2013's Ending & 2014's Beginning Soon ...

It is nearing the end of 2013, and a lot of things have already happened in the world this year. Some things were good, and others were bad. I hope that my coverage of the latest Marc Dorcel products were among the better things that graced your days. Throughout the year I kept a constant watch on my blog's growing page views, and could tell that you definitely wanted more of my overly romantic critiques. Sadly I was not able to provide near as much content as I'd hoped I could though. Having only one studio to turn to has limited my productivity here. The good news is that I have not given up hope just yet. I'm still seeking more studios who are willing to let me review their goods. My hope is that by early 2014 I'll have established a business-like relationship with several old, and newer studios alike. I have already sent out my request to Hustler, and have a few more studios in mind that I'll be reaching out to soon. While most of the product seeking will be done by myself it would help tremendously if you guys, and gals voiced your opinions on this post stating in the comment section below as to what studios you'd like to see me cover in 2014.

With your assistance I might just be able to make this blog your ad free go to source for all things adult. That has always been my goal, and will continue to be my goal until the day I see that no one cares. Aside from my future business ventures I'd like to take the time to thank you all collectively for your continued support. Without you this blog would have never attracted the attention that it has received. For that I thank you! I hope that in turn you have left the blog after each reading more knowledgeable about the adult products you came to learn about. I also want to thank Marc Dorcel, and Adeline for being the gracious studio, and representatives that they are. Without them this blog would not exist. Thank you both so much!

I have recently let Marc Dorcel's PR know that I will be taking the rest of December off to enjoy time with family, and have assured her that I will once again be seeking out her help in obtaining Marc Dorcel dvds in 2014. As such You can rest assured Marc Dorcel productions will remain a big part of "Paradise Theater XxX" in the coming year, and possibly beyond. If all goes well you may even see other well-to-do studios joining the roster of adult film providers that I choose to associate with. I want to keep this blog as regal as possible, and not go for the low quality sub-par smut that some studios produce. I feel Marc Dorcel Studios has set the proper tone for the type of adult entertainment that I should cover seeing as they do not produce low-budget, or half-assed porn.

I think that about wraps things up for this particular update. I hope that each, and every one of you have an amazing holiday experience, and that it is a truly joyous one. I hope that you are blessed with many gifts, and the company of those that you love. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all my sexy adult patrons!

- Brad C. (@ParadiseTripleX)


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