Les Etalons de Mademoiselle (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: European, Threesomes, Gang Bangs ...



MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / 48.17 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/les-etalons-de-mademoiselle.html)

LENGTH: 1 hr 55 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: As usual director keeps things in an artistic perspective throughout the film. The opening looks a lot like something Hollywood would produce, and the camera angles/footage captured throughout reflect the signature artistic tone that Kendo always tries to achieve. The film is very rich in that respect. Throughout the visual, and sexual journey you'll get to gaze upon ladies, and gentlemen dressed in extravagant European attire. The costumes, and outfits look 100% genuine, and compliment the whole horse stable setting that the film takes place on. The costumes, and attire also help to accent the female performers curves, as well as the muscular curves of the male performers. Lighting effects also play a huge role in presentation value. The lighting in this film definitely gives it the feel of a multi-million dollar Hollywood production. Whether it's a night, or daytime scene Kendo does good to maintain a clear picture of the participants involved. When it comes to aspect ratio this film was presented in it's usual widescreen format. The widescreen display in no way takes away from the overall viewing pleasure.

CAST: Franki, Anissa Kate, Jasmine Jae, Paige Turnah



Once again director Kendo weaves a brilliant onscreen tapestry of infidelity, lust, and the fulfillment of sexual desires. At the heart of the tale we find a 21 year old Spanish beauty named Maude (Anissa Kate) who not only delves in her own promiscuous sexual engagements, but also tries to help her shy English friend Charlotte (Jasmine Jae) to partake of the sins of the flesh as well. It seems that Charlotte's Family is not exactly the faithful bunch when it comes to a lot of things. Her mother Marie (Franki) is constantly using her position as the family's stable keeper to her advantage in order to cheat on her husband. Even her father has affairs of his own with a female secretary on his own time. All the while Charlotte sits by the wayside dreaming, and hoping that she could convince her boy crush to treat her like the whore her mother is. Luckily Maude is on her way from Paris to set things straight. She recognizes her friends predicament, and will do anything in her persuasive power to help her BFF get what she wants.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
As the film begins a fire blazes in the foreground, and hints of orgasmic moans echo through a nighttime scene. Between the flickers of flame images of Maude (Anissa Kate), and her two lovers engaging in a public threesome begin to show. Maude, who is the one telling this tantalizing tale explains how she ended up where she currently is, and in doing so explains her perverted outlook on life. Upon waking up the next morning, thoroughly satisfied she finds that she is just about to miss her flight to see Charlotte (Jasmine Jae) in her lavish English estate. She gathers her things, and quickly catches a cab for the local airport. Along the way she describes her longing desire to see her female friend as well as her desire to help her rid her of her sexual shyness.

Before she ever makes it to her destination Charlotte's family is properly introduced through a couple of sexual encounters of their own. In one such situation Charlotte's mother Marie (Franki) is caught by her daughter cheating with her daughter's longtime crush. Marie who is obviously a more mature lady indulges her fantasies by this youthful stable boy. Showing off her cougar-like prowess she shows the younger man a good time with deep blowjobs, and shared archway sex done in a doggystyle, and standing position. At times the two even engage in standing forward facing penetrations as well as a sensual cock riding session that really shows off the two able bodies involved. Of course this event does not bode well with Charlotte, and when Maude finally arrives she confides her thoughts, and fears of the situation to her.

Even Charlotte's father, a well-to-do gentleman finds love in the arms of another. During his routine hosted hunting event he invites a lovely blonde haired secretary (Paige Turnah) along for company. It is during this time that he, and his secret lover make the most of their time together. Lots of intimate foreplay, and slowly paced penetrations are enjoyed between the two. Like true lovers they caress each others bodies, never losing touch as they writhe about on an extravagantly decorated bed. Each of them participate in the usual, and sometimes not so usual penetration types, and position changes. Things like missionary, and anal missionary are among the sexually driven interactions shared between the sinful couple.

Thrown in for good measure Maude (Anissa Kate), and her busty friend Charlotte (Jasmine Jae) also engage in some sex of their own in order to prepare for the boy-girl sexual encounter that will hopefully soon take place. They spend some time getting familiar with the female anatomy by doing everything from bumping pelvises, and finger banging to even licking various parts of each other's curvacious bodies. It's an interesting intermittent mingle between the two friends, and merely acts as filler material before the main event. Shortly after this girl-on-girl twosome Charlotte's mother manages to sneak in one last session with three of her male stable hands before Charlotte ever gets her chance to fulfill her own fantasy.

Marie (Franki), who is already well known as the whore of the family participates in a final gang bang that has three younger men at her bidding. The foursome begins with a proper blow bang in which Marie (Franki) shows off her natural deepthroating skills, and continues on with some proper hole sharing. As usual the leading female, which happens to be Marie (Franki) allows one man to penetrate her pussy/anus while the other two get the oral treatment. In the end the three male participants spill their seed all over Marie's body. Her chest, and her pelvic region are covered like a glazed pastry.

Following this super sexual display Maude (Anissa Kate), and Charlotte (Jasmine Jae) arrange their own special behind-the-scenes meeting with one of the more special stable hands. Being the proper friend that she is Maude lures Charlotte's crush in to a private area where the three can get to know each other a little better. As expected Maude's plan is fully realized, and even she gets to sample the goods as she helps her best friend let loose of her inhibitions. The sex which is just about as impressive as the beginning scene takes place in a dining room area, and atop a kitchen table. The two lovely ladies of the scene help each other out as they take care of the man before them. Shared blowjobs, and even anal to pussy penetrations happen in this lustful revenge plot against Charlotte's mother. After things are said, and done and the seed is finally spilled the now more confident Charlotte (Jasmine Jae) confronts her mother, and tells her that her boy crush will only have sex with her from now on.


- Making Of (English, Deutsch, French)
- 8 Trailers


Kendo definitely strives to give it his all in this film, and you can tell it. The beginning itself starts off super strong, and in doing so presents an underlying demand that each scene that follows must be just as great, or even greater. For the most part that's exactly how things went. Between Anissa Kate, and Franki the sex shown was truly powerful in presentation. Each seasoned performer did what they do best, and came out on top of things in the end. Sadly though the inclusion of Paige Turnah, and Jasmine Jae came off as being more of an add-on feature than a proper part of the presentation. Their contributions felt less professional than their fellow female performers, and ended up appearing more amateurish in nature. Were they nice to watch? Hell Yes!!! That doesn't make their role shine as great as it should have though. When a director opts to go strong from the start there's a lot of expectation lying on all that follows. As such the lesbian scene, while interesting felt more like an out of place time filler than anything else. Even Paige Turnah's scene seemed like filler material to me, but less so when compared to the Anissa Kate's, and Jasmine Jae's lesbian escapades.

How do I feel about the overall presentation? I think it was a pretty darn good film. With that being said though I do wish the film would have kept it's strong point throughout it's entirety. Straying off to give a lesbian scene, and scene with a performer who is never shown again just doesn't feel right to me. Even with those issues I still think this ended up being one of Kendo's better films. The more I watch Kendo's story driven encounters the more I can tell he is growing, and improving along the way. The fact that he's already good at what he does gives me hope that his future films will become even greater, and greater in quality. I definitely like that his artistic vision is vast, and ever-expansive. Keeping things innovative is one of Kendo's strong points, and it definitely shows in this film. For that I'm definitely gonna have to recommend this one. If you have the cash to spare you can order the dvd via the link I have provided, or even through American websites such as (adultdvdempire.com). There's also the option to sign up for one of Dorcel's online streaming sources where you can gain access to a wide variety of Dorcel films for a monthly/yearly fee. Which ever method you choose to go with definitely choose to give this dvd a proper viewing. It is worth it!

VERDICT: Must Have!!! / Must Watch!!!


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