Dorcel Magazine No.41 (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Adult Magazine Publication

PUBLISHER: Marc Dorcel

MSRP: 9.99 (EURO) / $12.37 (US) (

COVER GIRL: Anissa Kate

FEATURED PERFORMERS/DIRECTOR: Anissa Kate, Alexis Crystal, Jessyca, Dani Daniels, Gazzman ...

BONUS CONTENT: 18 Scene DVD, Feature Film DVD compilation, Film Previews via mobile app scans.

It seems I'm a month behind getting this review out to you guys, and gals. For that I humbly apologize. Currently December's issue number 42 is availabe at the same price as this issue. The good thing about Dorcel mags though is that all issues stay relevant despite their release date. For example, those of you who are Anissa Kate fans out there will definitely want to pick this issue up as she takes the cover shot, and gains a multi-page spread inside filled with some of the sexiest, and utmost revealing photos. You'll also get to know her a little better if you know French, or can take the time to translate what is being talked about in the accompanying articles. I for one find Anissa to be one of Dorcel's most provocative leading ladies. While her roles usually don't have much character dialogue included her performances always command attention from the audience.

For those of you looking for insight on the latest performer happenings, and film offerings November's mag also clues you in to such news. Aside from Anissa you'll find a handful of other leading ladies becoming the focus of your attention as you flip through the magazine's larger than life sized pages. Among these gorgeous glamor models is the ginger haired beauty known as Alexis Crystal. Not too long ago I actually had the privilege of reviewing a scene where Alexis went all out in the company of three men. Alexis is definitely one of the rising stars to look out for, and in the pages of this mag you'll definitely get to know her a little more intimately. Along with Alexis comes the company of Jessyka, and Dani Daniels. Each girl is equally gorgeous in their own unique way, and they too command your attention through shared article knowledge as well as totally nude photos. One really good thing about the Dorcel magazine is that it promotes the sexy photos as much as it does on the articles about the performers whom said articles are about. Being the larger than average magazine that it is nothing is shortened due to space limitations, and for that reason alone it gets my highest recommendation, and then some.

Another neat thing I noticed about this particular issue, aside from the popular film highlights, and sneak peeks through articles was a newly implemented feature that allows the reader to view video previews of the featured films via a mobile app scan image. This scan icons are placed in the film highlight pages as well as on the cardboard insert that comes along with the sealed magazine. By having the proper scanning app, and a mobile device that is compatible with said app you can take your reading, and viewing experience one step further. I think it's an genius move on Dorcel's behalf as it will definitely draw the reader deeper into what they are reading about. It'll also help Dorcel fans decided if the film is what they are looking for, or not.

As far as quality is concerned this magazine publication is as elegantly constructed as the films produced by Dorcel studios. The cover has a rich glossy finish, as does the pages contained within. The page orientation itself is masterfully presented with a note from the editor to start things off, and a follow-up mixture of film highlights, performer articles, and even a director interview to help you better understand the process, and passion it takes to pursue a career in the adult film industry. I particularly love the director interviews as it is like a typed version of the "Making of" features within a Dorcel film. It adds that certain touch that extends upon the already elegant nature of Dorcel's glamor porn. I've even found that the article, and photo layout is expertly crafted, so much so that it makes publications such as Playboy pale in comparison. The photos themselves are usually large in size, and sometimes cover an entire page. The sexiness definitely pours forth from each an every issue of Dorcel magazine.

For the price you will not find another adult magazine worth your time or money. I do understand there are language barriers for readers outside of the France, but if you have the time to commit to it you can come to understand each issue despite the nature of the text. I personally find the photos included to make it worth the asking price even if you are not committed to translating each, and every article. In a blunt way this magazine is excellent fapping material. It is even a noteworthy collectible for all the Dorcel porn enthusiasts who are now finding they like what the studio, and it's performers have to offer. Just imagine owning an actual French adult magazine of a studio you admire. Is that not Awesome?

In closing I'm gonna say don't miss out on this mag even if you find the hassle of ordering from a different country bothersome. It's a highly impressive publication that any porn enthusiast would be glad to own. Heck you could even get it as an Xmas gift for your lover if you so desire. Nothing says "Sexy" like a magazine, or dvd from the Dorcel store! Trust me on that.


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