Foot Fetish Daily #14 (Kick Ass Pictures)

GENRE: Fetish, Foot Fetish, Hardcore, All Sex, Straight Sex


STUDIO/PRODUCER: K.A.P. (Kick Ass Pictures)

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (

LENGTH: 4+ hrs


AUDIO/VIDEO: The video quality in this dvd is not what I'm used to seeing with Dorcel's products. The HD-like resolution is just not there. It's more along the lines of what an Indie film would offer than anything else. The interviews are all captured well enough, but the angles used in the actual hardcore sex scenes are a little less than professional. The color also seems to be a little dated throughout. As far as screen size goes the editor decided to go with the usual widescreen format. Like any other porn film I've reviewed the screen size is not an issue though. The sound on the other hand was impressive enough. You could hear the girls well as they spoke during their interviews, and even when they were having their little outbursts during sex.

CAST: Kimberly Kendall, Lilly Banks, Evilyn Fierce, Aiyana Flora, Riley Reid



KickAss Pictures is a studio that is known for it's all natural girls, and it's overabundance of fetish material. You'll find everything from cumshot footage to foot fetish material in their extensive library of films. Not only does KickAss Pictures deliver these goods when it comes to offered onscreen sexual action, but they also take a rare behind-the-scenes approach as well in order capture a detailed biographical interview of each performer shown before the actual performance is given. It is this attention to detail that has captivated devoted fans, and return viewers alike. If you are looking for sexy girls, and want to know those sexy ladies a little more then dvds such as this one will be good source of info for you.

Foot Fetish Daily #14, as it were is part of an ongoing series that caters to all the foot fetish fans out there. It contains over four hours of foot fetish material, and features only five girls. This means that more time is invested in getting the fans familiar with the stars that they are watching. The scenes themselves come divided into two different menu sections including a "Chapter Selection" which is divided up by days of the week, and a "Girls" section which groups everything according to the performer making for much easier access. The main menu sections are then divided up into smaller groups that begin with a proper meet & greet, and follow up with fetish material as well as some hardcore sex at the end. Throughout the entire length of the film you'll find that the girls, and their sexy feet remain the main focal point of the feature. The director keeps things all about the girls through interviews, and camera angles that properly capture each of the girls' physical features.

During the "Meet" the off camera interviewer quizzes the girls about their profession as well as their personal preferences, and pans over their body with the camera in order to give the viewer an intrusive peep at the goods. Things like ethnicity, and shoe size are common topics of discussion in the meeting portions of each performers' encounter. You'll also find a variety of different foot fetish nods contained in each girl's middle performance. The lovely "Evilyn Fierce", for example incorporates her love for cigarettes with her footjob presentation. Other girls such as "Lilly Banks" go all out with the foot fetish theme, and bring multiple options to the table. Simple things like a virtual dildo footjob, and the flopping of sandals are a part of the acts contained within her lengthy scene collection.

When it comes to girl offerings the ladies this time around are all fairly nice to look at. The 19-24 year old performers mostly have A-B cup chest sizes, and seem to each have a bit of cuteness in their faces. One thing that they all definitely have in common is that they each come from a diverse ethnic background. Kimberly Kendall is partially Armenian, Lilly Banks is partially Irish, Evilyn Fierce is part Albanian, Aiyana Flora is part Italian, and Riley Reid is part German (I think???). Some of the girls even comment on their mixed racial status as that of being a mutt. Being the mixed American that I am I can definitely relate. In the end the interview, and onscreen sexual displays come together to create what I like to refer to as a "Porn Starlet's Sexual Documentary". KickAss definitely covers everything in this lengthy feature film including a hardcore sexual ending that in it's own way will excite any fans of sex, and female performers.


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- Previews
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I'm honestly not a fan of the whole foot fetish thing. Sure girl's feet can be sexy, but I feel the full female package offers more as a whole. Thankfully the director (who goes by the name "Flowers") did opt to have a thorough interview of each performer done though, and even included a proper peek at each girl's physique before they did their dirty deed. I absolutely love to get to know more about my favorite performers, and KickAss definitely knows how to present such content. The rest of the playfulness, and foot fetish material was alright in it's own respect, but I ended up finding the most exciting footage to be that of the hardcore boy-girl sex scenes. Sure it contained some of porns' whackiest male performers, but the sex was alright seeing that the girls each remained the focal point throughout the ordeal. If you love watching the female performers show off their naughty side for the camera, and if you love learning more about them then this is one of KickAss's dvds that you will not want to miss. The foot fetish thing could also be a proper turn on if you are into that sort of thing. As for me I'm gonna say it's worth renting, but not much more.



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