39 ans ... Mariee et Ouverte a Tous (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Housewives, All Sex, Straight Sex, European



MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $40.69 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/39-ans-mariee-et-ouverte-a-tous.html)

LENGTH: 1 hr 45 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: As usual it's an overall top quality product from Kendo, and Marc Dorcel studios. The editing, and pacing is expertly done. The visuals are up to par with a widescreen dvd presentation, and have a near Blu-ray appearance when played on a Blu-ray player through an HDTV. If you prefer, or only have an older tube television to view the dvd on you'll be glad to know that the good quality is still there. As far as the sound goes it is excellent throughout, and comes with various language options in place on the dvd's menu. The only catch is that the "Making Of" extra features a mixture of studio sound qualities that stay true to the behind-the-scene nature. The narrative that is used to tell Kendo's tale is non-intrusive. Even the chosen classical, and romantic style music that compliments each scene is added in such a way that it blends perfectly with whatever it is that's going on. For all you lighting freaks out there just know that Kendo nails it once again with expert lighting. You'll even find in place some touristic shots of busy Parisian/European roads, and areas that in no way seem out of place. The sets are even extravagantly done with props that are as rich as the entire dvd production itself. Top quality Dorcel stuff!

CAST: Kelly White, Ava Courcelles, Mya Diamond, Satin Bloom, Lara De Santis, David Perry



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
Whether you call it by it's original French title, "Wide Open Housewife", or "Lustful Housewives 5" Kendo's series of marital debauchery continues here in this very dvd presentation. In this latest spin-off, or story arch Kendo, and his select crew of handsome men, and lovely ladies takes you on a journey through the narration of a housewife named Audrey. Audrey, who is played by the exceptionally sexy 'Ava Courcelles' begins bluntly by introducing herself, and discussing the nature of her open-ended marriage with her husband Luke. It seems through years of love, and lust things began to grow dull for the couple, and through some sexual experimentation they discovered that the only way to rekindle the passionate flame was to start swinging with other like minded individuals.

During her initial narrative Audrey hints at the fact that it is her birthday, and that during the previous night her husband had gifted her a man to satiate her lustful desires. Upon awakening the next morning she returns the favor by going down on her husband with a hands-on, and hands free blowjob session. This of course ends with a sexy facial frosting, and Audrey's bare breasts being splattered with cum. After satisfying Luke, Audrey is let in on another plan by her faithful hubby, and is told to dress sexily for a special meeting a a local swinger's club later on. As she is told, so she does.

In the meantime Audrey continues to narrate the tale that is being told, but in an absent sense. She mentions a particular female friend (Kelly White) who has paired up with a male swinger for an evening threesome with an experienced milf (Lara De Santis). Together Sonya (Kelly White), Sandra (Lara De Santis), and their newly found boy toy bump, and grind on an apartment bed. This heated sexual encounter includes some lesbian "69" attention between the two ladies, and is complimented by a backdoor penetration from the man of the scene. The trio keeps things on the move, and interesting as they use their god given body parts to please one another. When all is done, and the man reaches his boiling point the ladies receive a decent facial surprise via a final shared tug, and jerk handjob.

Getting back to Audrey (Ava Courcelles), and her rendezvous with her husband's surprise we find that the narrator is gifted yet another man to please her pussy. As previously mentioned Audrey gets dolled up in an elegant yet sexy white mini-skirt, and heads to the local swinger's club via a cab to find out exactly what it is that her Luke has in store for her. As it turns out Luke has been busy scouting for the perfect temporary mate for Audrey, and has settled on one of her male co-workers who has been fantasizing about such a meeting. Audrey gladly accepts the gift, and ends up entertaining both men right there within the club's interior. As you might expect the sex show starts off with some mutual masturbation, and foreplay between the three while slowly advancing to some more hardcore action. Ava once again soldiers up as she usually does in a Dorcel feature, and ends up taking a proper DP on a booth bench between her two lovers. It's a very intensely erotic event that showcases just how insatiable Audrey's/Ava's lust really is.

Switching focus back to a different female friend Audrey continues to weave her tale of her close knit swinging circle. She mentions a particular friend who is played by the lovely 'Satin Bloom' who has a thing for public sex. The scene opens up with this slightly older lady being fondled by her husband at a local cafe's table. She talks on her cellphone as his hand gropes her beyond her panties, but quickly takes the hint leaving the phone conversation, moving their sexually driven encounter to the local restroom. Once inside the restroom 'Satin' seats herself on a toilet in an open stall with her legs spread eagle. She anxiously rubs her clit through her panties waiting for her husband to join her there. When he finally joins her in the cramped interior of the stall the two make the most of the location while improvising on different position changes. They begin with the usual foreplay. Cocksucking, and pussy eating are included. Afterwards the duo moves onto some doggy, and reverse cowgirl penetrations before ending with a cumshot on Satin's well rounded ass cheek.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
From that impressive scene we move to yet another interesting relationship setup told through Audrey's first-person narrative. The table turns as the open-minded wife of the scene is found wanting at home while the like-minded husband is busy at work in his office. Like the other swingers of the sordid tale this man, and his wife also love to enjoy the company of others. They love to share. In this case it just so happens that the husband's wife sent him a special surprise to spice up the mood so that he'd be ready for some one-on-one action when he returned home. Luckily for the man the chosen lady (Mya Diamond) was looking for some fun, and wasn't going to let him continue on with his busy work. Like most office sex encounters the man of the scene chooses to put the lady on a proper pedestal for ease of access. Once he has her positioned on the flat of her back with her legs spread wide open, or in the alternative doggy position the man toys with her holes teasing Mya before each, and every penetration. Following some penetrations the man even dials up his wife, and shows her through his smartphone exactly what's taking place.

The sex in this scene definitely compares to the raw intensity of Ava's earlier encounter with two men. You can tell through Mya's spastic jerks, and twitches that she is really enjoying the attention given unto her. Even when she gets on her knees before her lover at the end of it all you can still see the hunger in her eyes. I think the coolest thing about it all was the sweet gesture given by Mike D'Angelo (the male performer) after he glazes Mya's face with cum. He takes a tissue, and gently wipes her face clean before kissing her one last time.

Closing in a full circle sort of way, Audrey (Ava Courcelles), and her previously talked about swinger friends join each other for a sexual get together at her home. The start off with some alcoholic beverages, and some small talk before pairing off into two groups of three participants each. Ava tends to two men while Satin, and Kelly tend to a single lucky guy. The focus between both threesomes switches frequently only capturing highlights, and not the full sex session. At first there's foreplay, and later there's all out swinging followed by a final set of cumshots. Ava ends up taking two cum blasts to her face, and mouth while Satin and Kelly share the single cumshot from their designated lover boy. Once the coming is done the film immediately cuts to the credits in a blunt fashion ending the dvd presentation.


- Making Of: This is just like any other Kendo "Making of" feature. It's more, or less a video montage filled with music, laughter, and a behind-the-scenes breakdown of what went down during the shoot. Watching it you get to learn more about Kendo, and his vision as well as the many performers who played their part in making it all happen. It's definitely an extra worth watching!

- Trailers (8): This extra is fairly self-explanatory. In it you have 8 different film trailers of various different Dorcel dvds. It's a good way to catch up on films you might have missed out on, or knew nothing about.


I'm not going to say this was Kendo's finest installment yet in the "Lustful Houswives" series. It was good in it's own right, but not quite what I expected. Honestly some of the leading ladies this time around didn't look the part of Marc Dorcel's usual glamor porn subjects. Of course I did find some lovely ladies amongst the lot (Ava Courcelles, Satin Bloom, Mya Diamond), but not all were the epitome of bodily perfection that I've come to expect from a Marc Dorcel production. No offense Kendo. With that being said though the sex, for the most part was smoking hot. I loved Satin Bloom's bathroom scene, and I loved the fact that Ava Courcelles went all out with both the cumshots, and the penetrations. Even the performance of Mya Diamond in the office sex, and orgy scene was a pleasant surprise. If I'm going to be totally truthful I can only give this dvd a "Recommended!!!" rating, not that that's bad though. Always remember that there are Dorcel VOD options (dorcelvision.com), and that you can usually find dvds at a discount over time if you cannot afford them at starting price. Either way this wasn't that bad of a follow-up film!

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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