Lane Sisters In Canada (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: All Sex, Feature Film



MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $45.95 (US) (

LENGTH: 1 hr 50 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: Director Luka, and his film team captured this feature in a way that exploits all of the cast in a super sexy way. The camera angles used are artistic, and most definitely professional in nature. Luka catches the occasional close-up of genitalia, but does not linger too long on such visual depictions. For the most part you will find that the director, and cameraman try to capture full body shots while showing off the sexy essence of each cast member. The ladies are all gorgeous to gaze upon, and the guys are most certainly eye candy for the female viewers at home.

Every aspect of the film seems to be captured in an HD (High Definition)/near HD quality that is befitting of the signature Dorcel name. Each scene is presented in the usual/standard widescreen which in no way takes away from the overall viewing experience. You'll also find that the sound quality is equally as professional. The sexy exclamations throughout each intercourse related scene can be heard as if you (the viewer) were right there in the room with the cast as the scene was being shot. The director has also added a musical score for good measure to act as intermissions between the sexy action, and plot movement of the film.

CAST: Shana Lane, Roxy Lane, Amy Lee, Amanda Morano, Dick Dickaxe, Jack, Djani



After watching "Lane Sisters In Canada" from start to finish it became obvious to me that this sexual road trip of sorts was not entirely about Roxy, and Shana. In fact the quirky, lustful, and somewhat annoying hostess (Amy Lee) ended up taking most of the time in the spotlight as she entertained the three couples who were visiting her backwoods log cabin. Being the feature adult film that it is "Lane Sisters In Canada" consists of a slightly humorous yet mostly sexy plot with several full-length sex scenes. As one can likely guess two of the couples involved in this Canadian road trip include the smoking hot sister duo of Roxy, and Shana Lane. Accompanying their boyfriends they set out on the road to meet up with another sexy couple who has reserved them a spot at a fully decked out log cabin. The sister's friends ultimately end up beating them to the cabin, and are anxiously greeted by the female hostess who has a hidden agenda of her own.

The sexual escapades ultimately begin as French-Canadian "Amanda Morano", and her boyfriend/lover engage in some supposedly private sex within one of the cabins main bedrooms. Little did they know though that outside the window was a peeking Amy Lee who was watching their every position change (Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggy). At this point it was very clear that this entertainer of guests had her eyes set on the men of the cabin, and as the film further unfolded her intentions became even more clear. Shortly after the sexual log cabin initiation the Lane sisters, and their boyfriends arrive adding to the sexy scenario that is to play out.

Amy Lee (The Hostess) tries her best to make her guests feel at ease by giving them a very sexy tour of the premises. There's a game room, and jacuzzi, and even a kitchen that could all make for a noteworthy sexual encounters. Along the way Amy drops hints to the guys by moving seductively throughout the cabin. The guys who are obviously not blind to the advances take note of Amy's horny nature, and try to assure their displeased girlfriends that it's alright to stay where they are regardless of Amy's flirty display. At one point the girls did seem rather offended by Amy's flirtatious nature, and would have rather left than had stuck around for their boyfriends to take advantage of the situation. In the end though all three couples stuck around despite the annoyance that was Amy.

Within the near two hours length of the film there were many sexy plot points that fleshed out each of the lovers very well. As a viewer I keyed in on the unfaithful, and lustful scenarios that were shown amongst the group. It was obvious that 'Luka (The Director)' wanted to capture the cheating side of relationships, but that he opted to do so in a way that was more sexy than hurtful. All of the performers involved including the Lane Sisters were able to dabble in the sinful pleasures of each others company. The variety of sexual encounters included in the film featured everything from a midnight sexual encounter between Amy, and one of the Lane's boyfriends to a two man blow bang starring the lovely Shana Lane at the end of the film.

The position changes in each sexual encounter was kept to a minimum with the usual 'Cowgirl', 'Reverse Cowgirl', 'Doggystle', 'Missionary', and 'Spooning' being the main go to positions. Aside from these standard position changes the girls, and guys also engaged in a lot of foreplay. Often times the male performers would go down on their girl spending quality time licking pussy, and finger banging them in the process. The girls of course returned the favor by giving head, and licking the guys' balls. Each, and every sexual encounter was kept unique, and the plot setups that led the performers to the point of sexual initiation were all brilliantly done.

As far as performers go I have to honestly say that the female cast were all very beautiful. They were truly eye candy for any guy out there seeking new sex symbols to gaze upon. I think this is actually the first time I've seen the Lane sisters, and I was lustfully in love the moment I laid eyes upon them. Both girls are drop dead gorgeous, and have similar sexy facial features that will have any guy drooling with lust. Their height differs a bit though, and their choice of hair color is also unique. As far as physical features go the Lane sisters each have a lovely pair of perky breasts, and supple pink nipples. Their form is slender, their pussies are tight, and their asses are firm. When it comes to the female cast of Dorcel Studios these two ladies definitely rank up there with the best.

The other two female performers which include 'Amy Lee', and 'Amanda Morano' were equally as beautiful as the Lane sister starlets. Amy Lee, in particular looked super sexy when her raven black hair was let down. Compared to the other girls of the film Amy was the most petite in stature. Regardless of her shortened height this feisty, fun-loving minx set the sexy mood for each scene that played out within the film. Amy, in essence was most definitely a show stealer. Amanda Morano on the other hand seemed to be of French-Canadian persuasion, and definitely fit in the film quite nicely. Like the Lane sisters she was fairly tall in height, and had a tight, slender body with a perky set of breasts. Her butt was a little rounder than the Lane's though, and she was also sporting a very sexy bronze tan.

For my female readers out there there was plenty of man candy to gaze upon as well. While there were only three men in the entire film they more than made up for their lack of numbers. Each guy was buff, and physically fit for the most part. The Lane sister's boyfriends in particular had ripped muscles, and larger than life erections that were always throbbing for the girls' attention. Their enormous cock sizes made it hard for the petite Amy Lee to even get her mouth halfway down them. Having huge dicks also made the penetrations all the more intense, and sexy. As I said earlier there's plenty of eye candy for both female, and male viewers in this feature presentation.


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"Lane Sisters in Canada", or "Les Soeurs Lane au Canada" as it is known in French is a delightful film that excels in getting it's audience's senses riled up. The cast of ladies is a treat for the male audience while the male cast serve as eye candy for all those dedicated female Dorcel fans out there. The naughty, and often times temptatious plot will have guys, and girls at home sexually satisfied way before the film reaches it's climactic end. I absolutely loved watching Roxy, and Shana Lane do their thing onscreen as well as the other two other very lovely ladies who helped move things along in an equally sexy manner. The character portrayed by Amy Lee, in particular definitely added that extra measure of sinful pleasure to the film making for a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience. There were no dull moments in this film to say the least. As far as recommending it goes I'm gonna say this is a "Must Have!!!". Keep in mind though that there are a couple of different options for getting your hands on this film. You can sign up for a ( membership which will gain you access to Marc Dorcel's library of HD (High Definition) films including this one for a single monthly price, or you can buy the French version of the film at ( Either way I highly suggest at least watching the film. It is most definitely worth it!

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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