Kamasutra: Secrets of Sex (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Educational, Sex Guide, Positions, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Pascal Lucas


MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $45.95 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/kamasutra-les-secretsdu-sexe.html)

LENGTH: 2 hrs 16 mins (2 DVDS)

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio contained within "Kamasutra: Secrets of Sex" is of the highest possible dvd sound quality. The performers sound as if they are in the room with you, and such things as splashes of bathtub water can be heard as if you were in the room with them. Pascal Lucas even opted to include some romantic music to further enhance the mood for those couples who wish to explore sex positions while using this particular dvd set as a reference. For those of you ordering directly from the www.dorcel.com you'll find that the French/European version has the option for English voice overs, and that it is playable in NTSC compatible dvd players. As for as the video quality goes it is gorgeous. You'll get to see some very richly designed locations filled with lighting accents, and things such as ceiling mirrors which are used as a way to portray each position/penetration in a more artistic manner. As usual the scenes are displayed in widescreen, but not in a way that takes away from the viewing. For those of you interested in learning positions, and their names the director has included onscreen English/French titles that will help you to place a name on the position/s that are being shown.

CAST: Katia De Lys, Roxy Lane, Shana Lane, Lana Fever, Emy Russo, Julytis



Pascal Lucas's "Kamasutra: Secrets of Sex" is the ultimate lovers guide to unique, and often times unexplored sex positions. Any couple, married, or not will find the perfect softcore experience for enhancing their love making within the confines of this educational film. Director Pascal Lucas chose to go with only 45 of the Kamasutra's many position changes, explaining them step-by-step along the way through soothing female voice overs, and a lovely cast of both men, and women. With each 5-10 minute scene you will find a brief intro giving the name of the position in both French, and English titles. From the beginning to finish each couple shown will demonstrate in full the steps, and requirements necessary to engage in the individual position changes. Unlike most Dorcel dvds though you will have to access each scene individually through the main menu system. Thankfully though navigation is easy, and being the divided film experience that it is it will give the lovers ample time to enjoy each individual position before moving on to the next.

The positions explored within the two disc set range from the simple variations of standard positions (Cowgirl, Spooning, Missionary ...) which you'll most likely be familiar with to the more exotic, and less explored ones. There's everything from foreplay (The Cat's Tongue ...) to the more advanced penetrations (The Ship ...), all of which take full advantage of the furniture found within various parts of a person's home. Things like the kitchen table, the counter top, the bed, and even the bathtub are not out of bounds in this particular film. You'll also find that each set of performers gives it their all with believable chemistry, and that they only linger within the constraints of the positions that they are currently trying to shed light on. Often times the scenes will last only long enough for the female narrator to explain the proper steps required to fulfill a certain position while capturing only enough sexual footage to give proper insight to what is being explained. There are no hardcore close-ups, or final cumshots to be shown here. In essence this DVD set is meant to be more a visual aid, than a means of pleasurable viewing.

As far as the cast goes you'll find a nice selection of lovely ladies including the very sexy Lane sisters (Shana & Roxy). For those interested in the more ethnic type of girl there's also a female performer in there just for you. There's even a fiery redhead (Damn! I wish I knew her name!) who gives a hell of a performance in, and out of the water. The guys on the other hand will provide plenty of eye candy for the ladies watching the film as well. Keep in mind though that this feature film is mainly intended for lovers' education, and as such you'll mainly be enjoying the company of the one you love more so than your viewing of the onscreen performers. Overall it's a very enlightening experience that I highly suggest to any newlyweds, or long time married couples. You'll find plenty of helpful tips including specific position changes that are great for when the lady of the house is with child.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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