VLC Media Player Hiccup ...

Many of us adult film critics rely on a software products in order to bring to you screenshots of the films we are reviewing. VLC Media player has always been my go to program for such needs. It has provided an outlet for viewing the PAL only films, and has also been the means by which I ripped screenshots for your viewing pleasure. While my words are descriptive enough I feel it's always best to include some sexy images to spice things up. Sadly with this new update (2.1.1) though the program has begun to continually crash, and refuses to open up the dvd so I can gain access to the screenshots. As such I have sent in crash reports in hopes the VLC guys will sort things out soon, and I believe they will follow through eventually. Until that time you'll have to rely on my words to guide you along. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I assure you that I will go back to add the screenshots that you depend upon.

I hope that you continue to return here for all the exclusive Dorcel reviews, and that you also enjoy the occasional KickAss Pictures dvd review that will be offered from time to time. In 2014 I plan on once again seeking out more studios in order to be able to provide more content for you. There will be plenty of gaps between my gaming reviews, so providing more reviews for you should not be an issue. I want to thank all of you for your support throughout this year. You obviously like what you read, and return here often. For that I'm very thankful. I wish you all a Happy Holiday & a Merry Xmas! May your time spent with family, and loved ones be enjoyable & your gifts be plenty!

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


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