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Ballerina By Day Escort By Night (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Roleplay, European, Prostitution, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Franck Vicomte


MSRP: 12.00 (EURO) / $15.16 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 55 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO:Without rehashing too much of what I usually say you will find that this is your standard Marc Dorcel dvd release. The video quality is exceptional as is the audio. If you choose to play the dvd as I did through a blu-ray player, and an HDTV you'll get a truly immersive pornographic viewing experience. It looks damn near blu-ray in quality by doing so, and will give you the best viewing, and listening experience possible. In regards to sound you'll find that the music is a blend of classical, and romantic tunes, and that the porn related vocals all play out as if you were in the room with the people who are having sex. For those of you worried about subtitles, and audio options they are not here this time around, but…

Footballers' Housewives (Dorcel)

GENRE: Group Sex, Gangbangs, Orgies, All Sex, European

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 12.00 (EURO) / $15.21 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 50 mins + BONUS


AUDIO/VIDEO: This is easily the best looking Dorcel dvd presentation in the way of lighting, and visuals. Unlike past Dorcel films it seems less dream-like, and more like the sex is taking place in the confines of your living room, or bedroom. Lola Reve, for example looked absolutely stunning in her office blowjob scene. The way the light hit her face from the outer windows really made her stand out. In other instances such as the party orgy the lighting still held true to the realism that Herve Bodilis was able to capture on film through his camera. As far as the sound goes it was just alright. At times it sounded as if the soundtrack was direct from the studio cut, but like the visuals it kept the…