of Dorcel's top glamor models, in my personal opinion. Whether brunette, or blonde Claire's onscreen presence is always impressive, and is never dull. If you like your ladies seemingly shy yet sexually educated then Claire Castel, and this dvd collection is the perfect item for your growing porn collection.

Like all of Dorcel's dvd presentations the two disc set is of top quality, and is presented as it would have been on original release format. The widescreen ratio fits perfectly on an HDTV, and if you are an owner who has only a tube television fret not, because the quality is still top notch shown on such a display. The added fact that you'll find extra audio options, and two making of featurettes (one on each disc) makes this the perfect go to collection for all the tried, and true Claire Castel fans out there. I do believe I even spotted some added slow-mo special effects in place in some scenes for enhancing the feels you get when watching Claire do her thing.


- 16 Trailers
- Making of 'Claire Castel: The Chambermaid' (English, French, Deutsch)
- Making of 'Claire Castel: Becoming a Whore' (English, French, Deutsch)


In closing I'm gonna say that this French version of the dvd set is well worth the price it is being offered up at. If you do happen to think it's a bit steep in price for a dvd though just know that their are streaming VOD services available on the internet for a fair price at ''. If you prefer the straight English version that is also an option from some online sellers, and it costs a little less due to it's locality. Keep in mind though that this dvd set is geared mostly towards fans of Claire Castel. She is the main focus even though some other Dorcel girls do make cameo appearances. If you love what Claire Castel does for the industry of glamor porn do not miss out!

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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