Les Auto Stoppeuses (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Amateur, Public Sex, European, Barley Legal, Milf

DIRECTOR: Pascal Galbrun


MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $45.54 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/les-auto-stoppeuses.html)

LENGTH: 1 hr 56 mins + 35 min Bonus Content

AUDIO/VIDEO: As with any Dorcel production you'll find that this dvd is blessed with a vivid visual presentation that is near HD in quality. Every skin flaw, and orifice can bee seen in super realistic detail which some at-home viewers may be offended by. There are plenty of in-your-face close-ups of pussies, anuses, and even cocks to be found within this four scene collection. POV (Point of View) fans will likely be pleased with such camera angle offerings even if the subject matter at hand is flawed. As far as sound goes the language is a bit low in quality, but the sexual groans, and moans are loud enough to enjoy. Each scene that is shown in this particular feature has the widescreen borders fitting of a letterbox/widescreen presentation. This in no way limits the quality of the overall viewing experience. Of course you will get more out of watching int on an HDTV though.

CAST: Noemie, Italia Minx, Lucy, Sonia Bellanger



Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
As much as I would like to believe it I don't think that "Les Auto-Stoppeuses ("The Hitchhikers")" is "100% Amateur", or "100% Real/Reel". Sure the dvd case says it is, but after watching each scene play out it became more, and more obvious that the sex scenes had probably been prearranged. As you can likely guess from the title, director 'Pascal Galbrun' delivers his own take on the age old hitchiking porn genre while trying to make it seem as realistic as pornographically possible. At the heart of this adult themed presentation are four different gentlemen, and four different ladies all of whom meet by chance on the roads of Europe. The men of the film, who are always the drivers pick up these sultry milfs, and nubile young ladies in hopes of scoring big in some secluded locale. The sexual encounters that each pair of newly acquainted lovers produce for us are captured well for the most part, but more so in a manner that seems professionally influenced than some randomly less organized set of situations.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
Starting off on a strong note 'Sonia Bellanger", the only female performer to be outright credited before the scene tries desperately to flag down oncoming drivers in hopes of securing a ride to wherever it is that she's going. As fate would have it a well-to-do business man happens up, and inquires about her request for a ride. since I can barely understand French their conversation is almost immediately lost to me, unfortunately. I do know that Sonia willingly gets into the car with the gentleman, and heads back to his place for a proper introduction, and sex session. At the beginning of their chat the gentleman sees to Sonia's every need offering her wine, and other pleasantries as she awaits the "business" aspect of their meeting. It doesn't take long for things to get heated as the pair of newly met lovers grope at each others bodies, setting the mood for the full-on sexual encounter that is about to take place.

Being the gentleman that he is, the man of the first scene tends to his lady friend's pleasurable needs before allowing her to return the favor via a lengthy blowjob session. For those of you who cannot see Sonia right now, she's a mature middle-aged woman with a very Alternate (Alt) appearance. Her hair is dark, and is cut short in a more masculine sort of way. After being unclothed it is also revealed that this lady hitchhiker is sporting pierced nipples, and even some medium sized tattoos. Before her clothes were ever removed though she had this sexy one-piece sleeveless leather dress on with matching black knee high leather boots. To say the least she was definitely a beautiful woman to look at.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
The sex between Sonia, and her male acquaintance was alright, but there were some parts that did not go along with my standards of impressive pornographic situations. In particular there was a lot of ass play going on in this particular scene. Both Sonia, and the man of the scene took noticeable amounts of time licking, and proding each others anus. While that may be appealing to some viewers out there it was just not something I can get into. With that being said the rest of the sex wasn't all that bad though. The two lovers engaged in the standard position changes including both cowgirl positions, missionary, '69', and even doggystyle (Anal & Vaginal). All of which looked super sexy. The cameraman did good to capture Sonia's pouty facial expressions as she was being penetrated during each position change. I could tell, without a doubt that Sonia was definitely enjoying her time with her mystery man. The fact that she squirted on the man's white leather sofa after being finger banged by him only further proves this theory. In the end Sonia got down on her knees just in time to receive a multi-shot cumshot to the breast area. After that she sucked the guy's cock off continuously until "FIN" popped up onto the screen, and the next scene came into play.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
The next scene shown was, for lack of a better term, "disgusting". How this pair of lovers-to-be were picked is beyond me. The male driver of the scene looked like a nasty cliche pimp who was driving what my brother likes to call a "Date Rape Van". He definitely looked rough. The bad thing was that the female performer of this scene didn't look all that better either. The term "Highway Harlot" comes to mind. Needless to say this matching couple did hook up in the back area of the man's van on some lonely deserted stretch of road. The sex that followed was anything but pleasant. Seeing the two unhealthy looking performers go at it was down right repulsive. The fact that the cameraman took a lingering close-up POV (Point of View) shot of the girls hairy asshole was bad enough. Thankfully though the remaining two scenes did pick up in quality.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
Following that previous horrible excuse for a sex scene was a very nice interracial scene involving a beautiful blonde haired white girl, and a handsome man of ethnic descent. This porn worthy scene started off with the usual "driver meets hitchhiker" situation in which the man arrived in a nice convertible sports car picking up the girl in need of a ride. After getting to know each other through a brief conversation the newly introduced couple heads to the beach for a romantic stroll, finally ending up in a secluded area somewhere in the nearby woods. They lay out a couple of blankets, and get naked for the dirty deed that is about to take place. The woman of the scene has a remarkable body with large hips, and medium sized breasts which are all fully revealed after the removal of her dress, and undergarments. Aside from these usual physical features I think it is her angelic blue eyes that really captured my attention throughout the sexual encounter. I loved how the director noticed her beautiful blues as well, and took full advantage of her gorgeous eyes by focusing on her expressions many different times throughout the shoot. The camera angle orientation in this scene definitely seemed more professional, and being an outdoors scene the camera crew was able to capture both distance, and close-up POV shots, because of the location.

The sex between these two lovers honestly seemed more like sex between two seasoned adult performers. It was definitely the more professional looking sex scene out of the four that were made available. The pair of lovers involved engaged in the usual selection of position changes as expected. This selection included close-up missionary, cowgirl, and even doggystyle. The interesting thing about these shared position changes though was that the two performers engaged in both vaginal, and anal penetrations making for an interesting visual variety. In the end I think my only problem with this scene was the fact that the cameraman did not follow the closing cumshot closely leaving the viewer to wonder if it even really hit the woman. At least she did suck the guy off one last time before the camera panned out, I guess.

Copyright ©Marc Dorcel
Last, but not least we find a driver, and hitchhiker pair that are unusually matched. The man of the scene who appears to be a good bit older than his partner is paired with a more youthful looking girl. As usual the cameraman initially captures footage of the female hitchhiker as she thumbs for a ride along some European highway. It doesn't take long for a charming tanned gentleman to happen up, and provide the girl with the ride she so desperately desires. The two chat as the couples in this dvd tend to do, and then ride off to their final destination. The destination this time around was on the dock of a lakeside country home. The setting was gorgeous, and really captured the beautiful country settings of the European countryside. After settling down on the dock, and removing one anothers articles of clothing the pair of lovers laid down a large blanket on which they intended to engage in sex.

The girl in this particular scene, who is probably the only real amateur in this collection spent a majority of the time staring sexually at the cameras, eye fucking them as she was being fucked herself. It was these attention seeking cameos that really made this female performer's performance look entirely awkward. Through her facial expressions, and naughty lip/finger biting gestures it became obvious that she was a porn starlet trying hard to be a porn star. If that makes any sense? The sex itself was made awkward by the girl's camera seeking glances. For those of you female readers who are reading this you will be glad to know that the male performer is devilishly handsome though, so at least someone will get something from this scene. Other than that I'm gonna have to say, without going into great detail, that this scene was mediocre in quality. It was definitely nowhere near as bad as that van scene though.


- Trailers
- ROM Content
- 4 Bonus Casting Sessions


In all honesty this collection of four scenes was quite disappointing. Only two of the scenes were really worth watching, leaving the other two to be unworthy of recommendation. I absolutely loved the first, and third scene though. The girls/ladies in those two scenes were gorgeous even though they looked to be more mature in age than the final girl of the dvd. Their performances were also really, really good. As for the van scene, and the awkward last scene they did little in the way of making this dvd a noteworthy film. I do understand that the director was going for that "Amateur Appeal", but it was obvious that these girls had some experience in the field of sexual entertainment, or at least some experience with sex. Also the camera's tagging along for the ride definitely do not scream "This is Real". In the end I'm gonna have to only recommend renting this if you are looking for a couple of good amateur-like scenes. If you love seeing French porn as I do you might think about signing up for dorcel.com's VOD service which will give you access to more than just this film for a single fee, making the viewing of this film more sensible.



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