Priscila: Vices & Prostitution (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Prostitution, European, All Sex, Group Sex, Threesomes

DIRECTOR: Alain Payet


MSRP: 29.95 (EURO) / 40.05 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 35 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: The quality of this film was surprisingly dated for the 2005 release date that it sported. A lot of the features found within the film, from the animated intro to the 70's inspired soundtrack all pointed to that retro porn era from back in the day. While a good portion of the film did definitely have that retro vibe there were portions that seemed to be more modern in presentation, which was good. The visual quality itself was clear, vivid, and nearly HD as it always is with modernly produced Dorcel film. Even the sound is of superb quality. As far as the aspect ratio goes it is displayed in the usual widescreen (16:9) format. The only real difference this time around is the 3D animated intro displaying the fictitious Marc Dorcel theater, and it's extravagant rooms.

CAST: Priscila Sol, Sebastian Barrio, Angel Dark, Tom Chris, Suzie Darina, Max Cortes, Cynthia Lavigne, Philippe Dean, Vanessa, J P X, Yasmine, Andrea Moranti, Pascal St James



Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
It was an interesting journey going back 8 years into the Dorcel film catalog. I had expected some change in quality, or content, but not to the extent that I had witnessed during my viewing of "Priscila: Vices & Prostitution". What are these changes I speak of? Well, let me just say that from the start of the film to the finish you'll feel as if you were transported back in time to the 70's era of porn. The 3D animated intro, and dvd menu, for example makes way for the presentation itself in a retro sort of way. In this particular intro you'll travel along with the camera through a sexually oriented Utopian style theater sporting the Marc Dorcel brand name. Nude golden statues of provocatively positioned women decorate the outside, and insides of the grand spectacle. Not only that but as the camera takes you on the guided tour of the premises, and into the main menu you get to see virtually represented porn stars, and directors working the scenes amidst the theatrical props, and x-rated posters. The intro itself was a sight to behold, and was ironically about as glamorized as the film I'm about to critique. Other features such as the 70's Disco inspired music also helped to give it that interesting retro porn vibe that I described.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
By the title alone you can more than likely guess what "Priscila: Vices & Prostitution" is going to be about. The word "Prostitution" is a dead giveaway. What you won't know though is that while the porn star Priscila is the main focal point of the film her spotlight is shared by a decent sized selection of other female co-stars. Her story, which is narrated, and voiced over in multiple languages via several different female voice actresses tells a tale about an innocent girl whose college friends persuade her into getting involved in the night life of Paris. After initially meeting up with her best friend, Alexandra she is bluntly placed in an awkward situation with a choice to either accompany her friend in a threesome including a male stranger, or take a hike. Being the curious type, Priscila takes the first of the two choices, and decides to wing it with her friend.

After relocating to Alexandra's bachelorette pad the three new acquaintances get right down to business doing their dirty deed. Priscila starts of by watching Alexandra strip, and play with her new boy toy. Priscila doesn't hesitate for too long though before she decides to have some fun for herself. Between the two friends they make good work of the man's throbbing cock as they ride, and suck it many times over. For a majority of the time Priscila takes over riding the man in the reverse cowgirl position as he sits upon a crafted custom chair built to stimulate a man's balls. Eventually though she dismounts, and lets Alexandra (Angel Black) have a little more time with the pervy gentleman before they both get down on their knees in front of him allowing him to come all over their exposed breasts.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
It is this initial initiation that sends Priscila's horny nature spiraling out of control. After the encounter she becomes so obsessed with sex that she too decides to become a prostitute just like her best friend. She ultimately seeks out Alexandra's advice, and takes to the Parisian streets observing all of the sexual encounters that take place there. As she does so she tells the tale of her college girlfriends who have also found a luxurious, and sexually rich life working the nighttime streets as an unbridled whore. Being the lucky journalist that I am I was privileged to see Priscila's friends in action as you will also be able to do assuming you decide the film is worth a watch. Each encounter whether it's with Priscila, Alexandra, or any of her other horny friends makes for an excitingly good viewing. Most of the encounters shown tend to be group oriented with either two guys, and a girl or two girls, and a guy. There are a few occasions though where the director takes the time to let us enjoy a one-on-one guy, and girl scene.

Among these 1-on-1 sexual engagements is a nighttime romp in an abandoned park that looks as if it belongs in a horror flick. One of Priscila's many friends (Lisa, I think it was?) entertains a well dressed horny gentleman in a secluded area where a park bench sits. Starting things off fast the raven haired beauty, and quite petite lass disrobes, and begins aggressively sucking the man's exposed cock. The man, obviously liking the aggressive nature of the blowjob adds to the intensity of the act by jamming the girl's head forcefully onto his erect member. From that point on the man takes charge as he man handles Lisa, and pounds away at her pussy, and anus in a select number of positions. When he finally reaches the boiling point the man jerks his swollen cock out of Lisa, and ejaculates all over her exposed breasts. Notice a trend? Having fulfilled his naughty fantasy the man zips his pants quickly, and leaves in a hurry as if Lisa were his little dirty secret. Lisa, looking a little hurt begins putting her clothes back on getting ready for the next man that should come her way.

Priscila, and her female friends all encounter men in a cliche prostitution based kind of way throughout the film's entirety. There's sexual encounters on the streets, in the alleyways, in dark parking lots, in the cab of a transfer truck, and even at designated apartment rooms. While the sex was indeed exciting to watch I could not help, but think in the back of my mind that this is not what prostitution is like in real life, and as such I felt it was possibly sending a wrongful over-glamorized message to it's viewers. Looking at it from an entertainment perspective though the film is very well directed, and is exciting enough to get any man off during a single scene. Priscila's character is over-the-top horny, as I guess she should be. Her character's sexy side shows not only through her onscreen actions ( a couple threesomes, and a final gangbang), but also through the narration which oddly enough reads like a lady's erotic novel. Did I enjoy my viewing? I'd have to say that I did. Every sex scene was what I've come to expect from Marc Dorcel, and his select directors. The male, and female cast were both handsome, and beautiful as they always are. The sex shown was also captured in a way that is richer in quality than most porn productions of today. What's not to like?

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
As far as recommending it goes I'm gonna say that "Priscila: Vices & Prostitution" is worth at least a watch from all those hardcore porn fans out there, perhaps even a purchase. While it does ooze that retro 70's vibe at certain points it's still modern enough to capture the attention of today's mature men, and women. Keep in mind when watching this though that Alain Payet's (The Director's) version of prostitution is nothing like the real deal. It's a dangerous profession that often times ends up in the degradation of women, and sometimes even the killing of them. Not only that, but the risk of disease should be a major concern to anyone even thinking about entertaining a prostitution career, or partaking of it. To put it simply, prostitution is not a glamorous career, and it most definitely is not a healthy one. Since this is a film meant for entertainment purposes it should be viewed, and taken as such. Do not let it inspire you to sacrifice true love for lust. That is my advice for you.


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VERDICT: Must Watch/Buy!!!


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