Russian Institute 12: Back to School (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: European, Russian, Schoolgirls, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 29.95 (EURO) / $40.05 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 46 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: This is a 2009 film, so the overall quality is a tiny bit dated. With that being said it is displayed with the highest quality of standards that one would expect from a Marc Dorcel production. The expertly captured camera angles, including the many close-ups, and distance shots all show of the sexy bodies of the men, and women involved in the clearest of details. The color is vivid, and often times looks richer than your modern day Hollywood features. as far as the audio goes it's alright for the most part. There are some points within the film where the echoes of certain rooms take away from the surreal quality that you'll often find associated with a Dorcel film. The laundry room scene in particular was one such example. Other than that The film is exceptionally well done. For those of you looking for aspect ratios this is another widescreen presentation, and is more than likely 16:9 in measurement. Like I always say, and will continue to say though the widescreen does nothing in the way of weaking the quality of the film being shown.

CAST: Christina Jolie, Defrancesca Gallardo, Sabrina, Natalli Diangelo, Sonia Red, Frederica Hill



Seeing that it is school time once again for many campus students all across the US I thought it would be fitting to do another "Russian Institute" review. This chapter in the ongoing saga, otherwise known as "Russian Institute 12: Back to School" is definitely worthy of such an occasion. As a return reader, and Russian Institute fan you'll find that nothing is quite as as sexually motivating as seeing the lovely European lasses of the Institute romping around the school half-naked, and having sex with every man that they come in contact with. In this earlier episode of the series director Herve Bodilis captures the excessively naughty nature of one particular female student, perhaps the naughtiest female student to ever grace the school thus far. This blonde haired vixen with a boyish figure goes by the name "Sabrina". Sabrina is an interesting character in that she acts outwardly shy, and offended when groped by the male groundskeepers at the start of the film, but through a dream dramatization later on it becomes more, and more apparent that she is anything but innocent.

Sabrina, and her fellow classmates engage in all sorts of sexual activities inside, and around the Russian Institute as the camera rolls, and the film plays out. Sabrina in particular finds company in the arms of three dreamy guys, a cook, a wandering photographer, and even a female classmate at the end of the feature. Out of all of her scenes though the dream sequence is by far the most exciting. In it Sabrina (or the performer who plays as Sabrina) licks a citrus fruit shaped lollipop as she takes turn sucking off the three gentlemen who surround her. Not only does she suck cock, and lollipop like a pro, but she also takes it up the ass like one. This sexually deviant little lady eventually goes full-on hardcore as she gets double penetrated in the doggystyle position as well as the reverse cowgirl position. As innocent, and as amateurish as she may appear to be, Sabrina gives a show like none other. Usually I'm not a fan of blondes, but Sabrina stole my lusting heart!

Aside from Sabrina's sexual escapades you'll find an equally enticing array of other sexual encounters featuring the rest of the cast. This includes everything from student on student sex to sex between the headmaster, and headmistress. The first scene involving a brunette girl, a blonde girl, and two of the male groundkeepers for example was definitely a heck of a way to start off the show. While I'm not really certain about names, and faces I think the black haired, and busty beauty of the bunch was 'Defrancesca Gallardo'. Don't quote me on that though, because I've only seen her perform one other time, and that was when she starred in Max Candy's "Inglorious Bitches".

Nevertheless, whoever this busty performer was she was fun to watch. Even her blonde haired girlfriend was a sight to behold. The fact that they did some proper partner swapping during there scene made their performances all the more interesting. Between the two girls they engaged in a nice variety of position changes (missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle ...), and even did some sexy cocksucking which was captured from an upskirt point-of-view (POV). At the end of this particular scene one of the girls (Defrancesca Gallardo?) got a solo cumshot to the ass while her, and her girlfriend both got down on their knees afterwards to receive a shared final shot to the face.

The bonus sexual content, or sexual innuendo came in an interesting, and often times playful display. At one point during the film Sabrina was caught blowing the cook, and was punished the old fashioned way with a spanking from the headmistress herself. It's this sort of sexually suggestive act that will no doubt spice things up for the viewers at home. Other naughty tidbits include the occasional intermittent scene in which hlaf-naked female classmates line the hallways goofing around with one another. There's even some sexy pillow fights thrown in for good measure. The true highlight of the anti-climactic sexual content happened at the very end of the film though. This lesbian encounter took Sabrina's naughty nature full circle as she toyed around with, groped, and finger banged her hotter than hot dark haired female companion. This of course all took place on a bed within one of the many dorm rooms of the institute grounds.

Collectively you'll find that this film is absolutely amazing. From start to finish you'll be blessed to find a well edited, and expertly woven tale of sexual desire, and descent. Sabrina, the main character of this particular story arch is fleshed out well enough to relate to, and while her sexual ambitions are over-the-top I think we can all agree that deep down inside of us we all have that urge to act out our most lustful fantasies from time to time. I think that's what the director is trying to express with this particular presentation, and in that respect I think he achieved his goal. I always find this sort of directorial talent to be an impressive thing, especially when the director behind the film is able to relay his story driven vision with a less than theatrical span of dialogue.

As far as recommending this dvd goes I have to say it is the sort of film that will give you plenty of replay value. It's also the type of film that is a lot more about sex, and less about mindless plot material which is always a plus. Keeping this in mind I could see it being worth a purchase if you can find the American equivelent (NTSC), or if you live in Europe, and intend on buying it from the offical Dorcel website. I know that Dorcel has released dvds here in the states in the past, so you might get lucky, and find a copy elsewhere. Either way I hope you at least give the film a proper viewing as it is very much worth it, especially if you are into adult films.


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VERDICT: Must Have!!! / Must Watch!!!


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