Russian Institute 20: The New School Girl / La Nouvelle (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: All Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex, European

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $40.55 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 30 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: This is your typical Dorcel dvd production with a few exceptions to the rule. For the most part the audio, and video keep true to the signature Dorcel quality that I always speak of. It's still the brilliant widescreen, near Blu-ray presentation with excellent audio in place. The bad "exceptions" however are tied to one particular scene. The first sex scene to be exact. When Clara (Alexis Brill), and her hitchhiker savior make it to the offroad gravel area for sex the gravel images actually get grainy for some reason. I've personally never seen such a flaw happen, but it did. As far as good "exceptions" go Herve Bodilis (The Director) took it upon himself to include some artistic camera angles. The end scene in particular housed a very interesting upskirt angle which added a little something extra to the scene. Even the facial expressions captured of Alice (Daniella Rose) as she was being anally reamed in the doggy position were on the creatie side.

When it comes to the audio options you'll find in place the usual French, and English audio tracks as well as some subtitle options for a select number of other countries.

CAST: Anissa Kate, Tiffany Doll, Eufrat Mai, Jessyca Wilson, Alexis Brill, Daniella Rose, Leony Aprill



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Welcome once again to the Russian Institute. It's a place of education, and discipline for all those unruly young ladies who harbor a deep insatiable sexual appetite. In this latest film by series director 'Herve Bodilis' we find a 19 year old raven haired beauty named Alice (Daniella Rose) who was caught giving head to one of her father's business partners. For her misbehavior the young, and rebellious Alice is to be escorted to, and dropped off for an extended stay at the notorious Russian Institute. Here she will find a proper education with strict guidelines set by the unforgiving headmistress (Anissa Kate) whether she wants to, or not. Along with the teachers, and other female students Alice will either learn her place in the institution, or find herself subject to the occasional spanking at the hands of the headmistress herself.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Following her driven escort to the castle-like residence of the Russian Institute Alice is made to strip off all of her old clothing in front of the watchful headmistress while in the confines of her office, and is made to put on the new uniform which she will be sporting from hence forth. The decent yet provocative attire consists of the usual white formal shirt, a black tie, a black button up cardigan, and a red and black checkered mini-skirt along with some black pantyhose, and some black high heels. After getting dressed properly Alice meets her student guide who will be showing her the ropes, and sharing a room with her. This young lass's name is Sandra (Tiffany Doll), and while she may appear to be the institute's miss goody two shoes she too has some hidden desires which will later manifest itself in a secret meeting with one of the teachers.

Shortly upon Alice's arrival another, now former classmate is expelled and sent on her way with her luggage in hand. This auburn haired cutie walks away from the residence wiping away tears as she carries her small suitcase of belongings. Her name is Clara (Alexis Brill), and she takes a moment to say goodbye to a classmate before taking the long regretful walk home. About halfway into her on foot road trip Clara decides the best course of action is to hitchhike her way back home. Luckily for her Alice's father/father's co-worker (details are sketchy) is heading back in her direction, and offers her a ride. Seeing the handsome driver behind the wheel Clara doesn't give it a second's thought, and hops in knowing from the mature man's smile that his intentions are anything, but pure.

On the drive back the oddly paired couple pass flirtatious glances back at one another, giving away hints of their lustful desires. Before the male driver can even admit to these feelings though Clara takes it upon herself to take the first step, and begins unbuttoning her blouse as she sits content in the passenger's seat. The two soon to be lovers take a slight detour to an abandoned lot on the side of the road, and park there to engage in their lustful act. At first things seem to be going as planned, but the driver, for whatever reason decides to get out of the car, and take a smoke break. Maybe it's nerves? Regardless of the driver's potential nervousness though young miss Clara takes yet another step to pursue her intentions. She gets out of the car, and joins her intended target at the front of the vehicle. It is here that she unzips his khaki dress pants, and begins sucking on his cock. As one might guess the man of the scene finally gives into the girl, and engages her in some public outdoor sex.

The sex, while limited showcases just how desperate for such attention that both persons were. Following the beginning act of fellatio the man returns the favor bending Clara over the hood of the car in a doggystyle position. He tongues her bumhole, and pussy before penetrating her in said position. From the doggy position Clara lays spread eagle on the overgrown gravel driveway in front of the man's car masturbating while her lover jerks himself off to the sight. This is followed up by a thick facial, and oral cum frosting from the man of the scene. As the scene draws to a close we get to see Clara playing with the cum in her mouth, and catch her sucking the man's sperm coated cock as she does so.

Through the continued first-person narrative of Alice (Daniella Rose) we are gifted further insight to the goings on of the prestigious school as she, her classmates, and the teachers go about their daily duties. During the narrative acting scenarios we get to see Alice, and a couple of other female students receive their first spanking punishment in front of the class. We even get to see the affectionate visual arts teacher who later turns out to be a love interest of the girls' teach a lesson in how to make paper airplanes. It isn't until later in the night that the second sex scene takes place though. During scene two we find three newly introduced female students (Jessyca Wilson, Leony Aprill, Eufrat Mai) of the second year who each have a thing for naughty lady bits. Two of the girls in the situation are busy trying to get out of their usual after school studies with some extracurricular activities while the lone girl keeps her nose planted firmly in her school books.

It isn't until the kissing, and heavy petting between the two rebellious girls is spotted by the third, rule abiding girl that things take root. It is then that a full-on lesbian threesome begins. Once together on a large bed the three youthful ladies remove each others' clothing articles, and playfully lick at their breasts, and pussies. Their position orientation is intermingled as they writhe around, and move around upon each other. There's plenty of finger banging, and dildo stuffing once the dildo/vibrator is introduced. It's a sexy encounter that really showcases each nubile female body.

Moving on through more narration we find yet another nighttime scenario in which Alice, and Sandra are getting ready to go to bed. Surprisingly though Alice watches in the dark as Sandra slips out of bed, and heads out into the school's hallway. This disobedient act is strictly forbidden, and being the curious kitten that she is Alice takes it upon herself to do some spying. She wants to see exactly what miss goody two shoes is up to. After following her for a short distance to a familiar classroom Alice watches Sandra enter the room where the silent visual arts teacher sits in waiting. It doesn't take long for Alice to figure out what's going on as she stands idly by observing Sandra, and her older teacher get it on right there on a conveniently positioned sofa.

As the sexual encounter between Sandra (Tiffany Doll), and her teacher plays out it becomes obvious that the man of the scene loves a variety of different positions, and penetrations. At first the teacher gladly receives a rather deep, and lengthy blowjob from the petite Sandra. It's after this round of foreplay that the sexual moans intensify as Sandra takes it up the arse, and pussy as she rides, and gets fucked in a variety of different intimately delivered positions. Between the two lovers they pretty much go the whole nine yards with some doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and spooning. Once the teacher reaches the boiling point he looses his load all over his student's face, barely missing hitting her nerdy glasses.

From scene three we move into scene four with more of Alice's narration, and a scenario with yet another teacher. This time all of the girls are found gathered outside of the premises for some physical education. Their teacher, who is a man ends up having to referee two girls who get into a fight over the basketball they are tossing about. Naturally the teacher escorts the unruly young ladies to the headmistress for their discipline. In doing so the girls receive a spanking at the hands of each other before being sent on their way to their rooms. Just as the teacher is about to leave the headmistress beckons him back inside her office. It seems she noticed him watching the girls as they were spanking each other, and found his expression to be a turn on.

Once the door is closed, and the students long gone the headmistress (Anissa Kate), and the P.E. teacher get their groove on in the office. Much like an office sex scene the two onscreen lovers make use of the props around them. This includes the desk chair, and even the desktop. Like her punished students the headmistress takes it upon herself to get down in the doggy position on the chair at one point during the scene for some punishment of her own. The male teacher takes heed of her compromising position selection, and willingly rams his erect cock deep into her pussy, and her bumhole. When she switches to missionary on the desktop he gives her the same vaginal, and rectal treatment as well. There are of course other position changes between the two lovers, but the chair fuck, and desktop missionary sex really made this scene worthwhile. In the end, after a complimentary titjob, and hand job the man of the scene releases his massive load all over the headmistress's breasts leaving her with as satisfied yet continuously longing look.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Like so many of Herve Bodilis's films this latest entry in the "Russian Institute" series saves one of the best scenes for last. The narrator who has been bantering on all along about the cruel, and unusual punishment that she has been assigned to as well as the many different sexual misdeeds of the occupants of the educational institution gets her turn at a sexual encounter of her own. The scene once again begins in the nighttime room of Sandra, and Alice. This time however Sandra's plans for a late night rendezvous gets thwarted as she's showering, and unknowing of her roommate's intentions. It seems that after seeing Sandra get it on with the visual arts teacher that Alice also wants in on the action. She ends up locking the bathroom door while Sandra is prepping for the meeting in the shower, and heads out down the school's hallway to the same classroom in which her classmate had once gone.

At first sight the teacher is startled by Alice's unexpected appearance, and backs away on the sofa as she approaches. He's more than likely thinking that she's going to rat him out. Luckily for him though her intentions are purely of the sexual sort. She aims to take him to seventh heaven (a direct quote from the film's narrative), and so she does. In the sexual encounter Alice (Daniella Rose) goes all out in a no holes barred (pun intended) fuck session. Once the teacher makes it known through his actions that he loves anal sex she lets him do as he pleases with her tight bumhole in a few select positions. The really neat thing about this scene is the artistically selected camera angles for the encounter. There are some rather interesting upskirt views captured while Alice rides cock in the reverse cowgirl position. We even get to she her slightly strained facial expression as she takes it up the arse in doggy. The only thing that kept this scene from being truly exceptional (for me) though was the ending cumshot which hit Alice's bumhole, and oozed down her pussy as she remained in the final doggy position. You guys should know by now that I'm an oral, and facial cumshot fan, so the previously mentioned opinion can be taken with a grain of salt. I'm sure some of you might find the film ending cumshot to be sexy even if I do not. Regardless of opinions the film did end on a good note here on scene five with Alice.


MAKING OF: Much like other "Making of" features in the Dorcel library of dvds this one takes you on a lighthearted, and sometimes comical journey behind the scenes of the production. In it we get to hear Herve's take on his film (I can't believe how much he looks like my brother!) as he introduces us to the performers in each, and every scene. You'll find that the girls of this latest Russian Institute film do not shy away in the face of a camera even when being reamed anally. It's a very insightful, and fun-loving extra for all Dorcel enthusiasts, and it comes with a French, and English audio option.

TRAILERS (8): This extra needs little explanation, but for those of you who are new to the Dorcel scene this is an extra that showcases short video trailers of other available Dorcel films. It's there to help the viewer get acquainted with other Dorcel film offerings.


Once again Herve Bodilis does not disappoint. Despite my lack of interest in the final cumshot of the film everything about this latest installment was super sexy. The girls were all very lovely, and convincing in their performances. I particularly liked 'Daniella Rose', and ' Anissa Kate'. As far as pacing, and storytelling goes it was good, but not perfect. Some of the narratives made no sense in their context, and were told in a fashion that made me wonder how Alice would know these sexual encounters were taking place. I do give props to the voice actress though as she did a brilliant job reading the script. Her voice fit perfectly with the character that was Alice. Other than that minor complaint I think this dvd definitely warrants a "Highly Recommended!!!" rating from yours truly. That's damn near perfect on my scale of ratings, and deservedly so!

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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