Initiation of Claire Castel (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Gangbang, Group Sex, Threesomes

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 29.95 (EURO) / $40.05 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 52 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: Unlike the more recent Dorcel films the quality of this one wanes a bit at certain points. In the outdoor scene with Aleska Diamond, for example you'll find that the focus seems to be off in the more distant shots/angles, and that the quality of the video in this instance is not like it is with the more recent Dorcel film contributions. Keep in mind though that this film was made a good while back, so that may have played a role in it's visual descent. One other thing I need to mention is that during my viewing of Aleska Diamond's outdoor scene I noticed that it was edited, and spliced in a rather obvious manner. A few times during this scene the screen would go black, and then come back into focus with a different penetration angle. The reasoning behind this is lost to me, but it did weaken the overall quality of the film. Aside from those flaws the sex was depicted rather vividly, and Herve and his camera crew did good to capture a nice variety of artistic camera angles. Overall the scenes were decent enough in their widescreen display, but were collected, and organized in such an odd manner that none of it really made any sense.

CAST: Claire Castel, Michelle, Cathy Heaven, Donna Bell, Aleska Diamond



Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
Director Herve Bodilis had a vision with this film. It's fairly obvious. What that vision was may never be realized though as the film serves entertainment in the form of an assortment of various scenes gathered together in some sort of haphazard collection. It was obvious from the title of the dvd that the intended object of desire was to be "Claire Castel", but as the film played out it became apparent that her role was short of being a main stage feature. During the first several minutes of the film you will get to hear Claire spill her sex secrets through short interview clips as well as learn when she gave her first blowjob, and even at what age she first had anal sex. It's nice hearing her actual voice instead of the usual voice-over narrations that accompany a lot of the current Marc Dorcel films. It's even exciting learning of her secret sex life. Even with that interesting start, and the three sex scenes that she performs in though it is hard to deny that her presence is greatly overshadowed by the several other female performers who were cast for the film.

As you watch the "Initiation of Claire Castel" you'll find that Claire's sex scenes mainly deal with S&M submissiveness, and group oriented sex. This type of sexual encounter does fortunately allow her to shine for the length of time she is onscreen, but as I mentioned before the intermittent scenes that follow often times steal the spotlight right from under Claire. For some unknown reason "Aleska Diamond" and her camera angle stealing glances become a mainstay of the film after Claire's initial sex scene. At one point during the latter half of the film we are blessed (sarcasm intended) to gaze upon a botched up scene in which Aleska fucks the same bald guy she usually does in Dorcel films for an extremely extended amount of time. The fact that the editor of the film spliced the scene into at least three different amateurishly edited sections does little in the way of improving upon the film's quality.

With that being said as haphazard as Herve Bodilis's directing is in this film you will find some odd gems amongst the scatterbrained selection of sexual encounters. As with Claire's S&M engagements you'll find that the men, and women of these said scenes are all sporting similar attire. The men are usually clothed in business suits, and are wearing S&M style masks to hide their identity. The women usually tramp around the mansion grounds sporting lingerie, or some other sort of highly revealing clothing. Out of all the additional scenes I did find a couple worth mentioning. One such scene was towards the end of the film, and showed an unmasked male driving up to a mansion with a girl in the trunk of his car. Like the rest of the nearly naked women this lucky (or perhaps unlucky?) lady was dressed in the simplest selection of lingerie including stockings, a garter belt, and matching high heels. Upon being removed from the trunk with the aid of another half naked female assistant the man of the scene fulfills his filthy fantasies by partaking in the sinful company of both women. This of course includes deepthroating, cowgirl, and doggystyle sex as well as some anal penetrations. When all is said, and done the abducted woman is placed back in the trunk of the vehicle while the man's female assistant finishes him off with some proper cock riding, and finally some deepthroating.

As far as Claire Castel's contributions go I'd say that her last scene is the most memorable. In this particular scene Claire ends up walking down to a sheltered barn-like area alongside Aleska who currently happens to be wearing horse riding attire. Their leisurely stroll ends up taking them to a secluded spot on the mansion grounds where four masked men are anxiously awaiting their company. Aleska, being the more dominant of the female performers ends up leading, and guiding Claire's actions as she entertains the men with every orifice on her body. While Claire does demand a strong presence in this particular scene Aleska ends up stealing a significant part of the show. Between the two women though there's plenty of position changes (Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl ...) as well as a nice variety of penetration types (Vaginal, Oral, Anal). The more impressive feats happen as Claire is double penetrated by a couple of the masked men though. While Aleska did end up stealing a majority of the last half of this final scene I think Claire did well by taking every cumshot to her exposed breasts. Sadly none of these cumshots were oral, but they did at least hit her breasts which was exiting in it's own way.


- Xtra Pleasures (Commercials)
- Aides (Commercials)
- 8 Trailers
- 2 Strip Teases


As hard as it is for me to say this I think this film was one hell of a mess. The scenes seemed to be all over the place according to subject matter, and a lot of the scenes not starring Claire Castel seemed more like filler material. I still can't understand for the life of me why Herve Bodilis wanted to put this film together in this offbeat sort of way. Perhaps it was one of his earlier films, and he was still learning the tricks of the trade? It's possible since this dvd is from quite a while back. Regardless of this possibility I cannot really recommend this dvd at all. If you want to see Claire perform in her three scenes as a blonde then it might be worth watching, but other than that I can't really speak in favor of this film/dvd. It's disappointing to say the least. Thankfully though Herve Bodilis has produced some great films/dvds recently, so in that respect I've not lost faith in Herve, or his directorial capabilities just yet.

VERDICT: Rent/Skip It!!!


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