Interview with Cam Model 'Hailey Morgan'

I have finally found an adult performer willing to participate in a short email interview! You have no idea how hard it is to convince a performer how honest your intentions really are, but I finally did it. While she may not be as mainstream as some of the more well known female stars 'Hailey Morgan' definitely has that sexy look, and naughty mindset that will most likely capture your attention. She offers her talents in the form of video clips, website streaming, and a personal blog if I'm not mistaken. I'm hoping that this peek into the adult entertainment industry through my interview with Hailey will be enlightening enough that it will whet your insatiable appetites of lust until my next batch of Dorcel dvds arrive. Feel free to visit the links that Hailey herself has provided at the end of the interview.


Brad - "Before I get into the more "normal" aspects of your life I'd like you to take a moment for you to share with us your background as an adult performer, and what inspired you to take on such a career"

Hailey - I've been stripping off and on since I was 19, and started web camming for some no name company in 2007 at 20. I've always been a very sexual person. I love being naked and teasing people. The hours worked well for me, and the money was good for the little amount of time I had spend out of the house. I was a single mom working hard to raise my son on my own. Didn't want to pawn him off on strangers and work 80 hours a week to make ends meet. Danced at a few clubs in Florida, Arizona and Kentucky (lots of drunken debauchery there) ... Started modeling somewhere along the way, magically, I ended up back in Florida and got back into web-cam through my husband in 2010/2011 with Streamate.

Brad - "As a adult performer would you consider yourself to be "Amateur", or a more experienced?"

Hailey - I am what I would consider a very experienced amateur. Lol. I've been in the industry in many aspects for a long time, but have never worked for any large companies, never tried to either.

Brad - "What genres of sex are you into? I noticed in your Twitter bio that you had some interesting things listed"

Hailey – Hmmm... I'm into a lot, my husband and I are swingers. I'm Bi- and have a soft spot in my heart for wild orgies ;) My tastes are kind of like a smorgasbord- I like a little of everything. I'm really open minded and love to experiment,

Brad - "As an adult performer do you work for yourself, or do you go through employment agencies, or studios for work?"

Hailey – I do my best to work for myself, I like making my own hours and doing my own thing. I think if I was working for other people it would take the fun out of it. I despise being told what to do (unless it's in the bedroom).

Brad - "Do you ever plan on going mainstream with your adult career?"

Hailey – I think I'll probably stick on the outskirts for now. Who knows what the future holds though...

Brad - "Often times I've noticed that you tend to share with the Twitter community photos of inked girls, and that you have some tattoos yourself. Do you like the alternate look that some performers are taking on these days such as the ladies of "Burning Angel Ent.?"

Hailey – I love modified girls, tattoos and piercings really turn me on. The ladies over at Burning Angel are smoking hot... I like women who are kinky and open minded. Straight laced girls don't really do it for me.

Brad - "Could you describe to us your own favorite tattoo?"

Hailey - My “Daughter of the Sea” half sleeve is probably my favorite, put a lot of time into planning it and worked hard with the artist to really capture my love of the sea and all things nautical. It consists of Japanese waves, a ships wheel, compass, anchor, cherry blossoms and a special mermaid coin.

Brad - "I know at some point in the day your attention has to go somewhere else other than to sex. What are some of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time?"

Hailey – I love taking my son to the beach, surfing, baking, reading, exploring... fishing, pretty much anything outdoors.

Brad - "As a person juggling two aspects of everyday living how do you balance out you work as an adult performer, and as a regular person?

Hailey – Well, I'm a really sexual person person and I have a completely pervy mind. Lol. But when I'm not working I'm a completely normal mom and wife... who's mind is always in the gutter. I always makes sure my family comes first, so if that means missing work for a week because my kids sick then that's what I do. I try not to let my job dictate how I live my life.

Brad - "Is life as a performer easy, or does it require a lot of dedication, and time like my own journalism career?"

Hailey – Before social media, I would say my job required no dedication. Just logged in/ or showed up. Now it takes up a lot of my time... there's always more you could be doing, more promoting, networking, interacting with fans. It's a never ending job.

Brad - "How successful, and profitable has your adult career been since you began?"

Hailey – Depends on how you view success. I'm not in this industry to get rich, or be famous. I work in it, so that I am able to focus on my family and being a present and engaged parent without having to worry about how to keep a roof over my kids head or food on the table. In that way, I've been extremely successful, I work minimal hours a week, on a schedule I make myself and live a low key simple life with my family. That's all I could ever ask for or want really.

Brad - "If you had any advice to give to a female performer who is interested in getting started in the field of adult entertainment what would you suggest?"

Hailey – Be clear on your goals, make sure they are achievable ones before getting in over your head. Don't let your job dictate who you are, and be the big fish. Everyone in this industry takes a cut of your earnings. The more you understand and are able to do yourself, the less people are making money off of you and the more money you'll be making for yourself. Nothing beats being your own boss.

Brad - "I know this interview wasn't really long, but I hope it was enlightening enough for my readers, and fun for you. I want to thank you Hailey for your participation in the interview, and hope that it also brings exposure to your offered talents. Feel free to leave any links that you wish to share. I know that you have offered a collection of downloadable videos in the past for a reasonable price. Perhaps someone in my audience might be interested in such content."

Hailey – 


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