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Spring Break Fuck Parties Vol.1 (TeamSkeet)

GENRE: Legal Teens, 18+, Amateurs, Group Sex, Orgies, Lesbian

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Paper Street Media, LLC. / Team Skeet

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (

LENGTH: 3 hrs 25 mns



For the most part the sound, and visuals included in this feature length film reflected a sometimes sub-standard quality. At times the picture would be slightly blocky in some areas, and at other times it would be slightly out of focus. For a majority of the three plus hours though the picture was clear enough to enjoy. Bodily imperfections were easy enough to see as were all the details of each backdrop. The sound which seemed to be recorded using sub-standard recording equipment also held true to the often times home video style of the sexual encounters. Each of the scenes were roughly recorded from an outside participant, and later sloppily edited by the pr…

A Photo Shout Out From Scarlett Red XXX ...

By now you've probably noticed that I missed a week's review, and that it is now Sunday of the following week, and another review has yet to be published. The thing is that @TeamSkeet has provided dvds for review, and they are on my to do list. Due to life's misfortunes and game review demands though the porn reviews have been delayed. For this I apologize. I do realize that I still have an audience here willing to read what I have to say in regards to these latest porn releases, and I honestly don't want to let you guys, and gals down. Sadly though I've always been a one man army when it comes to reviews, and life has always dictated how my days, and provided reviews end up. I hope to get some more reviews out to you soon, but in saying so I also have to let you know that I'm contemplating shutting down my operations here at "Paradise Theater XxX", indefinitely. Of course I will provide the reviews of the remaining TeamSkeet dvds before doing so. I l…