Les Putains Du Baron / The Baron's Whores (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Feature Film, All Sex, Straight, Group Sex, Gang Bang, Threesomes



MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $42.98 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/en/les-putains-du-baron.html)

LENGTH: 1 hr 44 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: The video in this particular dvd presentation is an odd 4:3 letterbox ratio on older tube televisions. If you own a widescreen HDTV it will be adjusted accordingly, and will still contain the letterbox linings at the top, and bottom of the screen. In the way of visual delivery Gazzman's camera crew, and editors did good to splice scenes without being obvious. In the first scene, for example he uses Polaroid snapshots that pop-up onscreen after being taken as a means to divide up position changes. You'll also notice that the application of condoms are not shown due to expert splicing, but that condoms are definitely being used throughout the film. The visual quality is definitely on par with past Dorcel releases, and includes rich coloring, and a truly vivid display. The sound is equally as impressive, and definitely holds true to the signature Dorcel soundtrack. For those of you English speaking viewers you can rest easy knowing that there is an English audio option available. Other audio, and subtitle options are available as well if you are in a country other than the US, or France.

CAST: Ash Hollywood, Valentina Nappi, Tiffany Doll, Samantha Bentley, Amarna Miller, Chintya Doll, Dani Daniels



Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In this latest pornographic feature film director Gazzman tries to weave an intertwining tale about a porn empire mogul, and the girls whose lives he's touched in some way, or another. While it starts off strong with lead male performer 'Clarke Kent' telling his own fantasy story in a first-person perspective it begins to slowly stray away from it's theatrical start, and eventually becomes a haphazard mixture of sex scenes in the midst of narrative dialogue. Clarke Kent's character who is the head of a well-to-do porn empire initially takes the viewer back to a particular sexual encounter as he plays the role of a camera crew prop guy in a certain situation in which he took advantage of being left alone with a porn model (Valentina Nappi). With little explanation other than the intimately driven sex we later find out that he had fathered a child with Valentina, and was actually telling about his misdeeds to his daughter, because of her interest in becoming a porn actress like her mother. It seems that Clarke, as dirty as he is aims to right his past wrongs by looking after the daughters of female porn stars, and making sure they don't choose the same fast lifestyle he had chosen so many years ago. Thus in the near two hour time span which the visual tale unfolds he sets out to free the daughters of their ill-guided fate.

The first scene in the film is indeed one in which Clarke takes advantage of the sex model Valentina. It is definitely one of the more finer moments that the film has to offer, and it also features an artistic touch that none of the other scenes seem to carry. The scene setup which is sort of comical in delivery has the pretend director instructing Clarke in a cliche fashion that he's only going to be gone a moment, and for him not to fuck his "merchandise" while he's gone. Before leaving Clarke, and Valentina to themselves he also hands the Clarke a Polaroid camera, and tells him to snap some photos to warm Valentina up. Being the hot-blooded male that he is though Clarke can't help but betray the director's trust, and ultimately seduces Valentina into doing the dirty deed right there on the set. At first he plays coy, and actually pretends to do the intended job. As he draws ever closer to the brunette beauty though his intentions become readily known. Eventually Valentina takes the hint, and unzips Clarke's pants loosing his cock from it's cloth restraints. This leads to some sexy cocksucking, and later on some cock riding. Between the two performers they manage to switch positions up frequently on the elegant sofa which Valentina was having her picture shot on, and keep things on the move as they go about their business. When all is said, and done Valentina soldiers up, gets down on her knees before her lover, and takes a cumshot to the breasts. This submissive action is then met by a final suck off before the scene closes out, and the next scene is introduced.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
In scene number two cover girl Samantha Bentley finds herself as the next rescue target of mister Clarke. The scene opens up with Clarke riding down the highway at night in the backseat of a black sedan alongside the redhaired goddess 'Amarna Miller'. After arriving to his intended destination, which happens to be a brothel Clarke allows Amarna to continue sucking his cock while he makes a phone call. This particular phone call is directed to 'Samantha Bentley' who happens to be a paid prostitute in the establishment where Clarke, and his love interest have parked. Samantha like other porn daughters he's rescued before has chosen a sexual path in life. After contacting Samantha though the conversation is cut short as a bald gentleman walks into her designated room with intentions of banging the ever-loving fuck out of her. Samantha puts down the phone, and gives into the man's (Mike Angelo) wanton desires. This includes a lot of kinky panty stuffing as well as some submissive, and controlled penetrations in the usual positions. Samantha is very animated with her wild cries, and tensed facial expressions during the sexual encounter. Having seen the film in it's entirety I'd say that this scene was definitely one of the more intense scenes of the film.

Scene three takes a seemingly alternate route from the heart of the story. Like an out of place moment in a badly directed indie film this scene makes a bi-sexual threesome it's focus without really giving a reason behind it's inclusion. The role players which include 'Ash Hollywood', 'Dani Daniels', and 'Mike Angelo' has them participating in a special birthday celebration. When the scene begins we find the petite blonde 'Ash Hollywood' blindfolded, and surrounded by Mike, and Dani. Dani, being the naughty girlfriend that she is looses Mike's cock from his pajama bottoms, and has him stand with his erect penis just within reach of Ash's mouth. Dani instructs Ash to blow out the candle, and instructs her to kiss the object before her. Upon realizing it's man meat Ash immediately begins sucking away intently. It doesn't take long afterwards for Dani to join in, and for the birthday surprise to become a full blown threesome. There's lots of face sitting, interesting position changes, some strap-on sex, and even a double facial at the end of it all. It was definitely a wild party, but like I said it held little to no significance with the rest of the film's provided scenes.

Once again directed at the main man himself scene four takes another look at Clarke, and his role as a studio owner. In the midst of some studio busy work Clarke is boldly confronted by a female staff member who wants to show him a video about an award stealing female director who is outperforming him via an unorthodox approach to adult film making. This rising female director is literally getting in on the action as she directs her award winning scenes, and upon seeing her performance Clarke outwardly admits to defeat. Of course this is where the scene picks up, in the middle of the orgy oriented scene that was being shown to Clarke via a mobile device. Participants in this gang bang were many, but in the end it's the ladies who stole the show. Making a return visit Dani Daniels plays the part of the female director while Tiffany Doll plays the love interest of three musclebound men. The sexual encounter itself plays out like an actual behind-the-scene sex scene with Dani giving hands-on pointers to the cast. Having not liked what she saw initially Dani becomes a part of the act herself, and helps the men help her, and Tiffany in a sexually explicit manner. Foreplay, and double penetrations are a huge part of what takes place, and in the midst of it all Tiffany remains the star with her willingly accepted DP penetrations.

Just as odd as the film's plot progress itself scene five, the final scene takes yet another twist with another character that is not Clarke. This time around Clarke tells his driver to take the day off since he was not feeling like going on any outings. The driver, who was in the previous gang bang makes his way in uniform to a shady nightclub that is housed in a subway entrance. Upon entering the club it becomes immediately obvious that this driver is in to some weird shit. The girls lounging on a nearby leather sofa are each practically naked with what looks to be custom seat belt style lingerie hugging their semi-revealed curves. Ash Hollywood, who is the only girl with a mask intently watches the driver as he approaches their seating area. Without so much as saying a word, or exchanging money the driver man whips out his cock, and sticks it in front of Ash's face waiting for her to suck it. As one would guess that's exactly what she does too. After the foreplay is finished the driver takes full advantage of the two participating females there including Ash, and the busty 'Chintya Doll'. The sex is about as hardcore as the fetish wear that the girls are sporting, and is definitely something I did not see coming. Like another scene in the film though the sex is confined to the sofa, and ends with breast cumshot which is followed up by a licking, and sucking from both ladies.

When the fifth sexual counter is done the film ends on a reflective note with Clarke once again being driven down the highway with memories of his past wrongs, and fast life haunting him. He proclaims one last time that he will continue trying to make amends despite his many failures.



Unlike past "Making of" featurettes Gazzman takes an uncensored, and somewhat relaxed approach to the director conversation/explanation. In the short lived video he bluntly explains what his job is about, and shows off his scenes as well as the performers he worked with during the making of "The Baron's Whores". At one point he even mentions his previous exclusivity with 'Harmony' studios, and his new job as a dedicated director for Dorcel. The interview-like commentary is lighthearted, and sometimes comical in nature. There's even a certain sexiness to it as you get to see the nude performers fucking as they are being recorded in a behind-the-scenes sort of way. Like all "Making of" extras I find this to be a must watch along with the film itself as it enlightens you to some things you might not have known otherwise. It also helps you get to know the performers a little more intimately.


As with any porn dvd this is the extra that's all about previews. In it you will find eight trailers of Dorcel dvds divided by dvd cover image, and accessible through a click on said cover images. Most of the trailers are relevant to the main film's nature, but some do offer up a proper sneak peek at something else as well.


This is one of those films that could have been great, but fell short due to scene organization, and inclusion. At the beginning it started of like a proper theatrical style porn release akin to the ones you often times see from other Dorcel directors. As it continued to play out though a couple of scenes seemed misplaced amongst the rest, and didn't really appear to tie in with the provided first-person narrative. Outside of the "Making of" extra I don't think the birthday scene was ever fully explained, and that in itself is definitely one of my biggest complaints. It made for an awkward inclusion even though the scene was truly hot. Lastly the final scene in which Yanick (The Driver) went to the fetish club also seem to hold no grounds with the narrative direction of the given plot. It was sexy, mind you, but like the birthday scene it just seemed out of place.

When it comes to actual sex the dvd doesn't really disappoint. The female performers do good for the most part with the exception of 'Samantha Bentley' whose performance seems more like that of an amateur. Her awkward actions, and reactions within her given scene definitely show through. Aside from that I absolutely loved Valentina's performance in the first scene as well as that of Dani Daniel's, Ash Hollywood's, and Amarna Miller's. If you don't mind some issues with plot orientation, and the amateurish acting of Samantha then you might just enjoy the sexual situations that are shown.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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