35th Anniversary Encyclopedia (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Various

DIRECTORS: Everyone you can think of from 1979 to 2014


MSRP: 34.99 (EURO) / $43.32 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/coffret-6-dvd-encyclopedia-35eme-anniversaire.html)

LENGTH: 17+ hours (6 DVDs)


AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio, and video varies according to scene in this collective slim cased boxset, but mostly maintains that signature Marc Dorcel quality that I always speak of. This "quality" includes a sharp widescreen picture with HD resolution as well as the sometimes faded, and lesser quality productions of Dorcel's more retro porn. Screen size does vary when it comes to the older scenes, and the newer, more recent ones. The older scenes, for example tend to be a scaled down fullscreen version while the newer scenes maintain their original aspect ratios, and high quality presentation. Sound throughout is fairly consistent, and includes no spoken English dialogue options in the 'Audio' setup menu. You will however find in place some English subtitle options if you fancy understanding any plot setups that lead to the actual sexual encounters.

CONDOMS: Yes & No (depends on release date of the scene)

For those of you who have been following Marc Dorcel productions closely this year you will know that the studio released a 35th anniversary dvd encyclopedia boxset in celebration of Marc Dorcel's recent 35th anniversary. The six disc dvd set which was released to the public for purchase includes over seventeen hours of past, and present footage from a variety of different films from the Dorcel collection. Like an encyclopedia the cardboard covered, and slim cased set was put together with an alphabetical order that takes in account performers's names along with certain named sex acts. The collection which is divided up into 2 - 3 hour collections per dvd showcases both past, and present scenes with some of the sexiest performers Dorcel has ever captured over the years. There's no particular order in which the period pieces are shown, but you will find in place an alphabetical orientation which will help you to better find that favorite performer, or favorite scene via the scene selection menus.

For those of you looking to catch up on the older, condom-free scenes of Dorcel's starting years you can find those here in all their unedited glory. For those of you looking to find the more recent scenes with all those gorgeous glamor models included you'll also find those here as well. If you've followed my blog from the start you'll be glad to know that a lot of my favorite scene picks are a part of the all-inclusive set. You'll find the sultry raven haired Anna Polina, the sinfully sweet Anissa Kate, and about every other fan favorite female performer you can think of who has been featured at least once in the Dorcel line-up.

While the box set itself is of a modest build with it's matte/gloss embossed cardboard outer case, and individual slim dvd cases it still makes a proper holiday gift for those porn lovers whom you are intimately close to. Like most single disc dvd offerings in the Dorcel store this massive time consuming compilation will only set you back about 35 EUROs, and $44 in the US territories. This pricing in itself is one heck of a deal! For those of you wondering, Dorcel did take in account the fact that they have a worldwide audience. This means that ordering this French version will not limit it's playability to the European regions. It is NTSC compatible, and can be played on a standard US dvd, or Blu-ray player should you be compelled to purchase the set from it's origin source. To wrap things up I'm gonna say that this would make the perfect gift for the lustful lover in your life. It would serve as the perfect mood enhancer during those more intimate sexual engagements, and could even be gifted to that older friend or sibling who doesn't mind some sexy porn. Maturity is the key though as age does matter when delving into the the more sexual side of the entertainment industry. If you are of age, and want to give a gift of porn, or enjoy said gift for yourself just know that this dvd set gives you more bang for your buck!


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